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Frankfinn,Personality Development ppt.

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Frankfinn,Personality Development ppt.

  2. 2.  I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Miss. Kulshum, the personality development trainer of Frankfinn Institute Of Airhostess Training, Coimbatore for providing me with enough information and guidance to complete this assessment on Personality Development. This assessment bears everything regarding one’s personality as well as my own personality.  At last I wish to avail myself of this opportunity and express a sense of gratitude and love to my friends for their help and support.
  3. 3. 3 Idiots
  4. 4. • Our Wangdu, (Aamir Khan) is the assimilated personality in the movie “3 IDIOTS” and I have enough reasons to support the statement. • A well assimilated person is a person who has confidence, responsibility, honest, diligent, good attitude and hard worker. • Aamir Khan proves himself to be one by motivating his best friends in the movie( Raju and Farhan) by never letting them back down and to face their challenges with the motto “ All is Well”. • He tries to build up other’s confidence in such a way that they also reach the road of success and live happily.
  5. 5.  There are different types of conditioning seen in the society. There are people who are negatively conditioned where as there are people with positive conditioning too.  Negative conditioning just by the term negative leads to destruction of the person.  In the movie “3 IDIOTS” there are many characters showing negative conditioning. Characters like Prof.Virus, Chathur, Lobo, Raju, Farhan are negatively conditioned.
  6. 6.  Prof.Virus shows his arrogant behavior to his students, he doesn’t allow them to specialize or learn a subject but rather make them memories the books which they have.  The student getting high grades are considered to be saved else destroyed, a very stupid attitude.  Prof.virus pushes his son into engineering despite of his preference for literature and passion.  He very often degrades Student s effort and under-estimate them and not valuing their ideas!
  7. 7.  Lobo was a boy with a lot of intelligence and interest in engineering but he lacked a lot in confidence and motivation which made him to commit suicide.  He was heartbroken when Prof.Virus ignored his machine & communicated with his father that he would not be passing out that year.  Lobo could not take it up which eventually made him to say “ I QUIT and then hung himself in his hostel room.
  8. 8.  Sanjay Lafont as Suhas was also called as price tag!  He reveals a negative character by putting a price for everything in his life.  He exposes his wealth in all means and not valuing people instead he values money.  He remains money minded!  Show off!  As said he is a PRICETAG!
  9. 9.  Farhan is studying engineering to pursue his father's wishes over his own wish — to become a wildlife photographer.  He gave up his burning ambition for his father’s Fortune by choosing Engineering instead of becoming a wildlife photographer thus failed to Meet his desire.  He was completely influenced by his parents conditioning.  He was cranky in his Ideas and chose Engineering as his fate!
  10. 10.  Raju friend of Wangdu is studying engineering to raise his family's fortunes and get them out of poverty.  Raju is wrapped by a deadliest factor called Fear .  He was more bothered about the future than living into the present.  He totally underestimate himself and posses inferiority complex. • He didn’t believe in himself instead he believed in fate!  Raju attempts suicide and ends up in coma not wanting to betray his friends or let down his family.
  11. 11.  Millimeter is the simple boy in the movie who does simple jobs to earn a living.  He was a very passionate boy who had dreams to study in a good school.  But unfortunately due to personal circumstances he couldn’t attend.  He takes up the pressing job inside the college campus for his daily bread.  He blames his poverty for his education break which proves his negative pulse.  Lobo later on we could see that he ends up with Wangdu and changes completely.
  12. 12.  Pia the daughter of Prof. Virus is a medical student who has a kind heart and a helping attitude.  She poses a positive attitude with emotions, of being what she desired by wearing her mother’s watch on her sister’s wedding.  She did not fall onto her Fathers ideas.  She conversed her desires openly by throwing away the 4lakh rupees watch on to the face of Suhas, a terrible money lover.  Pia was holding the life on her hands as she wished.
  13. 13.  Wangdu (Aamir Khan) is a very confident, hardworking, motivating and inspiring youth.  He is always passionate about machines and thus he ends up in discovering different things and becomes a famous scientist achieving 400 patents.  He is driven by his passion for machines and devices, which gave him joy n pleasure.  Aamir Khan worked on it so he never gave up, moreover even his best friends became successful and never got lost in solitaire.
