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Blockchain, AI, IOT, Crypto Challenges and opportunities for the Energy Oil and Gas Industry



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Challenges and opportunities for the energy oil and gas industry. Digital transformation, Blockchain, AI, IOT, ICOs in a new digital Crypto Economy, presentation and research by Dinis Guarda

Blockchain, AI, IOT, Crypto Challenges and opportunities for the Energy Oil and Gas Industry

  1. 1. @dinisguarda Blockchain, AI, IOT and Crypto: Challenges and opportunities for the Energy Oil and gas Industry! Blockchain Digital Transformation, AI, IOT, ICOs in a distributed Emerging Crypto Economy. By Dinis Guarda – Author, Blockchain, Digital, Crypto ICO Evangelist Founder CEO: Ztudium, IntelligentHQ, tradersdna, HedgeThink, Blockchainage
  2. 2. How and why distributed ledger solutions can and are disrupting/ innovating the whole Oil / gas / energy industries? @dinisguarda
  3. 3. What economic and technological models?   The  world  economy  and  technology  landscape  is  shi4ing  between  these  3  models,  and   going  in  the  direc8on  of  decentralised  distributed  models  made  possible  with   founda8onal  P2P  technology  and  distributed  ledger  tech  known  as  blockchain.     Energy  will  be  a  cri8cal  area  /  industry  that  will  cross  over     the  full  cycle  of  new  economic  models.   @dinisguarda
  4. 4.     As  the  Internet  becomes  360  and  we  are  going     through  the  incep8on  of  a  global  Internet  of  Everything  there  is  a   need  for  a  Trust  Protocol:  A  Ledger  of  Everything.       Blockchain  tech  is  the  open,  distributed,  global  plaIorm  that   fundamentally  changes  what  we  can  digitally,  how  we  do  it,  and  who   can  par8cipate.       A  world  wide  ledger  smart  contract  based  tech  powered  by  AI   system  of  plaIorms  as  a  service  evolving  the  world  economy  for  full   digitalisa8on  driven  by  P2P.     The  Oil  and  Gas  –  Energy  industry  are  in  the  confluence  of  all  these   innova8on  and  on  the  verge  of  a  major  digital  blockchain  disrup8on.     @dinisguarda
  5. 5. Digital transformation and blockchain are critical and only way for Oil and Gas / energy Industry! @dinisguarda
  6. 6. Introduction - Context Task     automa*on   Digital     Trust   distributed     database   Provenance   Supply  chain   auditability   P2P   Blockchain,  AI,  IOT   founda8onal  tech   digital  transforma8on     Energy  -­‐  oil  and  gas     Encrypted     cyber  security     Velocity     blurred  lines  between     physical  and  digital   @dinisguarda
  7. 7. Digital transformation and industrial revolution 4.0 Founda*onal  tech:  Blockchain,  AI  IOT   Industrial  Revolu*on  4.0   Energy  –  Oil  and  Gas   Sustainability  –  green   economics  –  carbon   footprint   Climate  exchange   @dinisguarda
  8. 8. Oil  and  Gas  Context  –  Needs:     1. Global  oil  and  gas  –  energy  industry  ecosystems  demand   new  digital  business  models  -­‐  license  solu8ons.     2. As  the  Physical  and  digital  blur  the  industry  needs  full   digitalisa8on  and  auditability.   3. There  is  a  need  for  leading  global  distributed  plaIorm(s)   and  databases  driven  by  360  disrup8ve  innova8ve  digital   tech  /  blockchain  /  AI  /  IOT  founda8onal  technologies!   Illustra8on  and  data   source:  Accenture   @dinisguarda
  9. 9. Oil  and  Gas  Industry  Context  –  Digital  Strategy  Needs:     @dinisguarda
  10. 10. The  8me  is  ripe  and  cri8cal  for  digital  disrup8on  in  the  oil  and  gas  industry.     To  survive,  oil  and  gas  and  any  global  industry  or  companies  must  be  bold   and  recognize  that  digital  presents  an  opportunity  to  disrupt  the  industry,   not  only  by  driving  the  next  wave  of  cost  efficiency,  but  also  by  securing   opera8onal  agility  to  beWer  manage  vola8lity  and  posi8on  for  growth.   Source:  hWps://www.accenture.com/gb-­‐en/insight-­‐digital-­‐oil-­‐and-­‐gas   Critical time for the oil and gas industry @dinisguarda
