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Amazon Strategies January 2019 | 23andme

Presented by Amanda Stone

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Amazon Strategies January 2019 | 23andme

  1. 1. AMAZON STRATEGIES New York City | Wednesday, January 29th 2020 DIGIDAY, GLOSSY, and ModernRetail Amanda Stone Senior Manager, Amazon Partnership | 23andMe
  2. 2. Build trusted relationships with the right audiences Global Prime members2 100M+ US monthly unique visitors1 202M of individual shopper journeys & behaviors used as a foundation Billions Amazon Confidential | Sources: 1. ComScore, June 2018; 2. Amazon 2017 shareholder letter; 3. Harris Poll reputation quotient poll
  3. 3. Of Amazon customers use Amazon to discover new products or brands. Source: CPC Strategy and Survata, "The 2018 Amazon Shopper Behavior Study" - US, Feb. 2018 80% The opportunity New brands are being discovered on Amazon every day.
  4. 4. Customer Reviews Shopping E-Commerce Smartphone / Mobile Streaming Audio Social Sharing / Advocacy Streaming Video Studios / Video Voice Services / Echo Customers come to Amazon for more than just shopping More than 300 million active customer accounts worldwide
  5. 5. Customers interact with Amazon in a wide variety of ways
  6. 6. Strategic Brand Alignment
  7. 7. Amazon’s tenant of Selection is an important SEO and brand shopping driver. While your brand experience should be cohesive across all customer touchpoints, the right Amazon focus and assortment may differ from your other retail partners. Fully exhaust all of Amazon’s free merchandising such as twisters and newer model widgets. Closely manage any paid support after this. Key Takeaways
  8. 8. Sellers are critical to Amazon. If you’re in a desired category or region, identify a strategic account manager to align on mutual goals that work for you. Leverage Amazon’s logistics network in order to go beyond your own physical brand reach without the upfront investment. Create best in class content, identify best practices, and be prepared to optimize regularly. Key Takeaways
  9. 9. 3Copyright © 2019 23andMe, Inc. Our mission is to help people access, understand and benefit from the human genome.
  10. 10. Company highlights 5 FDA authorized direct-to-consumer genetic health risk reports Only company with 130 published research papers + survey questions answered 2B+ Best Places to Work 2019 Glassdoor kits sold 10M consumers participate in research 80%~
  11. 11. Amazon Live : ~1:43:40 Home Holiday Gift Guide
  12. 12. Approach marquee days creatively. Stretch your dollars and avoiding head-to-head overspending. Foster relationships with multiple Amazon teams directly for enhanced opportunities. Be a good partner. Key Takeaways
  13. 13. • Amazon’s platform allows for complete control and ownership of your daily business and brand identity • Ask: Have I maximized all of the free and basic tools available to me in order to feed the flywheel? • Amazon’s testing of many verticals keeps them looking for strategic brand partners • Ask: Is Amazon innovating somewhere I am an expert and/or can benefit from? • Amazon’s diversity is your opportunity • Ask: What are my goals and where am I empowered by this platform for realize them? AMANDA STONE | (310) 291 – 3111 acstone418@gmail.com | linkedin.com/in/amandacstone