  14. 14.  According to me Chathur Ramalingam is the character in the movie that needs improvement in his personality because he is a self-possessed person.  All he thinks is that all the others are idiots and he is the most superior person.  He is over- confident.  He should change his present character by building up a sense of likeness to others, control his confidence and also respect others too.  One can develop these qualities if he/she tries to understand that nobody is without caliber and talents.  If he/she understands this factor surely they would realize in which track they were and will mend their ways to a better routine where others will not get hurt.
  15. 15.  The movie did provide me with many factors which is responsible for development of one’s personality.  But out of which the most heart capturing factor which I observed was the level of confidence shown by Aamir Khan in 3IDIOTS.  Confidence indeed plays a very big role in one’s life because confidence boosts our energy and makes us achieve what we want, if we have a good attitude towards making the specific goal true.  Aamir Khan worked on it so he never gave up, moreover even his best friends became successful and never got lost in solitaire.  This ‘never give up’ attitude came in him because of the height of confidence he had in himself.
  16. 16.  He shared his confidence with his buddies making them also succeed at the end of the movie.  I believe that confidence changes a man completely, root to tip.  Confidence along with good attitude, personality and good communication skills surely adds up in one’s life.  We should learn to mentally put yourself into a state of confidence, feeling certain of success even when our knowledge suggests we should expect to fail.  But we should also keep one thing in our mind that we should be careful not to over rely on confidence to save us by using it as an excuse to procrastinate on preparation.  If we are able to avoid this then surely the ball is in our court all we need to do is to kick the ball into the net.  People may have confidence in other people or forces beyond their control. For instance, one might have confidence in the police to protect them, or might have confidence that a sports team will win a game.  Faith and trust are synonyms of confidence when used in this sense.
  17. 17.  I resemble more of Wangdu because he is a great leader and motivator in the movie and I really adore Wangdu’s way of leading others.  Even though I am not exactly same like him since everyone are different but we can surely share the same qualities.  I dedicate myself a lot to what ever events or initiative I undertake because, according to me a leader is a person who fixes objectives and makes sure his team members make it a success.  Wangdu tries a lot to make Raju and Farhan achieve their goal .  He warns them about the danger of life if they don’t follow they passion in the best way because passion plays a great role in one’s life.  Wangdu is fully energetic and excited to do any work and even I have that quality in me.
  18. 18.  Wangdu shows his concern to his team members ( Raju and Farhan) when they had almost gave up their life to fate.  Well Wangdu has many other technical qualities in himself which helped him more to achieve his goals which I attained a little through out my journey, So I need to work on that aspect.  Perhaps a little more attentive towards my future career and its orientation will attain what I really need to become in life and thus be proud of myself .  Good leaders are made not born.  If you have the desire and willpower, you can become an effective leader.  Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience.  Wangdu puts his best of all in everything he does likewise I also put my best.
  19. 19. Personality : personality is made up of the characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that make a person unique. In addition to this, personality arises from within the individual and remains fairly consistent throughout life. Types of personality 1. External personality 2. Internal personality In order to shape up your overall personality, both your external and internal personalities count- you actually display outwardly as well as what you really are. External personality ; Good external personality is necessary to create first good impression on the people. at some times, first impression may be the last impression. You may not get another chance to correct that impression.
  20. 20. Internal personality;  Internal personality is the real you and your all time asset and that should be excellent.  At times, you may succeed in displaying good side of you despite your internally weak personality but it requires lots of efforts.  On the other side, if your internal personality is good, you can learn to display yourself that way easily with much less efforts.
  21. 21.  I trigger myself for a better personality by increasing my pulse in the following parameters which is obviously going to be the better action plan to my personality enhancement!  The internal personality to be triggered are, Helpful nature Volunteering Being polite Anger management Being honest Communication skills
  22. 22.  The main factors which I will add to the positive action plan for the continuous enhancement in my personality would be attitude because I believe that without good level of attitude nothing can be achieved in my life.  Attitude surely spices one’s personality to a great extend.  I will maintain a better attitude to everyone and thus attain a sense of happiness from everyone.  I will brighten up my aims which I have to attain in my life and also specific plans to make that attainment successful.  Aiming too high means I am less likely to meet my target – so maybe I need to set goals that divide up the big task and deal with these one at a time.  It is important to make a realistic assessment about how I am going to achieve my goals.