  11. 11. The  leading  oil  and  gas  companies  have  to  successfully  execute  digital  in  the   following  various  ways:     1.  Create  new  business  models  and  enhance  channels  to  market  to  engage   customers  and  drive  revenue:  Use  new  business  models  to  open  up  new   revenue  streams  and  beWer  understand  changing  customer  behaviors  to   enhance  the  channel  to  market.     2.  Improve  opera8ons  to  increase  agility  and  beWer  manage  vola8lity:  Use  the   Internet  of  Things  to  drive  automa8on  and  improve  upstream  and  downstream   core  opera8onal  efficiencies.     3.  Enhance  the  back  office  to  realize  produc8vity  gains:  Take  advantage  of  new   collabora8on  technologies  and  ar8ficial  intelligence  to  improve  produc8vity   and  safety  across  the  enterprise.   Source:  hWps://www.accenture.com/gb-­‐en/insight-­‐digital-­‐oil-­‐and-­‐gas   Considerations for the oil and gas industry @dinisguarda
  12. 12. Oil  and  gas  leaders  need  to  ask  themselves  five  key  ques8ons  to  drive  digital  transforma8on   in  their  businesses:   1.  What  is  the  level  of  ambi*on  for  digital  from  the  team  and  organisa*on?   2.  What  is  the  intent  and  remit  of  digital  and  the  right  aim  to  put  in  prac*ce?   3.  How  is  digital  governed  across  the  organiza*on?   4.  What  changes  are  required  to  deliver  digital?   5.  What  untapped  value  resides  in  the  organiza*on’s  data,  founda*onal   technologies  such  as  IOT  and  blockchain  capacity?   Questions for the oil and gas industry Illustra8on  and  data   source:  Accenture   @dinisguarda
  13. 13. The  increasing  digital  landscape  will  reach  the  energy  industry:     Websites,  apps,  IOT  sensors,  AR,  VR,  wearable’s;     There  are  over  1  billion  websites  in  the  world;     There  are  an  es8mated  50  billion  IoT  Sensors  out  there  around  2020;   More  than  200  billion  plaIorms    “Things”  on  the  Internet  of  Everything's   by  2030.  IOT  is  par8cular  key  for  the  Energy  industry   Context – Digital disruptive tech increasing bigger waves @dinisguarda
  14. 14. Industry Mega trends Source  Leading  prac8ce     Link  hWp://www.leadingprac8ce.com/industry-­‐standards/energy/oil-­‐gas/   +  Green  energy,   Carbon  footprint   Innova8on  and  clean  models   @dinisguarda
  15. 15. The global present tech landscape Energy  industry  digitalisa8on  blockchain  process   Clean  green  energy  solu8ons  and  needs   @dinisguarda
  16. 16. IOT      AI   The global present social economic tech landscape Energy  –  oil  and  gas   @dinisguarda
  17. 17. Digital transformation in oil and gas with Blockchain / IOT @dinisguarda
  18. 18. Blockchain foundational technology in oil and gas Processing  transac8ons  in  automated,  real-­‐8me  fashion  based  on  parameters  agreed  to  by  peers  opera8ng  one  or   more  nodes  in  an  energy  blockchain  could  unlock  massive  savings  by  elimina8ng  the  8me  and  money  being  spent  to   produce,  transport,  trade,  process,  reconcile  and  store  transac8ons  within  organiza8ons,  between  organiza8ons  as   counterpar8es  to  a  transac8on  or  by  channeling  them  through  centralized  exchanges  and  clearinghouses.   BTL  Group  published  its  first  white  paper  online     @dinisguarda
  19. 19. Blockchain foundational technology in oil and gas “Blockchain’s  immutable  record  and  consensus  mechanism  work  to  avert  this  type  of  threat.   If  vigilance  fails  when  a  compromised  invoice  arrives,  and  a  transac8on  is  ini8ated,  it  would   be  flagged  as  invalid  as  soon  as  it  was  broadcast  to  the  network”   hWp://microgridmedia.com/mul8ple-­‐billion-­‐dollar-­‐rewards-­‐blockchain-­‐energy-­‐networks-­‐can-­‐live-­‐hype/     BTL  Group  published  its  first  white  paper  online     @dinisguarda
  20. 20. Blockchain foundational technology in oil and gas Source  EY   @dinisguarda
  21. 21. Context – Trends and scenarios Graphic Frank Diana @dinisguarda
