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Hybridity and Mission for #PremDAC20

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Breakout session, following on from our keynote, with Bex Lewis and Bryony Taylor, looking at hybrid church and mission (inc the pandemic)

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Hybridity and Mission for #PremDAC20

  1. 1. Hybridity and Mission Rev Bryony Taylor, Rector, Barlborough & Clowne (@vahva) Dr Bex Lewis, Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University (@drbexl)
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  4. 4. “.. People find it easy and more comfortable to ask questions about faith in a private space online… people on social media are directly contactable in a way that has not previously been so easy; paradoxically there is a distance offered by the online environment akin to the screen in the confessional box” (p18) Taylor, B. Sharing Faith Using Social Media, 2016, Grove Books @vahva // @drbexl
  5. 5. @vahva // @drbexl
  6. 6. …the commonest question I am asked about online church is ‘What do you do?’ and it is hard to explain that we don’t ‘do’ church – we are church to each other, despite the lack of sacraments or a building, because we are committed to each other’s journeys in the faith and in Christ’s love. Smith, P. Online Mission and Ministry, 2015, Introduction @vahva // @drbexl
  7. 7. @vahva // @drbexl “The original disciples gave each other that which each needed, were honest and true, were respected by people, and sought to live both the good and difficult parts of life together. Will others say that of us? My thought whenever someone thinks different from me is to think, how interesting, and to want to have a conversation about the journey they took to reach that understanding! We need to celebrate our similarities, rather than focusing on our differences.” Bex Lewis, ‘Church as Family’, 17/02/18, Day by Day with God
  8. 8. http://bit.ly/SurvSocFaithSocMedia @vahva // @drbexl
  9. 9. My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires. James 1:19-20 (NIV) @vahva // @drbexl
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  12. 12. Q&A @vahva // @drbexl Photo by Camylla Battani on Unsplash
  13. 13. • Rev Bryony Taylor • https://bryonytaylor.com/ • http://bcjj.org.uk/ Thank You @vahva // @drbexl • Dr Bex Lewis • https://drbexl.co.uk/ • http://bit.ly/MMU-drbexl • http://bit.ly/SurvSocFaithSo cMedia