  23. 23.  There is a famous saying “ Rome was not built in a day” I truly abide with this saying because while planning for our goal achievement we would meet up with different kinds of obstacles so I shouldn’t let myself back down before those obstacles instead should move on till I achieve it.  I believe this is a great perspective about personality.  When things go wrong ,I will learn from my mistakes and the mistakes of others.  I will Never think as if I’m the JACK of all time!  I always think that there is always something new to learn and discover because the world we live in is BIG!  I will keep leading a group or team and try getting success out of the team thus enhancing my leadership qualities which is also important for a good personality.
  24. 24.  Life without goal achieving attitude will surely direct oneself to destruction.  The goal achieving skills which I observed in the movie was of Wangdu who always kept his passion alive.  His passion was towards machines.  He loved to research in his study.  He neither believed in the plane text-book study of the college nor he believed in the grading system.  To him the greatest desire was to discover something of his own.  This way he kept his aim high.  His goals were always kept straight which was always near to him to achieve.  During the end of the movie we could observe that he deliver Kareena's sister (Mona Singh)'s baby on the office table - a clear indication that even an all-boys tale has no qualms about embracing maternal responsibilities if the situation arises.
  25. 25. 2.Talk about the better Time Manager in the movie. What sort of time management skills he/she was opting? The better time manager whom I observed in the movie was Prof . Virus who was very stern on his timings of his day.  To talk about his time  He also kept specific time for management skills he, never his shave. wasted time in buttoning his  He avoided separate time shirt instead he wore a for his afternoon nap and Velcro attached shirt which shave. could save his precious time.  He followed a 7 minute  Also in putting on power nap in which he would his tie takes quite sometime take a short nap during so instead spending time on which his peon would come it he wore a hook attached tie in to shave his facial hair. which he just needed to hook  He also spent this time to under his collar thus he saved listen to opera music. more time during his day.
  26. 26.  When I was studying my twelfth grade back in school I always stood front to lead others.  This attitude helped me very much in becoming The captain of the Dipriser house(yellow team) for the final year at school.  Being a house captain is of course a prestige but there is a goal to be attained which would lead the whole house to shine, yes it is to win in both Sports and in the Youth Festival.  Finally days moved fast and it was The day of the Sports.  I had to manage my team in the best way so that I could proudly take up the trophy and make my house proud.  My goal to take up the trophy and put up a success since I was able to manage everyone and motivate everyone to participate in the sports programs.  I was really proud of myself for achieving that goal.
  27. 27.  After taking up that trophy next was the final event of the academic year and also my school life, the youth festival where the students of the school present their energetic performances in front of the audience.  This time it wasn’t a trophy but a prestigious shield. Once again I set my goals to make my house win that shield.  Many were shy to participate but after a lot of hard work I was able to make majority of my house member to participate and present their skills in the best way as possible.  The results came out, my house Dipriser scored more marks because more members of my team performed really well and made the group outstanding.  Even I performed in many programs to add up the overall grade.  Dipriser house once again came out in flying colors winning the shield and marking the name .  I thus finished my school life with these two great victories because of the goal management I tried doing and to succeed by attaining those goals.
  28. 28.  The greatest goal achievement in my life which I am looking for to is to work in an aviation industry and in next five years to put up a business in automobiles and turn out successful there.  So in order to maintain that success in that I need to prepare myself to many changes so that I can suit my self in this industry.  I need to be a person who utilizes time in a very efficient way because time is money.  Also in an industry leadership qualities are also very important so I would work on that more.  Confident as said before is also a requirement. I will work on making my confidence move on a good pace.  Last but not the least communication skill is the most important factor I will keep on brushing it up.  With this action plan I am sure that I can be a great asset to the industry and to the society.
