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Bid Management: by trueventus                 Developing the Procurement Process23 - 24 May 2012 | Renaissance Hotel, Kual...
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Bid Management: Developing the Procurement Process

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Bid Management: Developing the Procurement Process

  1. 1. Bid Management: by trueventus Developing the Procurement Process23 - 24 May 2012 | Renaissance Hotel, Kuala LumpurINDUSTRY OVERVIEWIt appears the economic downturn may be loosening its grip on Asian economies. TESTIMONIALSBut, with recovery comes fierce competition, as companies around the world rush “Your tender response to the Department of Parlia-to emerging markets to supplement delayed prospects for growth in developed mentary Service was outstanding the evaluationmarkets. As competition heats up, companies that are able to make good committee stated it was their hope that in the futuredecisions quickly and bring them to action are likely to have an edge on their all tender response could be so comprehensive andpeers. This holds true for many industries on both an international and domestic detailed”scale; most notably oil, gas, and manufacturing corporations. – Comment Procurement Officers DPSOne such decision necessary for the upper hand in this competitive market is the “Kevin and the team at Yamarna Enterprises Pty Ltdsuccessful performance of a company’s tender and bid process. In todays fast have been wonderful the support and expertise theypaced and ever changing business world, mergers, acquisitions tender and provided to address the procurement requirementsbidding opportunities are becoming the norm. A successful bid and tender have been second to none we cannot thank themmanagement team will enable you to maximize your ability to plan, manage and enough for their support”submit powerful and successful bids; thus gaining a key advantage on one’s – Managing Director Environmental Enterprises WAcompetitors. Pty LtdHeavily scrutinized, and with substantial potential for growth, the energy industry “Kevin’s ability to quickly cut to the heart of thein Asia, in particular gas and oil, is ripe with competition. Major international as matter has helped our organisation develop awell as domestic corporations are aware of the massive potential for profit in the comprehensive procurement system and reduce ourAsian gas and oil markets. World energy markets are continually expanding, and operating costs”companies spend billions of dollars annually to maintain and increase their oil and – NGC Pty Ltdgas production. “Yamarna Enterprises Pty Ltd have save our organ-Over 200 countries have invited companies to negotiate for the right to explore isation time money and effort and provided MBPEtheir lands or territorial waters, hoping that they will find and produce oil and gas, with the ability to not only manage our procurementcreate local jobs and provide billions of dollars in national revenues. In this fast systems effectively but also provided us with the toolspaced, ever changing, and ruthlessly competitive environment, the ability to to develop our bid responses and expand ourpresent an appealing bid with punctuality and detail is of paramount importance business opportunities”for any company’s success. – Managing Director MBPEAsia is considered the most competitive location for manufacturing at themoment.Low cost of labor and materials, supportive local economic systems, and govern-ment subsidies are the key drivers of competitiveness in Asia that attracts theworld’s factories. A burgeoning Asian middle class, accompanied by a rise in TRUEOFFER!consumerism in many East Asian countries has also rendered the manufacturing Book and pay by 23 March 2012 - USD 1695,industry ripe for growth and profitability. save USD 500 per delegate From 30 march 2012- USD 2195 per delegateWith the inherent thin profit margins associated with manufacturing, a meticu- *Strictly limited to 25 delegates per session!lous formulated bid is necessary to gain new business and expand the company’sshare in the market.Needless to say, without successful tender and bid management, even a produc- Follow us ontive, innovative, and resourceful company would struggle to survive in theincreasingly competitive economy of Southeast Asia.Book and pay by 23 March 2012, USD 1695 per delegate , save USD 500 1
  2. 2. Register Now T: +603-2711 0701 F: +603-2711 0703 E: johnk@trueventus.com ABOUT YOUR COURSE LEADER Bid Management: Kevin Tomkins, BA (Hons), (MACCM) Developing the Procurement Process Kevin’s has a background and experience by trueventus spaning over 20 years in bid management and includes managing Australian Federal Govern- ment contracts for major maritime infrastruc- ture developments. Kevin managed the Engineering, Procurement and Construction WHY YOU CANNOT MISS THE EVENT Management (EPCM) contracts for the construction of civil maritime The course has been tailored to meet the needs of profes- defence facilities in Northern Australia; managed the ongoing sionals who are responsible for their organisation’s procure- service contracts for the facilities and conducting periodic evalua- ment needs. Whether you are directly responsible for secur- ing services or have oversight of your organisation’s procure- tions of the contractor’s performance. He has also managed depart- ment processes, or any other individual in charge of prepar- mental and administrative budgets and provided monthly reports ing an approach to market this course will provide you will and advice to senior executive management, the Department of the knowledge to successfully conduct a competitive bid. Treasury, and the Minister on expenditure against budgets. Kevin has been at the forefront of calling for tenders, evaluating tender The aim of this course is to provide participants with the responses and negotiating the contract with the successful bidders. knowledge required to undertake securing services or goods from suppliers (Requesting a Market Response). It covers Kevin has also provided training and mentoring to colleagues and determining procurement requirements, establishing agreed was a guess presenter at the annual seminar on Government procurement processes, conducting procurement and