  22. 22. Energy  –  oil  and  gas   @dinisguarda
  23. 23. So  digital  strategy  /  digital  transforma8on  evolving  with   distributed  ledger  is  not  be  a  ques8on  but  is  becoming  the  norm!       The  focus  is  how  new  evolving  business  Digital  models  powered   by  blockchain,  AI  and  IoT  will  be  not  only  transforma8ve  but  also   master  tools  and  create  new  PlaIorm  as  a  Service  solu8ons  for   Oil  and  gas  at  large  industry,  organisa8ons,  data  and  people.     Digital Matters and needs New Platforms @dinisguarda
  24. 24. Blockchain is a massive digital excel database of all things digital identity that can leverage the physical to digital needs of the oil and gas energy Images  Source:  hWps://www.accenture.com/gb-­‐en/insight-­‐digital-­‐oil-­‐and-­‐gas   @dinisguarda
  25. 25. Blockchain new norm - ecosystem Blockchain   P2P  founda*onal  tech  based  in  Smart  contracts,    plaXorm(s),  distributed  database(s)   Oil  and  gas  -­‐  energy   @dinisguarda
  26. 26. Context – Oil and Gas Blockchain advantages @dinisguarda Source  McKinsey  &  Company  and  Intelligenthq     hWps://www.intelligenthq.com/innova8on-­‐management/how-­‐to-­‐deploy-­‐a-­‐blockchain-­‐project/  
  27. 27. Blockchain anticipated benefits @dinisguarda Source  The  benefits  and  use  cases  for  blockchain  technology  in  banking     hWp://www.consultancy.uk/news/12801/the-­‐benefits-­‐and-­‐use-­‐cases-­‐for-­‐blockchain-­‐technology-­‐in-­‐banking  
  28. 28. Blockchain Ondiflo case study in perspective @dinisguarda
  29. 29. ODMC coin to invest in oil and gas one case study Links  hWps://odmcoin.com/   hWps://odmcoin.com/welcome/news/4   @dinisguarda
  30. 30. oil and gas one blockchain case studies @dinisguarda
  31. 31. blockchain and the emergence of a new crypto economy @dinisguarda Financial  Ins*tu*ons  Should  adopt  digital  currencies  in  5  years,  Says  IMD  MD.     In  its  early  2016  staff  paper,  IMF  considers  distributed  ledgers  to  have  the  capability  to   revolu8onize  the  financial  sector  through  cost  reduc8on  and  deeper  financial  inclusion  in  the  long   term.  Chris8ne  Lagarde  cited  its  support  for  the  financial  applica8ons  of  Blockchain  technology  and   crypto  currencies  .   “Crypto  currencies  Should  Not  Be  Ignored  by  Governments”   Chris*ne  Lagarde  
  32. 32. New Investment models VC, ICOs, Crowdfunding ICO  money  passed  VC  investments  in  2017  and  the  energy   industry  world  will  not  be  different   @dinisguarda
  33. 33. ICOs DNA “The  killer  app  for  the  blockchain  is  not  tokens,  but  it  is  how  to   design  private  economies.  Tokens  are  just  enablers  to  that.”     William    Mougayar     “With  public  money  comes  greater  responsibility.  Doing  a  public   crowdfunding  campaign  is  a  two-­‐way  street.  It’s  almost  like  being  a   public  company  from  Day  One.  It’s  not  easy  being  in  the  public  eye.   If  you  can’t  deliver  the  transparency,  don’t  take  that  path.  And  if  we   don’t  self-­‐govern  to  higher  standards,  the  regulators  will  come  and   put  a  damper  on  this  journey.”  William    Mougayar   William  Mougayar   @dinisguarda
  34. 34. An  unregulated  means  by  which  funds  are  raised  for  a  new  cryptocurrency   venture.  An  Ini8al  Coin  Offering  (ICO)  is  used  by  startups  to  bypass  the  rigorous   and  regulated  capital-­‐raising  process  required  by  venture  capitalists  or  banks.  In   an  ICO  campaign,  a  percentage  of  the  cryptocurrency  is  sold  to  early  backers  of   the  project  in  exchange  for  legal  tender  or  other  cryptocurrencies,  but  usually  for   Bitcoin.     Ini8al  Coin  Offering  (ICO)  Defini8on  |  Investopedia  hWp:// www.investopedia.com/terms/i/ini8al-­‐coin-­‐offering-­‐ico.asp#ixzz4pprQMdpR       ICOs and regulation @dinisguarda
  35. 35. ICOs business model and what road map(s)? Powered  by  360  AI  distributed  ledger  and  smart  contract  tech!   Plus  a  right  regulatory  frame  and  solid  business  model  
