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Diana vela

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Diana vela

  1. 1. Graffiti art has been around for million of years. Romans wrote on the walls of building and cave man drew illustration on cave walls. Although graffiti hasbeen in the united states for quiet that long. Graffitiart became big in New York and spread through other states. Graffiti first stared of with tagging, taggingon build bores, the young people got interested in it and it got into graffiti art. Also graffiti stared it off in subways and became competitive.
  2. 2. Graffiti is artArt is graffitiGraffiti is a way people express there emotionsGraffiti is known in many waysTattoos are art graffiti to
  3. 3.  Does street art show encourage graffiti? LA sees rise in tagging in museum district—will the same happen in Brooklyn? LA street artist Smear (aka Cristian Gheorghiu) was arrested shortly before the LA Moca show opened LOS ANGELES. Few would argue that “Art in the Streets”, the current exhibition at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art (LA Moca, until 8 August), has been a failure. The show is on track to break the museum’s attendance records with 22,000 visitors in the opening week, according to arts news website Arrested Motion, and it seems to have attracted a new audience to the museum. None-theless, the exhibition has also created controversy: an apparent increase in vandalism in the local area has led to a police crackdown. With the show scheduled to move to the Brooklyn Museum in March 2012, some are concerned that similar issues will arise on the East Coast.
  4. 4.  Diana Vela( that’s me) Christina Cardenas Jennifer Arellano