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Building Social Leadership

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How to build social into the way you lead and work. Involving colleagues, customers and other stakeholders to develop greater meaning and purpose in the way we work together.

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Building Social Leadership

  1. 1. Building Social LeadershipLASHRM Conference – Baton Rouge April 8th and 9th 2013 By Doug Shaw
  2. 2. Today is less about the tools…
  3. 3. …more aboutthe culture
  4. 4. ‘What’s wrong with @ anyway?I’m too busy to do this any other way.’Source: Profs. Justin Kruger of New York University andNicholas Epley of the University of Chicago
  5. 5. Authenticity:Bringing the real you to workAligning what you say and what you do builds trust
  6. 6. Vulnerability:Being the real you at workAcknowledging:DiversityInclusion
  7. 7. Balance and Flow• Lack of Focus on the present• Balance takes a huge amount of energy• Flow aids presence, feels less stressful• Illusion of Control – how hard we fight against what we cannot change• Go with the flow
  8. 8. The PrisonerBack to back meetings andNo breaks = bad decision makingDon’t be a prisoner at work
  9. 9. Simplicity:Enabling your best workHow much of your complexity isSelf-inflicted?
  10. 10. Transparency:Understand whyStart from full disclosureand work backBring the outside in
  11. 11. Collective Conversations – Make Work BetterYour views matterInvolvementDiverse
  12. 12. The Trust Overlap What What You You Say DoWhen what you say and what you dooverlap, you get trust. And that’s cool.When they don’t, you get trouble. Andthat’s what you deserve.
  13. 13. Further Reading
  14. 14. Contact Me: +447736 518066 Web:http://stopdoingdumbthingstocustomers.com Twitter http://twitter.com/dougshaw1 LinkedIn uk.linkedin.com/in/dougshaw1 Facebook http://www.facebook.com/shawdoug @ doug.shaw@wgalimited.com
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