  36. 36. How to build an ICOs – Context Energy industry @dinisguarda
  37. 37. AI = Humans, Creators, Shareholders - Systems Energy  –  oil  and  gas  fundamental  cri8cal  founda8on   @dinisguarda
  38. 38. A  second  wave  of  business  and  digital  technologies  looks  set  to  reshape  it,  propelled  by  a   series  of  macroeconomic,  industry  and  technology  trends:   –  Disrup8on  in  supply,  demand  and  commodity  prices.  The  industry  is  witnessing  one  of  its   worst  downturns,  driven  by  a  supply-­‐side  disrup8on.     –  Rapid  advances  in  technology.  The  growing  sophis8ca8on  of  plaIorms,  as  well  as  mobility,   surveillance,  connec8vity  and  storage  technologies,  coupled  with  the  ability  to  process  and   analyse  data  rapidly,  enhance  agility  and  support  real-­‐8me  decision  making  and  execu8on.   –  Changing  consumer  needs  and  expecta8ons.   Across  industries,  consumers  expect  increased  engagement,  personaliza8on  and  speed.   They  are  also  paying  more  aWen8on  to  environmental  issues,  which  influences  their  energy   choices;  seeking  transparency  from  companies  in  different  areas  (e.g.  emissions  or   hydrocarbon  sources);  and  growing  in  technical  sophis8ca8on  by  being  connected  to   mul8ple  technology  and  digital  plaIorms.   Source  World  Economic  Forum  hWp://reports.weforum.org/digital-­‐transforma8on/wp-­‐content/blogs.dir/94/mp/files/pages/files/d8-­‐oil-­‐ and-­‐gas-­‐industry-­‐white-­‐paper.pdf   “Blockchain  technology  and  smart  contrac8ng  will  not  only  disrupt  the  financial  sector,  but  will  also  automate   transac8ons  and  deliver  more  transparency  in  the  Oil  and  Gas  global  value  chain.  As  these  innova8ons  allow  for   direct  transac8ons  between  par8es  in  the  value  chain,  they  will  be  an  enabler  to  lower  the  costs  for  all  par8es."   Eelco  Hoekstra,  Chairman  of  the  Execu8ve  Board  and  Chief  Execu8ve  Officer,  Royal  Vopak   @dinisguarda
  39. 39. Map  the  business  landscape,  sector,  create  blockchain  Data   driven  AI  digital  iden8ty  B2B2C  plaIorm  offering  auditability   searchable  directory  profiling  and  connec8ng  internal  teams,   organisa8ons  resources  &  opportuni8es   Provide  a  clear  KPIs  with  digital  message  /  smart  contracts  and   trust  IP  for  organisa8on  and  a  clear  internal  hub  of  solu8ons   for  industry  using  research,  data,  analy8cs,  social  feedback  &   simple  tools  for  visual  analysis   Target  your  solu8ons  using  distributed  ledger  PAAS  for  oil  and   gas  audiences,  communi8es  and  build  a  P2P  B2B  community   with  provenance,  task  automa8on  and  collabora8on  to   improve  and  corroborate  efforts  in  ROI  and  ROA   Key elements for new blockchain digital PAAS @dinisguarda
  40. 40. 1.  What does a company aims to achieve and how to do it with blockchain, what message, content, digital and social media? 2. What is the main business focus? Goals variation between ROI - Return on investment - and ROA Return on Attention. The blurring of digital and physic on energy industry? 3. How much of this strategy has to be done with tech, Sales versus other business / marketing / social media impact / community building areas? 4. How much a company wants to engage its audience B2B2C in the platform, with concrete solutions, smart contracts? define Percentage? 5. What audience(s) to prioritise – is the company able to create and maintain a community of clients “investors in a token” PAAS? Considerations synthesis - Top 10! @dinisguarda
  41. 41. 6. What are the goals with the tech and platform, social media / PR: outreach solutions? How to leverage clean energy, carbon footprint and other green revolutions? 7. How much and how do you want to create, build and maintain a platform and a B2B2C community? 8. What are the exact resources to make available – business logic, segments long tail of industry, right tech to offer, message, internal / external / partners, resource? 9. What budget required for digital transformation in the energy and scale of adoption? (this needs to be very clear – engineers, software, sales, PR…? what money amounts for this? based in goals). What time frame? 10. What is the ultimate problem the industry want to solve? Articulate this simple and efficiently with an increasing climate change geopolitic divided world. Considerations synthesis - Top 10! @dinisguarda