Contract Law held 22nd and 23rd of September 2009, in Canberra contracting activities, and managing finalisation processes. Australia. The topic for his seminar was on “Profiling key risk factors in a contract” which discussed the utilisation of AS 4360 Risk The participants will learn to manage advanced planning for Management as a contract management and evaluation tool. complex procurement within established guidelines, policies and procedures. It includes applying and managing procure- ment governance arrangements, developing procurement Kevin has also been involved in developing bid response documents and market strategies, and undertaking analysis to support and responding to tenders in the private business and has achievement of procurement outcomes through definition of responded to hundreds of called for tenders by private organisations requirements aligned to business needs, consultation with providing Kevin with specialist insight into the procurement process stakeholders, establishment of tender evaluation panels, and for both public and private tendering processes. documentation of detailed procurement planning. KEY BENEFITS OF ATTENDING • Contribute to forward procurement planning in accordance with PRE COURSE QUESTIONNAIRE organisational requirements and in alignment with organisa- In order to clarify your learning objectives and ensure you get the tional goals and objectives most out of this training, you will need to complete a Pre-Course • Ensure that procurement needs are developed and/or assessed, Questionnaire stating your knowledge of the subject, level of aligned to organisational objectives, business plan and appro- experience and other relevant issues. The course leader will priate justification of estimated procurement expenditure analyse your form to ensure that the course covers your needs • Probity principles are applied and managed when planning accordingly. procurement activities • Internal and external stakeholders for procurement activi- ties are identified • Strengths and weaknesses of the market are identified • Technical and procurement expertise required to effectively PROGRAMME SCHEDULE conduct procurement processes is identified, sourced and managed, including the establishment of tender evaluation 0830 Registration and coffee panel or working group 0900 Morning session begins • Appropriate lead times for conducting procurement processes are planned and communicated to stakeholders 1030 Morning networking break • Statements of requirements, scope of works or technical specifi- cations that meet business needs of the organisation are devel- 1300 Networking luncheon oped and/or critically assessed 1400 Afternoon session begins • Viability of specifications are explored to ensure risks and whole- of-life costs and benefits are identified and to support value for 1530 Afternoon networking break money 1730 Course concludes • Procurement risk assessments are conducted and appropriate risk management strategies determinedBook and pay by 23 March 2012, USD 1695 per delegate , save USD 500 2
  3. 3. Register Now T: +603-2711 0701 F: +603-2711 0703 E: johnk@trueventus.com DAY 1 DAY 2 Session One: Types of solicitations Session One: Documentation and managing the flow of When engaging in procurement project it is important, depending Information on what is being brought, for an organisation to use an appropriate As a general rule most procurement exercises go wrong due to one solicitation process. There are important differences among various simple issue; did the documentation and information provided to procurement procedures used to solicit responses from the market. the market accurately reflect and describe exactly what the organ- In this session we explore and identify what approach is suited to isation wanted to procure? Ensuring the bid documentation different needs. processes, including addendums, responding questions or• Request For Proposal (RFP), requests for information is managed in an appropriate manner is as• Request For Quotation (RFQ), important as all other aspects of the procurement process. This• Invitation To Tender (ITT), session provides the participants with detailed strategies for• Front End Engineering and Design Engineer Procurement & managing the flow of, content and context of the information. Construction Management (FEED EPCM), Guaranteed Maximum • Analysing the Bid Documentation. Price (GMP) & “Turnkey”. • Delivering consistent message to the market. • Are alternatives proposals to be considered? • Preparing the Final Documents for release to the market Session Two: Overview of developing the solicitation Effective communication is the bottom line with any bid manage- ment process. The process begins with convening a bid manage- ment team, a scope of works (SOW) statement (description of Session Two: Bid evaluation services) or specifications (description of goods), the bid evaluation Once the bid closes and all of the bid responses have been received, criteria and what type of contract will be offered. The Bid must state the evaluation team now has the job of evaluating each bid and a specific date and time deadline for receiving responses and eventually selecting the preferred tenderer to enter into contract whether to hold pre-bid meetings to gage market response. In this negations. This represents a crucial task for the success or failure of session we will explore what is needed to develop a Bid process to the bid process. In this session we explore evaluation processes. go out to the market. • Price• Team management (who is to do what and how to manage • Life Cycle information) • Serviceability• Develop a Scope of Works and Specifications (What standards or • Quality quality are required)• How are responses to be evaluated (Cheapest Price, Whole of Life (WOL), ongoing support)• How much are you prepared to pay? Session Three: Post bid negotiations Once a successful tenderer has been identified from the evaluation process that tenderer needs to be engaged. How the tenderer is Session Three: Risk analysis engaged will depend largely on what is the nature of the agree- ment the parties wish to enter. Following on from discussions from Understanding the risks that face an approach to the market is Session 2 on Day 1 this session will explore the nature of contracts paramount to successfully procuring goods or services. Conducting and agreements and provide an overview of dealing with contract a risk analysis of the procurement process assists in identifying negotiations. inherent risks associated with the market conditions and provides • Design, Construct, Manufacture, or Engineer, or Turnkey opportunity to develop mitigation strategies for managing the • Agreed Contract Milestones residual risks that may be associated with the procurement process. • Develop Negotiation Strategies This session considers risk management methodologies and • Offer and Acceptance provides participants with concrete methods of managing both internal and external risks.