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Connect with Home Buyers Through Mobile Discovery

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Presented to Marketing and Technology Directors meeting of The Realty Alliance, Oct. 21, 2016, at the Sheraton Hotel Downtown Nashville.

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Connect with Home Buyers Through Mobile Discovery

  1. 1. Connect with Buyers through mobile discovery
  2. 2. Competitive market Want to control leads Want to control info Want to be responsive Want to broaden their reach Mobile centric On-demand mindset Want personalized relationship Agent Buyer Mobile plays a critical role in real estate transactions
  3. 3. 2013: Application Specific Today: Universal Apps Tracking focus Anticipates behavior Interrupts (push) Browsers Content focus Fulfills need Consumer driven (pull) Physical Web Proximity technology has evolved significantly
  4. 4. Simple Direct Access Content. Bluetooth beacons broadcast URLs that are directly accessible by nearby consumers. Adaptable Easily associate with any thing or place: Parking meters, bus schedules, menus, home features, etc. Recognizable Universal logo. 
 Universal Broad reach through Google Chrome, 
 Google Nearby, Opera, Mozilla Magnet, 
 and BKON’s PHY.net Scanner. The Physical Web – “Walk up and use anything.” – Google
  5. 5. The Universality of the Physical Web Democratize Access – Extend the Physical Web to Mobile Apps Content Management, 
 Hosting & Distribution The easiest platform to create, distribute, and remotely manage external and hosted content across both apps and browsers. Access 
 Mobile Apps 
 + Browsers Anyone with mobile apps enabled for the 
 Physical Web is able to easily discover 
 nearby information. Content can be differentiated between apps & browsers.
  6. 6. Expand your reach Through mobile apps and browsers, simultaneously Be Directly Accessible In the moment when a buyer wants to engage through mobile Measurable To attribute content effectiveness throughout the sales cycle Browsers Apps Differentiate Provide unique info and insight exclusive to your properties Easily Manage Content Control content and engagement apart from third party app Gain direct access to the widest audience
  7. 7. 1. Place 2. Create Content 3. Access
  8. 8. ContactListing Audio Tour 9:41AM Any thing, place, experience.
  9. 9. FeaturesInsights Features 9:41AM Any thing, place, experience.
  10. 10. richard.graves@bkon.com 615-498-3437 10.26.2016
  11. 11. Value added resellers can build on our platform with enhanced services to target specific verticals. One reseller, SIGGNL, has developed such a platform tailored for realtors. BKON Connect Reseller: SIGGNL (www.siggnl.com)
  12. 12. Create custom content cards Choose from multiple templates Easily organize beacons Assign content to your beacon(s) MLS Integration Content preview BKON Connect Reseller: SIGGNL (www.siggnl.com)
  13. 13. BKON Connect Reseller: SIGGNL (www.siggnl.com) Professional design Delivered seamlessly to smart phone browsers Add listings or contact cards to your beacon(s)