  29. 29.  There is a saying; “good leaders aren’t born, they’re made”.  The evaluation of our management style begins by looking at us. We want to identify our management strengths and weaknesses.  This sounds simple, but requires some real reflection, and honesty.  Next we want to identify our predominant management style. It depends on which book we read as to how many management styles exist.  Now I concluded that I have some definite managerial strengths, and some areas where I need some improvement.  First, I need to improve my weaknesses.  This takes commitment on my part which Changes even for the better.
  30. 30.  Planning,  Allocating,  Setting goals  Delegation  Analysis of time spent  Monitoring  Organizing  Scheduling  prioritizing
  31. 31.  Time management can be defined as “Applying management principles which helps in maximizing the value of time by including those activities which produce positive results and rejecting those activities which either waste time or produce negative results”.  My future option is to get placed in the aviation industry to work as a cabin crew member and to put up a business in the upcoming years.  Getting into the aviation industry would be around five years and in due course of time store some backup to start up the business in automobiles.
  32. 32. I could observe a great leader in this movie who had all the leadership qualities which a leader should poses and that leader was Wangdu. The different leadership qualities which Wangdu possessed were :  Setting Objectives  Organizing and Planning  Decision Making  Integrity and Honesty  Enthusiasm  Ambition  Intelligence  Emotional Stability  Empathy  Human Relations And People Skills
  33. 33. Objectivity Motivating skills Technical Skills Communication Skills Social Skills  The above leadership qualities are the qualities which a leader should have within in order to lead a group or mass.  Wangdu had all the possible qualities in himself which helped his best friends to achieve their goals too.
  34. 34. Developing the above qualities is never a hectic task.  I can develop those qualities if I try.  I will try to participate in activities in which I would volunteer to become the leader and lead the whole group for the successful completion of the activity.  This way I would be able to slowly understand what lacks in me to turn out as a good leader by comparing myself with the qualities mentioned and then slowly I would be able to correct myself and give my character a total transition.  I would also try to take initiative on some objective and try to make all my team members to co-operate and contribute towards the initiative.  I believe that by setting crystal clear goals, selecting the people carefully to attain the goal and using interpersonal skills combined with encouraging communication to motivate the goal activities will surely make me a good leader.
  35. 35.  During my different class activities I was able to find Myself as a leader for my précised team.  The leadership qualities I could see in myself was that I kept fixed objectives, I had a sense of enthusiasm in what ever activity I undertook.  I maintained a good rapport with my team members thus building up good people skills.  I was also honest towards my work and cautious about the deadline given to me by which I learned to hit my targets and get my task done in time which made me to boom as a leader.  I had a good communication skill which made me more comfortable to go with different people.  Since I was keen with public relationship I was able to maintain a sense of respect with each other.
  36. 36. The Johari Window represents the four different kinds of selves that a persons can have. The different selves are Open self, Blind self, Hidden self, Unknown self. Having an open self is the best one of all.  In the movie Wangdu was seen to have an open self , he kept nothing hidden. He moved along in a happy and straight track.  He talked upfront to his best friend and also his Professor who was always ruthless to him.  Wangdu became successful because he always maintained a very good open self.
  37. 37.  Farhan is a very good example about a person having a hidden self.  He was very reserved about his talents.  He never loved engineering but due to his parent’s conditioning he had to end up with an engineering college.  In his hidden self he had a very good talent and that was photography.  No one knew it until Wangdu found out his secret talent and made Farhan to realize that following a passion is more important then following conditioning from his parents.
  38. 38.  Raju Rastogi is a character in the movie who has a blind self.  He loves engineering but he is scared of his life due to the burdens he has on his shoulders and thus he doesn’t shine in his academics.  He was really panic towards his fate and his family’s conditioning.  But at the end due to Wangdu’s inspiration and motivation he gets a job in a very good firm.  He never knew that he could make it this high, he was totally blind about it when others like Wangdu had to come up to him and let him know of his caliber.
