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WBA (Wireless Broadband Access) Ruckus Wireless - FORENSE

Vejam as soluções da Ruckus para Wireless de alta capacidade, a FORENSE agrega os serviços de gerenciamento, instalação e monitoração de todo o parque.

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WBA (Wireless Broadband Access) Ruckus Wireless - FORENSE

  1. 1. High-SpeedRace forBroadbandBillionsRethinking WirelessBroadband AccessDeivid Toledodtoledo@forense.net.br(11) 96453-5716
  2. 2. 2What’s the Story?Carriers looking for share, explosionof data/devices driving demandVast majority ofpopulation has little orno broadband accessTechnology/business-model innovation makeslow-ARPU markets viableWireless can create realvalue for broadbandCoverage andcapacity quickly atthe lowest costper Mbps is nowthe gameNew technologyand businessmodel to solvethese problemsBroadband Explosion Driving New Models for Wireless AccessBroadbandLandgrab1Cellularis goodexample3EmergingMarkets2Conventionalapproachesnot enough4EnterRuckusWireless5
  3. 3. 3Today’s Carrier Wi-Fi ApplicationsRuckus Wireless Already a Recognized Leader in Carrier Wi-Fi Leader in IPTVand 3G Offloadmarkets Over 2 millioncarrier unitsshipped 100+ carriercustomersworldwideManagedEnterpriseServicesDigitalHome3GData/VideoOffloadWirelessBroadbandAccess
  4. 4. 4Wireless Broadband Access DefinedDelivering a reliable,indoor/outdoor,always-on,broadband servicethrough the useof wireless technology
  5. 5. 5Announcement Details1. New economic model for developingmarkets — 5X CAPEX reduction vs. WiMAX Install in months, not years Build-as-you-grow, deploy for coverage and capacity incrementally Spend millions, not billions Faster time to revenue and profit2. The only end-to-end Wi-Fi broadband accesssolution with Dynamic Beamforming Beamforming AP, wireless backhaul and CPE systems ensure reliable,far-reaching coverage with superior penetration Enhanced hybrid Smart Mesh software scales capacity on demand Unified remote management provides end-end visibility and control
  6. 6. 6The Target CustomersRuraloperatorsin maturemarketsNext genmanagedserviceprovidersLarge-scalesystemsintegratorsEstablishedand newbroadbandoperators inemergingmarkets
  7. 7. 72008 Fixed BroadbandSubscribers Per100 InhabitantsSource:Developed vs Emerging MarketsFixed Lines are Sparse in Many Developing MarketsSource:54%of worldwidegrowth inconsumerbroadbandconnectionswill come fromemergingmarkets Worldwide consumer broadbandconnections will expand by 176million during the next five years. Despite this robust increase inbroadband connections, the digitaldivide between emerging and maturemarkets not only remains, but widens.Source:
  8. 8. 8LOSSLOSSCAPEX/OPEXTIMEThe Cost of Today’s Broadband Options3-5yearsRevenue(subs x ARPU)5-10years• Huge CAPEX/OPEX &spectrum licenses• Huge deployment complexity• Predictable coverage• 100s to 1000s of native devices• Huge CAPEX/OPEX• Huge deployment complexity• Predictable coverage• Moderate CAPEX/OPEX• High deployment complexity• Best effort coverage• 10,000s of native devices6-12months
  9. 9. 9Smarter Wi-Fi Changes the Game Complete, managed, end-end solution Better range, performance and reliability Dynamic beamforming selects best performingpath, avoids interference in real time Add capacity as you grow Hybrid Smart Mesh allows APs to beadded without mesh “bandwidth tax” Faster time to revenue and profit Higher capacity AP for AP Dynamic beamforming antenna enablesmore efficient spatial reuse Lower cost per bit Fewer APs needed for a given areaand a given user densitySmartAntenna ArraysSmartCastQoSSmartMeshingSmartSecurity