• Transfer• Mitigation Session Four: Legal obligations & ethical behaviour• Acceptance• Risk Management Approaching the market to engage a supplier at both the local international level has legal ramifications for both parties. In this session we explore some of those legal matters but also discuss the ethical behaviours that can also impact on the outcomes of a Session Four: Time management competitive bid process. As will all business functions, managing timelines and identifying • United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale critical milestones makes for good business outcomes. These same of Goods principles apply to managing procurement processes. Ensuring • Conditions of tendering are the same for each tenderer; that the bid management team meets its deadlines is crucial to • Conflict of Interest ensuring that your procurement project is delivered on time and • Tenderer collusion more importantly within budget. In this session we explore strate- gies of managing timelines, project expectations, to meet the organisations strategic objectives.• Time Scale• Critical Path• Procuring for Project Specific outcomes• Expectations and PerceptionsBook and pay by 23 March 2012, USD 1695 per delegate , save USD 500 3
  4. 4. REGISTER NOW John Karras Bid Management: T: +603- 2711 0701 Developing the Procurement Process F: +603- 2711 0703 E: johnk@trueventus.comby trueventus 23 - 24 May 2012 | Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur - TRL10 COMPANY DETAILS Name Industry EXHIBITION OPPORTUNITIES Address Limited packages are available. For Postcode Country further details, contact Aravind Menon +603 - 2711 0701 Tel Fax aravindm@trueventus.com ATTENDEE DETAILS 1 Name Job Title Tel Email TERMS & CONDITIONS 2 Name Job Title 1. The course fee is inclusive of the event proceedings, Tel Email materials, refreshment and lunch. 2. Upon receipt of the complete registration form, invoice will be issue. Trueventus request that all 3 Name Job Title payments be made within 5 working days of the invoice being issued. Full payment must be Tel Email received prior to the event. Only delegates that have made full payment will be admitted to event. 3. Substitution & cancellations policy. Should the 4 Name Job Title registered delegate is unable to attend, a substitute delegate is welcome at no extra charge. Tel Email Written notifications of all substitutions is required 5 working days prior to the event. Trueventus contracts carry 100% full liability upon receipt of 5 Name Job Title registration. Non payment does not constitute cancellation. A 100% of cancellation fee will be Tel Email charged under the terms outlined below: Due to limited event seats, Trueventus agrees to reserve the seat for the client upon issuance of invoice. Upon signing of this contract, client agrees that in APPROVAL case of dispute or cancellation of this contract Trueventus will not be able to mitigate its losses for NB: Signatory must be authorised on behalf of contracting organisation. any less than 50% of the total contract value. If a client does not attend the event without written Name Job Title notification at least 5 working days prior to the event date, he/she will deemed as no show. Trueventus does not provide refunds for cancellations. When Email any cancellations are notified in writing to Trueventus 5 working days prior to the event, a Tel Fax credit voucher will be issued for use in future Trueventus events. Authorising Signature 4. Trueventus will at all times seek to ensure that all efforts are made to adhere to meet the advertised package, however we reserve the right to postpone, cancel or move a venue without penalty or refunds. COURSE FEES Trueventus is not liable for any losses or damages as a result of substitution, alteration, postponement or cancellation of speakers and / or topics and / or venue □ Kuala Lumpur and / or the event dates. If force majuere were to occur □ Documentation Package USD 495 Trueventus accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage caused by events beyond their control, including, but not restricted to strikes, war, civil unrest, Book and pay by 23 March 2012, USD1695 per delegate, save USD500 flight delays, fire flood, or any adverse weather conditions. From 30 March 2012 USD2195 per delegate 5. Upon receiving this signed booking form, you the client All options inclusive of course papers, luncheon, refreshments and service charge. herby consent to Trueventus to keep your details for the use of future marketing activities carried out by Trueventus and third party organisations & partners. PAYMENT DETAILS 6. Copyright and Intellectual Property. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form in Payment is due in 5 working days. By Signing and returning this form, you are accepting our terms and conditions. connection to this event is prohibited without prior written consent by Trueventus. Please debit my: □ VISA □ MasterCard 7. Client hereby agrees that he/she exclusively authorizes Trueventus charged the credit card with detials listed □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ above for the amount provided herein; this registration form serves as a contract that is valid, binding and Card Number enforceable. He/she at any time will have no basis to □□□ claim that the payments required under this Contract are This three-digit CVC/CVV2 number is printed on the signature panel on the back of the card unauthorized, improper, disputed or in any way. CVC/CVV2 immediately after the card’s account number. Card Issuing Bank: Card Issuing Country: Cardholders Name Expiry Date / / Cardholders Signature 4