  42. 42. Digital proof of identity – smart contract Identify Distributed database transparent and scalable Provenance Supply chain Capacity to identify and organise quality data and sources AI - Deep learning Use AI to create trust, process, automate and accelerate process Digital trust - credibility Can access right trust information and profiles Distributed database Technological capacity to scale and manage different databases and index Brand, content, social influence, SEO Augment organisations brand outreach and visibility, search Big data analytics - APIs Can improve data and performance while having access to general analytics Holistic overview of digital transformation / blockchain tech @dinisguarda
  43. 43. it  is  difficult  to  imagine  the   world  in  5/10    years,  (and   the  energy  and  oil  and  gas   energy)  and  although  the   previous  industrial  eras   were  impacIul,  disrup8ve  it   will  not  compare  to  what   lies  ahead.       The  danger  of  vastly  under-­‐ es8ma8ng  the  sheer   velocity  of  change  is  real.   For  example,  in  just  three   months,  the  projec8on  for   the  number  of  autonomous   vehicles  sold  in  2035  went   from  100  million  to  1.5   billion.   Scenarios – Digital Evolution – Singularity Tech @dinisguarda
  44. 44. 1.  Code is changing the world, aka Software is eating the world: code - digital identity are the commodity! The physical and digital are blurring this will change all the oil and gas very offline industry as a whole. This is happening for the Oil and Gas just slower. 2.  Value has shifted to asset-light evolving platforms as a service driven by data pattern powered blockchain, IOT, AI tech! IOT is critical for the energy industry and associated with blockchain can disrupt and innovate the entire industry. 3.  Vertical is the new horizontal – digital identity blockchain, IOT data identity based products, services and profiles; 4.  Business is about data ecosystems, decentralised, distributed databases & alliances. 5.  Business models need to focus shift from meaningful internal offline evangelisation to external P2P interactions and PAAS! 6.  Key to go from Rule-based to P2P Pattern Recognition finding solutions for an increasingly PAAS P2P distributed communities and digital world! The energy industry will need this more than ever! Summary 6 Notes @dinisguarda
  45. 45. The  Oil  and  Gas  industry  has  been  slowly  to  adopt  digital  transforma8on  but  as   the  global  economy  transforms  itself  has  to  move  faster.  Blockchain,  with  IOT   and  AI  can  solve  a  lot  of  issues  this  industry  presently  have.     Digital  transforma8on,  digital  strategy  isn’t  only  about  tools  and  technology  but   finding  solu8ons  to  global  problems  fast  and  furiously  and  in  a  scalable  way.       Elon  Musk  has  proved  that  it  is  possible  to  disrupt  the  most  centralised  of  the   industries  with  innova8on  and  advanced  digital  models.     The  Oil  and  Gas  -­‐  Energy  industries  are  the  ones  that  will  be  more  disrupted  by   the  new  wave  of  digital  transforma*ons  and  special  blockchain,  IOT  AI.     This  is  a  big  opportunity  to  build  a  leading  oil  and  gas  powered  by  blockchain   PAAS  offering  specific  scalable  smart  contracts  and  distributed  ledgers   solu*ons  for  the  industry  and  its  players  that  can  scale  and  create  economy  of   scale  and  improve  sustainability  and  other  360  areas.   Conclusion @dinisguarda
  46. 46. thank you Dinis Guarda – Author, Blockchain, Digital, Crypto ICO Evangelist Founder CEO: Ztudium, IntelligentHQ, tradersdna, HedgeThink, Blockchainage info@ztudium.com BLOCKCHAINAGE