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Design In DC - Company Deck 2019

  1. A digital agency for brands that want more. WEB DESIGN PHOTOGRAPHY VIDEOGRAPHY DIGITAL MARKETING
  2. About us As an agency, we take pride in our strong work ethic. We’re focused, which means you’ll be working with us, the founders, and not pawned off to a junior creative team. We’re creative and driven – the work we build for you becomes a part of our portfolio, therefore we painstakingly check and recheck every deliverable. Design in DC is a boutique design innovation lab. We started like most small companies do, with a vision: a communications company that grows business’ brands using an array of mediums, techniques, and technologies.
  3. How we work Creative design Results oriented At Design in DC we believe in Design Thinking. It is our business model to the core. We start with a question and look for solutions. Our expertise comes from years of working with various clients across multiple industries and solving their communication needs. Results Matter. They’re the difference between growing your business and staying stagnant in a competitive marketplace. We work with you to determine the best strategy for getting your brand message communicated to the right audience. Metrics driven Everyone wants to increase traffic to their website, but what is the value of traffic if your visitors don’t take action? Our SEO/ SEM strategies rely on our metrics to track conversions so we can continually optimize our marketing efforts to further increase sign-ups / call to actions. Higher conversion rates increase your company’s bottom line.
  4. Our Mission To disrupt Washington DC’s creative model and bring a fresh approach to human- centered design and content that best highlights our clients’ offerings.
  5. Our Vision To become our nation’s premiere innovation lab. We want to be the catalyst that helps change the perception of Washington DC, from a stuffy suits town to a place where creatives come to play. Compelling stories Creative design process Solutions that convert Reliable support We offer all types of services, from video, animation, content strategy and web design, to search engine optimization and social media sharing. We know you need to get your message out there, and we’re here to help. Our creative process starts with asking the right questions – over plenty of coffee. Next, we move to the conceptual / ideation phase that eventually leads to a gap analysis where features are designed and implemented. We get it... Your site needs to perform in order for your company to grow and drive results. Technical issues? Call us, we’ll figure it out together. 3.2.1. Launch... But before there is success, we painstakingly commit ourselves to a site audit to determine what’s working and what’s not. From there, we devise a plan to increase traffic and conversions.
  6. Our Process It starts with “What if?” And becomes, “Wouldn’t it be cool if?” Then it turns into, “Now that’s cool!” Ideas are ideas. They take shape in many forms and mediums. You want a new website that increases your presence online and brings in new talent and retains existing clients. We get that. So our process begins with, “What if we started with a really stylized website that attracts...” Discover The beginning of any project begins with an inquisitive mind and lots of research. Launch Layouts, comps, and revisions are part of our process. Once an agreed upon date to the launch is met, it will be time to celebrate. Content Content is curated with the project in mind. Video, animation, chat bots... Design Layouts, photography, schemes, color theory, it’s all part of the process Development Ones and zeros and lots of coding. From HTML to JS: it’s all in there
  7. Projects
  8. IT Concepts, Inc. Web Design, Illustration, Animation, Photography IT Concepts Inc. came to us looking to rebrand their company image in a competitive IT market. Design in DC implemented a complete multi-service-strategy including custom web design, content generation, animated illustrations, CMS integration, and Corporate photography.
  9. Franchise Cannabis Web Design, Investors Portal, Dynamic Map Design Franchise Cannabis, a global, fully integrated, seed-to-sale medical cannabis company, came to Design in DC looking to brand their newly founded company. Leading up to the firms' roadshow and IPO, we delivered the complete web experience from content architecture, visual design, page layouts, and style guide, to back-end development and implementation.
  10. PRISM Web-Design, Logo Redesign, Corporate Recruitment Portal (Bullhorn API) Prism wanted to enhance their online presentation of IT solutions and their display of job postings. Design In DC revamped their website to a modern design integrated with Bullhorn’s API to create a custom Staffing Portal. PRISM’s new hires can now browse through the portal to view all available job openings, filter locations, and apply directly through LinkedIn.