  39. 39. 2. What sort of Ego States you observed in the movie. There are different type of Ego states followed by all the characters throughout the movie. The different ego states are as follows:
  40. 40. Everyone follows certain types of ego states. In the movie I could observe the same condition .  Professor Virus kept having a parent ego as well as an adult ego because he kept giving orders and instructions to his seekers and made them do things strictly but at the end we could see him literally cry like a child thus we were able to observe his child ego.  Whereas Wangdu spoke from a parent ego and also from a child ego. He was a more or less like a parent to his best friends Farhan and Raju because Wangdu kept motivating them and instructing them what to do and what not to do.  Raju Rastogi always spoke from an adult ego because he was really obsessed by his parental burdens which really worried him a lot. But even Raju at times begin to behave from a child ego.  Farhan was a cheerful lad who spoke from and child and a parent ego because he was unaware of his talents and aims.
  41. 41.  Pia is another chief character in this movie who does talk from an adult ego because she does a lot to convince Wangdu that she loves him and cares for him .  She also turned out to be in a child ego during various instances of the movie.  One thing we can observe from all these characters in this movie is about to possess a child ego that means “Everyone operates often from a child ego state because a child ego has the liberty of fun loving and carefree behavior while being aware that adults and parents are watching over the behavior”.
  42. 42. I think Wangdu has an excellent open self personality in the movie. When a person knows ones own personality and is willing to share ideas, thoughts, feelings and values with others , that person is called an OPEN SELF personality. These are his different open self qualities which I could observe :  Objective Decision.  Saying ‘HELLO’ first.  Sharing of dreams, desires, hobbies and ambition.  Helping others  Being on time.  Being Pro-Active at all times  Smiling.  Keeping ‘Small Successes’ on going.
  43. 43.  Interpersonal skills are the life skills we use every day to communicate and interact with other people, individually and in groups.  I learnt how people are likely to react to what I say, how I say it and what I do, as well as how these actions make others, and me, feel. These skills are easily further developed with a little time and effort spent working, thinking and practising them.  Remember it is worth spending time developing these skills as good interpersonal skills can improve many aspects of our life.  Interpersonal skills are also sometimes referred to as social skills, people skills, soft skills or life skills, although these terms can be broader and may also refer to other skills.  The foundation for many areas of our lives are good interpersonal skills since these are relevant to our personal relationships, social affairs and professional lives and are the basis on which I can develop other life skills.
  44. 44.  Here, you can find out how to develop specific interpersonal skills including the following  Learn to Listen  Choose Your Words  Understand Why Communication Fails  Relax  Clarify  Be Positive  Empathise  Understand Stress  Learn to be Assertive  Reflect and Improve  Negotiate
  45. 45.  I would definitely added a positive fragrances to all the characters since it’s a kind of story with moral values.  I will eradicate the child labor in this movie because the character millimeter is made to work in the college campus as a pressing boy which reveals a negative emotions.  I might have also give equal measure of role for the heroine because she had a very little part to play in this movie  These are the few things which I would change if I were the Director!
  46. 46. The interpersonal skills will favors in our personal and professional life in such a way that it would paves towards the following,  Think positively, and enter the mindset to work well with others and maintain good relationships.  Be patient.  Learn to listen, experts recommend listening 80% of the time and only talking 20%.  Treat others and their experience with respect  Praise and compliment people when they deserve it.  Smile – even when you don’t feel like smiling.  Be cheerful and try to make others smile.  When someone compliments you, don’t disagree or boast about it – simply say thank-you with a smile and move on.  Don’t complain.
  47. 47.  Fake it ‘till you make it. If you’re not naturally confident or happy, fake it until you generally possess the desired characteristics.  Learn to appreciate, be helpful and not de- motivate your team members. Work as a team, not as an individual. This will achieve better results.  Treat your team members and colleagues as friends and not as strangers or subordinates.  These are the stuffs which will develop the interpersonal skills both in personal and professional life.
