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  1. Capturing the Global Chinese Consumer: Using Physical Retail to Your Advantage
  2. Who is Chatly? CHATLY WeChat Work MiniprogramsOfficial Accounts Global Systems (i.e. Salesforce) • Advanced Data Integration • Intelligent Customer Segmentation • Leader in WeChat SaaS TECHNICAL EDGE • Preferred Development Partner • Preferred Integration Partner • Preferred Mini Program Partner TENCENT RELATIONSHIP • Agile Delivery • Salesforce Preferred Partner • Offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, New York, Chennai GLOBALLY DISTRIBUTED TEAMS • SCRM platform designed to support omnichannel engagement and advanced WeChat personalization. • Fully integrated with Salesforce for ease of communication and customer engagement. • Out-of-the-box solutions for Mini Programs, Official Accounts and WeChat Work.
  3. Who am I? 8+ years in China working in PR, social media, entertainment, and live streaming Head of Marketing at Chatly Co-Author of Amazon bestselling book Digital China: Working with Bloggers, Influencers, and KOLs Contributor to Forbes and Jing Daily Host of the China Influencer Marketing Podcast
  4. Growth of Physical Retail
  5. WeChat is the bridge between the two. In 2019, China’ online retail sales expected to reach $1.5 trillion. Since 2017 Chinese shoppers are making a shift back to physical stores.
  6. Chinese Consumers Want Both Online and Offline Touchpoints SOURCE: iConsumer 2016 and 2017; McKinsey China Digital Consumer Trends 2019; Winshang % of digital apparel consumers who shopped in a physical channel in the past 3 months1 83% 88% 80% 82% 84% 86% 88% 90% 2017 2019 Led by young consumers (<35 years old) in tier 1-2 cities Omni-channel influence on purchasing decisionsPercentage of apparel shoppers who engage with both online and offline touchpoints Online Only Online + Offline Offline Only No evaluation Shopped online at least once during the last 3 months Did not shop online during the last 3 months purchase channel 12% 69% 8% 12% 61% 39% Evaluation Channel Purchase channel Consumer decision journeys Purely online Touch-and-feel offline, purchase online Truly omni-channel Evaluate online, purchase offline Purely offline 8% 4% 49% 32% 7% 85% Source: McKinsey China Digital Consumer Trends 2019
  7. Connecting Physical and Digital Omni-channel presence in the "showroom effect" Shoppers who conduct mobile research in a physical store Percent of online apparel shoppers 31% 63% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 2017 2019 Impact on final purchasing decisions Percent of online apparel shoppers who research online in physical stores Impact Purchasing decisions Sales maintained within brand 81% Potential sales leakage to other brands 19% 3 16 28 17 55 Buy in this store Buy from another store Buy online Buy another brand Buy a different product Top 5 reasons for conducting in-store mobile research Learn more about product details Check price Check comments Check popularity (sales volume) Check for more convenient purchase method Source: McKinsey China Digital Consumer Trends 2019
  8. The WeChat Ecosystem
  9. 1.1B Active Users ¥ 50B Transaction Scale 3M, 300M Active Users WeChat Pay MomentsOfficial Account Mini Program WeChat
  10. Comparison of Features
  11. China’s New Digital Ecosystem Email, SMS, Push Notifications Your APP Chat, content, notifications Mini Programs As a Brand in China, WeChat is your core customer engagement hub Your Website, Ecommerce and Promotion Official Account H5 Mini-sites Moments Ads Instagram/Facebook ads
  12. O2O Connection
  13. New Customer Journey Visit brand website Visit brand's China store Visit brand’s global store
  14. Travel Retail 3DEEP LINK TO MINI PROGRAM 1QR CODE 2SCANS QR 6RETARGETING 7USE COUPON 8PICK UP & GO 4 PAYMENT WITH WECHAT PAY 5PICK UP & GO THANK YOU Kim sees the QR code for your brand on digital signage at JFK Kim scans the QR code and becomes a follower She gets a thank you message on the Official Account and a link to the local Travel Retailer mini program Kim shops for cosmetics from the Mini Program and completes payment with WeChat Pay Kim picks up the products from the store pick up counter without having to wait in line During the trip, Kim gets a new offer valid for that week on her WeChat OA. Kim uses the coupon to buy gifts for her family from the Travel Retailer mini program Kim visits the Travel Retail counter at the airport on her way back to Shanghai and picks up the gifts
  15. Offline Transactions Influence Online Content Customer makes a purchase at an offline store Transaction is bound to their WeChat ID Product Category Total Purchase Amounts Amount of Purchases Age of Customer Store Location Travel Retail? Customer is segmented based on these attributes Thank you message is sent to the follower after purchase. (Personalized based on the transaction) +24 Hours Product Recommendation post is sent based on new customer attributes
  16. Offline events 3 REGISTER 1 SUBSCRIBERS 2 QR CODE 6TRACKING 5ENGAGEMENT Filter subscribers by location, engagement metrics, etc. to find ideal target audience for event. Send personalized invitations with a unique single use QR code. Customers scans the QR code to RSVP Follower engagement tracked. Data can be used for future re-targeting Using the information tracked at the event, the brand can invite engaged event attendees back for future visits, and to personal in-store appointments. 4 COUPON After registration, the customer is sent a single use coupon code for redemption at the pop up shop. PRE-EVENT DURING THE EVENT PROMOTING FUTURE ENGAGEMENT
  17. Thank You Website: Lauren Hallanan Email: WeChat ID: H1212118514 Scan QR code and follow the account to get a copy of my presentation