  11. DC Camera Web Design, eCommerce, Custom Shopping Cart (Gear- List) DC camera wanted to enhance their online presence to increase their equipment rental reservations. Through our consultation process, we decided to implement an eCommerce solution with an online gear list reservation platform. This platform vastly improved DC-Camera’s image and now serves as an integral part of their day-to-day business process.
  12. Wingo's Web Design, Intro Illustration Animation, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Graphic Design (Menu) Wingo’s, a DC Restaurant favorite with over 20 years of service had plans to expand to multiple new locations. They came to us to manage their online presence in an increasingly competitive market. We built a custom website with online ordering, logo animations, and a new catering menu. After a successful launch, Wingo's partnered with Design In DC to carry out their Digital Marketing Strategy focused around local SEO, Social Media, and Email campaigns.
  13. Mazique Web Design, Calendar Integration (Google Calendar), Student Enrollment Acquisition, Hero Video The Edward C. Mazique Parent Child Center, Inc. provides services for low-income children and families. They were seeking to increase student enrollment and to improve school to parent communication. We added live calendar integration to display upcoming school events with reminder notifications. In addition, Design in DC migrated the paper-driven enrollment process to a digital platform for faster lead acquisition.
  14. Amr El-Bayoumi Web Design, CMS A full service, Emmy-winning video production agency founded in 1994, Ventana Productions was looking to revamp their company website. We implemented a modern design highlighting their 20+ years of film and television work, creating an interactive experience that better showcases their diverse portfolio.
  15. Ventana Productions Web Design, CMS DESIGN in DC is responsible for the complete experience. From content architecture, visual design, page layouts and style guide to back-end development and implementation.
  16. Berkeley Dental Web Design, Appointment Acquisition, Local Seo Berkeley Dental Dental is a full-service family and cosmetic dental clinic located in the heart of Toronto. Design in DC launched a new website revamp complete with online appointment bookings. Post-launch, we implemented a local SEO strategy to boost their google page rankings, increase organic traffic, and convert more web visitors to new patients.
  17. Photography With over 10 years of photography experience in Washington DC, our team knows how to capture your best moments in the way you want them to be seen. Wether its concert photography, corporate headshots, high fashion photography or product photography, we know how to make you stand out. Corporate Headshots Event Photography Product Photography Touchups Studio Sessions Social Media Photography
  18. Videography Bring your images to life with premium videography services Let our videography team bring your brand to life through our full array of production and post-production services Promo Videos Commercials Website Hero Videos Event Coverage Animation Post-Production Corporate Branding Social Media Videos
  19. Core Members Ziad Nadine Robert Joseph Founder Customer Relations Lead Creative Business Sales Consultant Amber Carole Social Media Manager Business Development We’re a team of nimble, highly skilled individuals with diverse creative backgrounds. We’re visionaries of tomorrow and excited about today’s challenges. We’re big believers in working side by side with our clients. Our clients are our partners, and we ask the right questions to deliver the optimal interactive solution.
  20. Our Strengths Partners in crime We’re nimble and we’re efficient. We’re small enough that we’re comfortable giving you our cell numbers because we realize your success is our success. Experts in the field of dreams We come from an array of creative backgrounds, working for both large clients to small mom-and-pop-based brick and mortar shops. Regardless of the size and scope of any project, our focus is consistent: deliver a UX design that keeps our clients relevant and profitable. Attention in the details We styled this document to drive the user’s eye to the content. Our methodology and design comes from both formal and informal education. We’re experts in what we do and every element counts.
  21. Commitment to Diversity DesignInDC has an unwavering commitment to diversity. Unlike other agencies, our commitment is not rhetoric but rather a central component that makes up the essence of our company. Working with a diverse team, as it relates to age, gender, and ethnicity, has played a key role in our firm's success. As a creative agency, we believe not only in diversity as it relates to race, but diversity in thought. This is why we prioritize hiring talent from various backgrounds, ages, and genders, as it fosters different viewpoints and cultivates creative synergy.
  22. Thank you! Design In Dc 1101 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 450 #94 Washington, DC 20036 202-991-7488 Design in DC Headquarters