medicinal plants dewls diversity arunchal pradesh adi community biological forum-an international journal parasites gcs root-knot nematodes line transect method primates urbanization behavioral ecology man-monkey conflicts movement ecology international journal of theoretical & applied sci 7(2): 33-41(2015) enhancing thermal performance of a solar air heate nirpakash uppal** and harsimran singh*** invitation for publishing quality research papers issn no. (online): 2454-7921)” “bio bulletin (issn no. (print): 2454-7913 menacanthus cornutus abstract: amblyceran as well as ischnoceran lice s dimensions chewing lice menacanthus cornutus infesting domestic fowl. all densely beset abdominal chaetotaxy and anal fringe gallus gallus domesticus colour and sclerotisation of different body parts. less number of abdominal chaetotaxy and difference length and arrangement on particular body regions oxidations with h5io6 of free oxidizable groups (-choh -cho or =co). since periodic acid can easily be es or hio4.2h2o are very useful in analytical chemist abstract: periodate oxidation reaction is used in non-cellulosic polysaccharides oxidizable groups in pairs ceiba pentandra and morus nigra. dominance. conservation diversity index 2 species viz rosaceae developing cultivation technologies and nurseries ex-situ conservation through tissue culture distribution pattern dioscorea deltoidea and podophyllum hexandrum fall himachal pradesh during 2011. total number of plan abstract: a study was carried out to know the flor polygonaceae and lamiaceae. the number of trees sp abstract: in the review which are helpful to further development of pharma supporting older claims and offering new hopes. th we have discuss the current research done on the m describes the detail information about the major c unpleasant side effects and contraindications in c gazella bennettii (sykes 1758) and indian gazelle or chinkara antelope cervicapra (linnaeus 1831) by dorsal guard hairs m. kamalakannan and ga tricho-taxonomic studies for identification of two reviews some of periodic patriarch astronomical co mohammad mortezai* and javad neiestani** western ghats new record coimbatore lindernia dubia india. micropropagation of karanj (pongamia pinnata pierr ugc-net life science ems mes mms mms (methyl methane sulphonate) and mes (methyl e ems (ethyl methane sulphonate) inorganic macronutrients trigonella plants research trend floral biodiversity genetics biodiversity
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