  48. 48. Essential Interpersonal Skills  Self awareness  Control  Motivation  Acknowledging the interests of subordinates  Communication skills Developing interpersonal skills  Developing Assertiveness  Accepting Responsibility  Managing Conflicts  Avoiding  Accommodating  Competing/Forcing  Collaborating  compromising
  49. 49. Barriers for Interpersonal Interactions  Poor Listening:- Many people are poor listeners, even in everyday life. They tend to listen and think about something else at the same time  Emotional Arousal:- Emotional arousal is a process, which means it happens as a sequence over time. Understanding this is a step towards being able to manage the process. for example, arousal can happen through . Touch, Vision, Hearing, Smell, Taste.  Lack of Time:- Lack of time is more perception than reality. The problem is the lack of commitment to your priorities after you've set them. People overwork, set time to watch television and surf the Internet, but many people don't set time to do the things that they say are important to them
  50. 50. Definition of a Leader  A leader is "a person who influences a group of people towards the achievement of a goal"  It is a process by which one person influences the thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors of others.  Leaders set a direction for the rest of us; they help us see what lies ahead;  they help us by visualize and inspire.  Leadership helps to point us in the same direction and harness our efforts jointly
  51. 51. Taking a leadership position means:  • Having a vision about what can be accomplished.  • Making a commitment to the mission and to the people you lead.  • Taking responsibility for the accomplishment of the mission and the welfare of those you lead.  • Assuming risk of loss and failure.  • Accepting recognition for success.  Six qualities of good leadership  Be Trustworthy  Inspire People to Work Toward The Vision  Be Self Aware and Insightful About Your Impact On Others  Accept Responsibility for Your Actions  Have High Self Worth and Self Esteem  Lead versus Manage Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing. -Abraham Lincoln
  52. 52. These are the leadership qualities I have found during in my class activity  Setting Objectives  Organizing and Planning  Decision Making  Integrity and Honesty  Enthusiasm  Ambition  Intelligence  Emotional Stability  Empathy  Human Relations And People Skills  Objectivity  Motivating skills  Technical Skills  Communication Skills  Social Skills
  53. 53.  I see myself as a leader in my field & company, learning & enhancing my skills & knowledge to the benefit of my company & myself.  I would like to see my self as the leader of the well reputed airline organization and owe a key position in that airline.  Gaining a lot of knowledge and experiences and teaching it to my subordinates so that I can feel proud of my self.  I give my best for further development of the organization so that the company feels proud of me.
  54. 54.  As a leadership , It acts as a advisor - helping all achieve personal goals, helping them grow personally and professionally. In many cases, It helped to bring about dramatic changes in personal and professional lives.  Leadership is quite different from management.  Many people do not think like a leader. A good person may not always make a good leader.  To understand the difference between the two and to bring about the transformation of leadership skills requires special effort and focus
  55. 55.  Personal leadership often requires the strength and courage needed to achieve higher goals in life and profession.  We must make know our own convictions and passions.  Then apply them to our challenges and opportunities.  Our values and beliefs are reflected in our actions within the society, team or organization.  As a leader, we think of the success of the individuals, teammates or the company first.  The principles of personal leadership, when practiced well, put you in the driver’s seat both in the society and at work.  Every person has a set of skills and talents. As you explore your you deepen your self-understanding and move closer to becoming a personal leader
  56. 56. “ Ladies and gentlemen, this is Qatar Airways 21 my name is Prinith and I’m your chief flight attendant. On behalf of Captain and the entire crew, welcome aboard”  Our flight time will be of 6 hours and 9 minutes. We will be flying at an altitude of 24,000 feet at a ground speed of 434 knots (planned: 403 knots).  At this time, make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position. Also make sure your seat belt is correctly fastened. Also, we advise you that as of this moment, any electronic equipment must be turned off. Thank you.”  “Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to direct your attention to the television monitors. We will be showing our safety demonstration and would like the next few minutes of your complete attention.”  “When the seat belt sign illuminates, you must fasten your seat belt. Insert the metal fittings one into the other, and tighten by pulling on the loose end of the strap. To release your seat belt, lift the upper portion of the buckle. We suggest that you keep your seat belt fastened throughout the flight, as we may experience turbulence
  57. 57.  A life vest is located in a pouch under your seat or between the armrests. When instructed to do so, open the plastic pouch and remove the vest. Slip it over your head. Pass the straps around your waist and adjust at the front. To inflate the vest, pull firmly on the red cord, only when leaving the aircraft. If you need to refill the vest, blow into the mouthpieces. Use the whistle and light to attract attention.  The following electronic devices (calculators, CD players, laptop computers) may be used when the seat belt sign is off, or when permitted by your crew. Cellular/mobile telephones, remote-controlled toys or any electronic device operating with an antenna must be turned off at all times.  We remind you that this is a non-smoking flight. Tampering with, disabling, or destroying the smoke detectors located in the lavatories is prohibited by law.  You will find this and all the other safety information in the card located in the seat pocket in front of you. We strongly suggest you read it before take-off. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our crew members. We wish you all an enjoyable flight.”