  10. 10. 10Why Operators Want It…5-10 Mbps10-15 Mbps15-20 Mbps20-22 Mbps AP on upper floorSource: Ruckus CustomerTest Location: Commercial high risebuilding in CanadaRuckus 802.11g APUpperFloorLowerFloor 125ft125ft200 ft200 ftCisco 12x0 series AP125ftAP125ft200 ft200 ftMore Consistent Performance, Better Range
  11. 11. 11Economics Tailored to Emerging Markets Base station: $75K(Includes 3 sectors per base station at $25K/sector) Antennas (6): $6K per station Backhaul: $5K per station Site acq. & installation: $5K Base stations required: 5 Capacity per site: 120 Mbps TOTAL CAPEX: $485,000SOURCE: Ruckus estimates based on publicly available information AP: $2K Antennas (integrated): $0 Backhaul equipment: $300 per AP Site acq. & installation: $50 per AP APs required: 41 Capacity per site: 180 Mbps TOTAL CAPEX: $97,000Comparing CAPEX for Outfitting One Square Kilometer (Urban)
  12. 12. Building aNext GenWirelessBroadbandAccessNetwork
  13. 13. 13 System-wide management Provisioning Capacity planning SLA enforcement & reporting Client and network troubleshootingEssential ComponentsNOCCPEMANAGEMENTBACKHAULACCESSIP WAN High performance Interference resilient Reliable Cost effective High performance Excellent coverage Interference resilient Reliable Flexible/adaptive Meshable Installable anywhere Cost effective Low cost Good coverageand penetration
  14. 14. 14Before Ruckus WirelessNOCCPEBACKHAULACCESSIP WANOperators need to integrate many disparate, expensive productsNo unified management to plan, measure and troubleshoot end-endMANAGEMENT
  15. 15. 15Wireless Broadband Access With RuckusNOCCPEMANAGEMENTBACKHAULACCESSIP WANFlexMasterRemoteManagementZoneDirectorWLAN ControllerZoneFlex 7762802.11n Smart MeshZoneFlex 7731Point-to-point802.11n Smart backhaulMediaFlex 2200Bridge/RepeaterComplete, End-to-End Solution Managed as a Unified SystemZoneFlex 2741802.11G Smart Mesh
  16. 16. 16Details on Every DeviceEnd-to-End Visibility and Control One NOC Multiple cities Tens of Thousands of access points Hundreds of Thousands of clients
  17. 17. 17Details on Every DeviceEnd-to-End Visibility and Control One NOC Multiple cities Tens of Thousands of access points Hundreds of Thousands of clientsDetailed View of Mesh TopologyGraphical Network Topology ViewComplete Device ControlReal-Time View of Client Performance
  18. 18. 18Outdoor Resilience with BeamformingWANAdaptiveMeshBackboneConnectionsRFINTERFERENCE Dynamic signal path betweenmesh AP connections Wi-Fi signals follow clients Steers signals aroundRF obstacles Automatically rejectsRF interference Dynamic signal pathalso to every client
  19. 19. 19Finally a Complete Wi-Fi Solution1.Lowercost/bit/areaCustomerPremiseEquipmentMeshedUser AccessPoint-to-PointBackhaul2.Highperformance,long-rangeandreliablePurpose-built in-homeWi-Fi broadband gatewayHigh performance dual-band802.11a/g/n user access nodesLong-range, high-speed,802.11n backhaulEnd-to-end remotemanagement and controlSystem-wideRemoteManagement
  20. 20. 20Primary Technical Advantages1. 802.11n processing gains and signal gains from smartantenna arrays dramatically increase range/capacity2. Spatial re-use with smart antenna array means lessinterference, more capacity3. Purpose-built CPE improves reliability, increasescapacity4. Hybrid meshing increases capacity5. Dynamic beamforming for outdoor resilience
  21. 21. 21-30-25-20-15-10-505101520Introducing the ZoneFlex 7731802.11n 5GHz Outdoor Managed Point-to-Point Bridge14dBi gain30º beam width for simplepositioning and aimingFully managedby FlexMasterSimple, simple, simple…• Auto-provisioning and pairing• Easy aiming with LED-based guidanceDesigned for extreme outdoor conditions• IP-65 rated• -40ºC – 65ºC (-40ºF – 149ºF)12V DC or 802.3af power inputDual-polarizeddirectionalantenna
