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Computer literacy in the workplace

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Computer literacy in the workplace

  1. 1. Computer Literacy in theComputer Literacy in the WorkplaceWorkplace Deborah Mahaney
  2. 2. What you need to knowWhat you need to know  Basic Typing Skills  Word Processing  Spreadsheets and graphs  Database management  Internet searching  E-mail
  3. 3. Technology is EverywhereTechnology is Everywhere Employers expect high levels of competence: – selecting and using appropriate technology – using a variety of software packages, especially Microsoft Office – using technology to monitor tasks – maintaining and troubleshooting complex equipment – effectively know how to use E-mail and sending attachment files
  4. 4. Survey of EmployersSurvey of Employers 96 86 83 75 93 63 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage of What Employers Say Are Important to Know About Microsoft Office Word Processing Excel Access PowePoint Outlook Internet www.quintcareers.com
  5. 5. SCANSSCANS  Technology Competencies – Selects Technology – Applies Technology to Task – Maintains and Troubleshoots Technology
  6. 6. SCANS -SCANS - Selects TechnologySelects Technology  Judges which set of procedures, tools, or machines, including computers and their programs, will produce the desired results.  Demonstrating competence in selecting technology includes determining desired outcomes and applicable constraints; visualizing the necessary methods and applicable technology; evaluating specifications; and judging which machine or tool will produce the desired results.
  7. 7. SCANS -SCANS - Applies TechnologyApplies Technology to Taskto Task  Understands the overall intent and the proper procedures for setting up and operating machines, including computers and their programming systems.  Demonstrating how different parts of machines and how machines interact with broader production systems; setting up machines efficiently to get desired results; accurately interpreting machine output; and detecting errors from program
  8. 8. SCANS -SCANS - Maintains andMaintains and Troubleshoots TechnologyTroubleshoots Technology  Prevents, identifies, or solves problems in machines, computers, and other technologies.  Identifying, understanding, and performing routine preventative maintenance and service on technology  detecting more serious problems; generating workable solutions to correct deviations; and recognizing when to get additional help
  9. 9. Computer Skills Needed forComputer Skills Needed for Writing and MathWriting and Math  Mathematics – reconciling differences in inventory records – using spreadsheet programs to track expenditures – creating charts and tables for presentations and proposals  Writing – memo to justify additional resources – preparing instructions for operating simple machines – developing a narrative to explain graphs and tables – drafting suggested modifications in company procedures
  10. 10. Careers - ClericalCareers - Clerical  Typing letters, memos, agendas, proposals  Sending e-mail and attachments  Creating graphs and charts  Designing slideshow presentations
  11. 11. Careers - AutomotiveCareers - Automotive  Keeping track of customers  Diagnostic testing of automobile by make of car  Update database for upcoming mailing reminders
  12. 12. Careers – Retail SalesCareers – Retail Sales  Keeping track of inventory  Completing a sale with customers  Organizing merchandise sold by day  Keeping track of commission
  13. 13. Marketing your ComputerMarketing your Computer Literacy On Your ResumeLiteracy On Your Resume  Include all software packages you know and have used – Microsoft Word and Excel – Email and Internet browsers  Highlighting computer skills shows your ability to learn new software packages.
  14. 14. Employers will Evaluate YourEmployers will Evaluate Your Computer SkillsComputer Skills  When employers interview prospective employees they want to make sure candidates are computer literate because less training will be involved. – Which computer programs in the office will the candidate be expected to use? – Does the candidate have experience/knowledge of these programs? – How much time and money does the company want to invest in the candidate for training purposes? www.derebus.org
  15. 15. How to become competent inHow to become competent in Computers………Computers………  Take advantage of computer courses in high school, otherwise pay a lot of money to get trained  Enroll in a community class  Take an on-line course  Buyer helpful books to guide your learning
  16. 16. Being competent in basicBeing competent in basic computer skills and acomputer skills and a variety of software packagesvariety of software packages will determine if you sinkwill determine if you sink or swim in the workplace!or swim in the workplace!