  58. 58.  Time management principles: Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity. I would like to seek help from my Faculty to become a good Time Manager of all time, by guiding me in the following parameters.
  59. 59.  Prioritize - My time and define my life by goals.  Organizing - Things I have to accomplish regularly to be successful. (Family and Finances)  Streamlining - Things I may not like to do, but must do. (Work and Chores)  Economizing - Things I should do or may even like to do, but they're not pressingly urgent. (Pastimes and Socializing)  Contributing - By paying attention to the few remaining things that make a difference. (Social Obligations).
  60. 60.  Map out everything that is important, by making a task list  Create "an oasis of time" for one to control  Say "No”  Set priorities  Don't drop everything  Don't think a critical task will get done in one's spare time  ABC analysis A – Tasks that are perceived as being urgent and important, B – Tasks that are important but not urgent, C – Tasks that are neither urgent nor important.
  61. 61.  Communication is the key factor in the success of any organization. When it comes to effective communication, there are certain barriers that every organization faces.  People often feel that communication is as easy and simple as it sounds. No doubt, but what makes it complex, difficult and frustrating are the barriers that come in its way.  Some of these barriers are mentioned below.  Physical barriers  Attitudinal barriers  Physiological barriers  Ambiguity of words/phrases  System design
  62. 62. To overcome the barriers of communication.  Use of Simple Language: Use of simple and clear words should be emphasized. Use of ambiguous words and jargons should be avoided.  Reduction and elimination of noise levels: Noise is the main communication barrier which must be overcome on priority basis. It is essential to identify the source of noise and then eliminate that source.  Active Listening: Listen attentively and carefully. There is a difference between “listening” and “hearing”. Active listening means hearing with proper understanding of the message that is heard. By asking questions the speaker can ensure whether his/her message is understood or not by the receiver in the same terms as intended by the speaker.
  63. 63.  Emotional State: During communication one should make effective use of body language. He/she should not show their emotions while communication as the receiver might misinterpret the message being delivered. For example, if the conveyer of the message is in a bad mood then the receiver might think that the information being delivered is not good.  Simple Organizational Structure: The organizational structure should not be complex. The number of hierarchical levels should be optimum. There should be a ideal span of control within the organization. Simpler the organizational structure, more effective will be the communication.
  64. 64.  Avoid Information Overload: The managers should know how to prioritize their work. They should not overload themselves with the work. They should spend quality time with their subordinates and should listen to their problems and feedbacks actively.  Give Constructive Feedback: Avoid giving negative feedback. The contents of the feedback might be negative, but it should be delivered constructively. Constructive feedback will lead to effective communication between the superior and subordinate.
  65. 65. Time management principles:  Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.  Time management was the only barrier I faced during my project work because I was already booked up with my under graduation project by which I should work simultaneously as a multi tasker!  Sometimes I fail to meet my deadlines in time because I was not good in managing time but later on attending the training I was able to improve a lot in managing time and meet my targets in time.
  66. 66. I would like to improve Suresh’s communication of my batch because he is very passionate towards language and thrusts to learn English. Suresh is a person with lot of dedication and passion so I would like to list some of techniques to improve communication.  Understanding the Basics of Communication Skills  Engage Your Audience  Use Your Words  Use Your Voice
  67. 67.  Know what communication really is  Have courage to say what you think  Practice  Make eye contact  Use gestures  Don’t send mixed messages  Be aware of what your body is saying.  Manifest constructive attitudes and beliefs.  Develop effective listening skills:  Enunciate your words.  Pronounce your words correctly  Use the right words  Slow your speech down  Animate your voice.  Use appropriate volume