  22. 22. 22ZoneFlex 7731 Throughput802.11n 5GHz Outdoor Managed Point-to-Point Bridge1 kilometer: 180 Mbps5 kilometers: 100 Mbps12 kilometers: 60 Mbps
  23. 23. 23Point-to-Point Priced RightCisco Motorola Proxim Trango RuckusProductCisco1410 PTP-100 QB-8100 Trango Link-45 ZF77315GHz radio Yes Yes Yes Yes YesMIMO No No Yes No YesRuggedized NEMA4 NEMA4 IP67 NEMA4X IP65Temp -30 – 55°C -40 – 55°C -40 to 60°C -40 – 60°C -40 to 65°CDimensions(weight)12” x 12” x 4”(10 lbs)12” x 3” x 3”(1 lbs)Reflector: 18”x24”(15 lbs)16” x 16” x 8”(7 lbs)15” x 15” x 2”(6 lbs)11” x 7” x 5”(2 lbs)Link distance Up to 14 km3 km(56 km withreflector)Up to 70 km Up to 32 km 20 kmData rate 54 Mbps 28 Mbps 300 Mbps 54 Mbps 300 MbpsMSRP (per pair) $3,999 $3,995 $13,200 $3,995 $2,300Ruckus Delivers 802.11n Range, Reliability and Performance at Legacy Prices
  24. 24. 24Case Study: Tikona Next gen wireless broadbandservice provider forhome/enterprise in India Nation-wide wirelessbroadband network Began network build out inearly 2009 Over 5,000 Ruckus Wirelessmesh APs already deployedin production Hundreds of thousands ofhomes passed in dozensof citiesMeshAccessPoint3,000 homes passed with just 15 access points
  25. 25. 25Large-Scale DeploymentZoneFlex 7731Point-to-point802.11n backhaulFlexMasterRemote ManagementZoneDirectorWLAN ControllerMediaFlex 2211Bridge/RepeaterZoneFlex 2741802.11g Smart Mesh60 Mbps at13km/8mi150 Mbps at1.5km/1mi20 Mbps at300m/1000 ftBackhaulPOPNOC
  26. 26. 26Case Study:Status Next gen broadband operatorGoal Provide affordable, ubiquitous and reliableDSL-like wireless access throughout MalaysiaInvestment US $283M over next five yearsKey issues 1) Time to market2) Infrastructure CAPEX3) End-to-end system4) Unified managementServices Broadband wireless data access (1-2 Mbps)Subscribers 250K by end of 2010, 1M over next 3 yearsLocations 100 today, 2,000 nationwide by 2010Current APs 200+ today, 4,000 to be deployed by mid-2010Why Ruckus? Complete solution, quick and easy deployment,end-end management, low costSURFACE AREA329,740 sq. kmPOPULATION27M (2009)GNI PER CAPITAUS$4,960BROADBANDPENETRATIONLess than 5%BROADBANDCONNECTIONS2007: 1M2012: 2.4MMALAYSIA
  27. 27. 27End-End Wireless Broadband AccessFEATURE MF2200 ZF2741 ZF7762 ZF7731ZoneDirectorsFlexMasterDeployment In-Home Outdoor Outdoor OutdoorLocal orremote NOCRemoteNOCWi-Fi technology 802.11g 802.11g802.11n(2.4/5GHz)802.11n(5GHz)- -Type CPE Access Access BackhaulLocalmanagementSystemManagementDynamicBeamforming- -Vertical/horizontalantennapolarizationBoth Both Both Both - -Smart Meshing - - - -ManagementFlexMasteror SNMPFlexMasterZoneDirectorFlexMasterZoneDirectorFlexMasterZoneDirectorFlexMaster,HTTP/S,SNMPHTTPSXMLAvailability Now Now Now Now Now NowPrice (US $ MSRP) $159 $899 $1,999 $2,398/pr. Start at $1.2K $5k and up
  28. 28. 28Wireless Broadband Access (done right) Highly adaptive and robust Dynamic beamforming antenna systems Simple to deploy Self-optimizing dynamic beamforming APs Smart Mesh self-organizing topology Auto-provisioning with FlexMaster Scalable capacity Hybrid Smart Meshing High signal penetration Purpose-built home CPE Complete management FlexMaster scalable to manage tens of thousands of Ruckus systems Single point of management for all network components Unparalleled cost/value ratio Cost competitive end-to-end solution, both CAPEX and OPEX Dynamic beamforming enables fewer Ruckus APs for a given area and user density Build-as-you-go architecture

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Vejam as soluções da Ruckus para Wireless de alta capacidade, a FORENSE agrega os serviços de gerenciamento, instalação e monitoração de todo o parque.


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