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  1. 1. Rita Cappello Angellotti The Work 3 - Landscapes
  2. 2. Rita Cappello Angellotti Chiesetta a Moltrasio Little church in Moltrasio Watercolor & Gouache Catalogue ref : 3LA001 Dimensions (cm/inches) actual 39x29 15x11 framed 67x57 26x22 Price : US$ 12,300 The artist's perspective of the painting "..it is in the house of God where we can make peace with ourselves.."
  3. 3. Rita Cappello Angellotti Macchia Mediterranea Mediterranean nature Oil on board Catalogue ref : 3LA003 Dimensions (cm/inches) actual 21x26 8x10 framed 45x60 18x24 Price : US$ 20,700 The artist's perspective of the painting "...Typical Mediterranean vegetation, plant scents through clean air, which makes Sardinia a unique place. It cannot be described, you have to experience it...."
  4. 4. Rita Cappello Angellotti Cervo (a small village in Italy) Oil on canvas Catalogue ref : 3LA004 Dimensions (cm/inches) actual 52x34 20x13 framed 75x55 29x21 Price : US$ 20,700 The artist's perspective of the painting "...Ancient arches overlooking small streets, so typical of medieval Italian villages. They tell the stories of many people who are no longer there..."
  5. 5. Rita Cappello Angellotti Chioggia Watercolour Catalogue ref : 3LA005 Dimensions (cm/inches) actual 26x34 10x13 framed 53x61 21x24 Price : US$ 20,700 The artist's perspective of the painting "...where the reflection of the houses play in the water and become more beautiful..."