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All about me 2

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All about me 2

  1. 1. All About Me By: David Soto
  2. 2. My childhood My name is David Soto I am 12 years old My birthday is August 14, 1998 I was born in the beautiful of Brownsville, Texas
  3. 3. My hobbies My favorite is playing PS3 I like playing Black Ops Nazi zombies I like playing world at war I like be funny all the time
  4. 4. Things I do for fun I like play football with my brother and my friend I play with my dogs I like to playing black ops 24/7 Sometimes I like coloring
  5. 5. My favorite Sport I like playing football I like basketball I like soccer I like runing
  6. 6. My favorite movies I like the move Band of Brothers I like The pacific I like the movie WantedI like the movie The walking dead
  7. 7. Things I don’t like about school I don’t like about school is the food they give us That the minutes of class are long I don’t like math I don’t like the tardy bell
  8. 8. My favorite foods I like pizza I like hamburgers I like tacos I like whatever
  9. 9. Favorite band My Chemical Romance All American Rejects Green Day 30 Seconds to Mars
  10. 10. My role model It is my cousin Chris Parents My teachers
  11. 11. Pets I have I have two dogs One its name is rocko The other one is choco
  12. 12. My favorite video game character Call Of Duty Mason Call Of Duty Nazi Zombies Mario Baby Mario
  13. 13. My favorite place to eat Pizza hut Whataburger Subway Wendy's
  14. 14. My favorite coloers Black White Red Green
  15. 15. My best friends Ricky Alvaro Servando