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  1. 1. STATEMENT OF ACCOMPLISHMENT Stanford University Professor in Health Research and Policy and Statistics Rob Tibshirani Stanford University John A Overdeck Professor of Statistics Trevor Hastie April 8, 2016 Eric Clairambault has successfully completed a free online offering of Statistical Learning with Distinction. In order to receive a statement of accomplishment with distinction, participants were required to score 90 or more of the 100 points attainable on the online quizzes. PLEASE NOTE: SOME ONLINE COURSES MAY DRAW ON MATERIAL FROM COURSES TAUGHT ON-CAMPUS BUT THEY ARE NOT EQUIVALENT TO ON-CAMPUS COURSES. THIS STATEMENT DOES NOT AFFIRM THAT THIS PARTICIPANT WAS ENROLLED AS A STUDENT AT STANFORD UNIVERSITY IN ANY WAY. IT DOES NOT CONFER A STANFORD UNIVERSITY GRADE, COURSE CREDIT OR DEGREE, AND IT DOES NOT VERIFY THE IDENTITY OF THE PARTICIPANT. Authenticity can be verified at https://verify.lagunita.stanford.edu/SOA/9200077b010f4a15b39ba602578ea4e5