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Todd Muirhead (@virtualTodd) - VMware vSA

VMware vSA presentation at Dell TechCenter User Group IO (DTCUG-IO) Event at VMworld 2011

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Todd Muirhead (@virtualTodd) - VMware vSA

  1. 1. VMware vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA):Tech Talk and Discussion<br />Todd Muirhead, Staff Engineer, Performance Team<br />
  2. 2. Tech Talk on VSA - Intro<br />Who am I?<br />Todd Muirhead – VMware, Staff Engineer, Outbound Performance<br />Exchange, SQL, Oracle, SAP, VSA, Whitepapers<br />VMware VROOM! blog <br />@virtualTodd<br />I was one of the @DellServerGeeks originally<br />Original member of DellTechCenter<br />Presented Super Session at Vmworld 2007 with Kong – Virtualizing Exchange<br />Co-Creator and Maintainer of open source DVD Store benchmark<br />
  3. 3. vSphere Storage Appliance — Shared Storage for Everyone<br />What is VSA?<br />Customer Benefits<br />VMware vSphereStorage Appliance (VSA)<br /><ul><li>Install in minutes
  4. 4. Easy to use
  5. 5. Saves money </li></ul>Five click simplicity<br />1<br />High Availability without the need for shared storage hardware<br /><ul><li>Survive server failures
  6. 6. No more planned downtime </li></ul>2<br />World-class datacenter capabilities – even for small environments <br /><ul><li>Set and forget automation
  7. 7. Get more out of your hardware </li></ul>Revolutionary software that delivers shared storage capabilities without the cost and complexity<br />3<br />
  8. 8. vSphere Storage Appliance – How does it work?<br />VSA runs as a virtual machine on vSphere, in multiple hosts<br />1<br />VMware vSphere Storage Appliance provides virtual shared storage volumes without the hardware.<br />Enabling key features: <br />High Availability<br />vMotion<br />Fault Tolerance<br />Distributed Resource Scheduler<br />Storage vMotion<br />2<br />Uses server internal hard disk – no additional hardware required<br />Clusters storage across server nodes<br />3<br />
  9. 9. vSphere Storage Appliance 1.0:Details<br /><ul><li>Compatibility with vSphere 5 only
  10. 10. Requires use of vCenter Server</li></ul>Compatibility<br /><ul><li>RAID 1 (mirroring) protection across nodes
  11. 11. RAID 1/0 protection within each node</li></ul>Storage Protection<br /><ul><li>If you choose to deploy shared storage HW down the road, use Storage vMotion to transition your data with no service disruption</li></ul>Going Beyond VMware VSA<br />
  12. 12. VSA Technical Overview <br />VSA is a cluster of 2 or 3 hosts that use local storage to create a “virtual SAN” <br />Simple Install / Simple Management<br />Everything done with a handful of clicks<br />Replication of data in VSA cluster is setup automatically and runs all the time<br />Each Host has an NFS export , managed as normal in vCenter<br />Hardware <br />Local Storage can be internal SATA or SAS<br />4 x Gigabit Ethernet per host is used by VSA<br />RAID 1/0 at Hardware level for data protection<br />Hardware Compatibility List <br />Combination of RAID 1/0 and replication <br />Very good high availability<br />Useable Capacity is ¼ of raw capacity<br />
  13. 13. VSA Manager vCenter Plug-In<br />
  14. 14. VSA NFS Datastores<br />VSA NFS Datastores<br />Appears just like any other NFS datastore<br />Can be used as NFS datastore to host VMs<br />
  15. 15. Key Factors for VSA Performance<br />Storage Performance Key Factors – The Usual Suspects<br />Number of Disks<br />Speed of Disks<br />SATA, SAS, 10K RPM, 15K RPM<br />RAID Type<br />Read / Write Ratio<br />VSA Specific Factors <br />Replicated Data on second host<br />All writes must be written on secondary host<br />Each write generated by VM, will result in 2 writes logically and 4 writes physically<br />RAID Controller<br />Cache size of local SCSI controller<br />
  16. 16. VSA Storage Performance Test: Results(2/3)<br />2<br />All 3<br />VM 1<br />VM 2<br />VM 3<br />2 VMs<br />
  17. 17. VSA Storage Performance Test: Results (3/3)<br />2<br />VM 3<br />2 VMs<br />VM 1<br />All 3<br />VM 2<br />Total Much Higher<br />All 3 Hosts Active<br />Primary<br />Replica<br />