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Thriving Week 1 of 4 - Aina Builders (Grades 3-5)

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"Community of Balance"
Free lesson plan from Ainathrive.org: Aina Builders (Grades 3-5)

This is Week 1 of 4 focusing on thriving communities.

Aina 2030 Curriculum focuses on well-being (social-emotional learning), sustainability, and how we can thrive in our communities. Aina 2030 Curriculum can be used in schools during morning meetings, science, social studies, art, mathematics, writing, and reading at the elementary level. Aina 2030 Curriculum can be used at the secondary level during advisory, mentoring, science, social studies, art, mathematics, English, and technology & engineering. All four weeks found at http://ainathrive.org. Email: kurt.love@ainathrive.org

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Thriving Week 1 of 4 - Aina Builders (Grades 3-5)

  1. 1. Discuss how the core values of your home. What do you all value, and what contributions do you make to your communities based on your values? How do you affect nature? How do you affect each other, people in your communities, and nature? Activity sheet: Use the questions to have a discussion about eating locally and seasonally together. What are the important parts of a community from the perspective of sustainability? What happens when different values are enacted in a community” What values are most likely to move us in the direction of having healthy nature, happiness, and peace? Imagine two neighbors who are very similar in many ways, but different in their root ways of thinking. How different are their lives just based on their thinking, and how different are their contributions to their communities? Activity sheet: Part 1 focuses on identifying their core values and the likely outcomes on their well-being and their communities based on their values. Focus on certain parts of the neighbors’ lives. How are each of their life stages differently experienced? How are their contributions different? Activity sheet: Part 2 focuses on outcomes. Describe and draw different times in each of the characters’ lives based on their different values. Show someone your stories and act them out! Sustainable, balanced communities depend largely on the values of its members and how those values are enacted and practiced. The question of how core values tend to manifest in practices is at the core of our well-being and at sustainability, which means that they are tied together. Values are the starting place of outcomes in our well-being and in the extent to which our community is sustainable. The combination of the extent to which our well-being flourishes and our community flourishes is our capacity to thrive. 1. Identify parts of our communities. 2. Describe how certain desires impact balance when enacted. Objectives Overarching Thriving concept “Home” Work Resources for Teachers & Caregivers Learning Activity © Aina LLC 2020 20 mins 30 mins Thriving Builders (Grades 3-5) | November 16, 2020 Community of Balance 5 mins
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