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Deerfoot Church of Christ 1 13 2019

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Deerfoot Church of Christ 1 13 2019

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Deerfoot Church of Christ 1 13 2019

  1. 1. January 13, 2019 GreetersJanuary13,2019 IMPACTGROUP2 DEERFOOTDEERFOOTDEERFOOTDEERFOOT NOTESNOTESNOTESNOTES WELCOME TO THE DEERFOOT CONGREGATION We want to extend a warm wel- come to any guests that have come our way today. We hope that you enjoy our worship. If you have any thoughts or questions about any part of our services, feel free to contact the elders at: elders@deerfootcoc.com CHURCH INFORMATION 5348 Old Springville Road Pinson, AL 35126 205-833-1400 www.deerfootcoc.com office@deerfootcoc.com SERVICE TIMES Sundays: Worship 8:00 AM Bible Class 9:30 AM Worship 10:30 AM Worship 5:00 PM Wednesdays: 7:00 PM SHEPHERDS John Gallagher Rick Glass Sol Godwin Skip McCurry Doug Scruggs Darnell Self MINISTERS Richard Harp Tim Shoemaker Johnathan Johnson HeavenBound Scripturereading:Acts24:22-23&EPHESIANS4:1 1.B____________________ Ephesians___:___a Acts___:___ Ephesians___:___-___ Romans___:___-___ 2.U____________________ Galatians6:1 Ephesians___:___b Ephesians___:___-___ 3.H___________________B___________________ Ephesians___:___c Colossians___:___-___ Romans___:___-___ 10:30AMService Welcome 977TheBattleBelongstotheLord 297IWanttobeaWorker 280IKnowWhoHoldsTomorrow OpeningPrayer CaseyMann 203Hallelujah!WhataSavior! LordSupper/Offering TerryRaybon 71BlessedAssurance 509IAmBoundforthePromisedLand ScriptureReading CanaanHood Sermon ———————————————————— 5:00PMService Lord’sSupper/Offering BrandonCacioppo DOMforJanuary McGill,Neal,Spitzley BusDrivers January13JamesMorris515-5644 January20RickGlass639-7111 January27ButchKey790-3396 WEBSITE deerfootcoc.com office@deerfootcoc.com 205-833-1400 8:00AMService Welcome 947JesusLetUsCometoKnowYou 273IKnowtheLordWillFindaWay 387LeadMetoSomeSoulToday OpeningPrayer AlanEngland 644‘TisSet,theFeastDivine LordSupper/Offering BobbyGunn 500OThouFountofEveryBlessing 432MyStubbornWill 509IamBoundforthePromised Land ScriptureReading SolGodwin Sermon BaptismalGarmentsfor January PamStringfellow BarbaraFields Ournewweeklyshow,Plant&Water,isnowavail- ableasapodcastandonourYouTubechannel. Visitdeerfootcoc.comandclickon"Plant&Water" tolearnhowyoucanwatchorlistentotheshowon yoursmartphone,tablet,orcomputer. EldersDownFront 8:00AMDarnellSelf 10:30AMSkipMcCurry 5:00PMDougScruggs The Greatest Treasure One of my favorite pastimes is hiking through the woods without a trail. When I was a boy of around 8 and 9, I do not remember a day when I was not in the woods. For a time, we lived in my dad’s home town of Haleyville, Alabama, in the Free state of Winston County. My best friend and I were homeschooled, so our families were often together working on our school work. Once the “home” work was completed, we headed for the hills. My best friend lived on a piece of land that bordered the Sipsey Wilderness of the Bankhead National Forest. We often waded through offshoots of the Sipsey river in search of arrowheads and crawdads. While climbing outcroppings on a natural rock face, we found a pretty substantial waterfall. We found small caves in the rock where we made forts, and our imaginations again went as wild as we felt. we were Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn on our childhood adventures. On that preserved piece of earth, the greatest treasure I found was my God. “ For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse’ (Romans 1:20). The more I study creation and the scriptures, I find God. It may be because of this childhood experience, but my favorite pas- sage in scripture is, “And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day” (Genesis 3:8a). I have walked amongst the trees of God’s garden in the cool of the day. I have heard the leaves rustle in the wind and mountain streams ebb and flow around the rocks. I almost taste the air as I imagine what it would have been like to walk with God. Yet the second part to that passage is devastating and puts an abrupt pause to the blissful picture. “And they heard the sound of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God among the trees of the garden” (Genesis 3:8). In the forest, there is no place to hide ourselves from God. To think that we can is foolish. In fact, Romans 1:20 (quoted above) is stated in the context of those who strive to hide from God like their original mother and fa- ther. “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them” (Romans 1:19-20). To try to suppress truth is to attempt to hide from the greatest treasure ever given. Jesus embodies Truth. Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father ex- cept through me” (John 14:6).Through Jesus, we can again walk with God. The blissful picture is un- paused and the ability to walk with God has resumed. Will you choose to take hold of the hand of the greatest treasure? A Note From the Harp
  2. 2. Weekly Purpose: $15,618.00 Contribution $ 23,164.00 Contribution YTD: $23,164.00 Purpose YTD: $15,618.00 Average Weekly YTD: $23,164.00 Mission Sunday: $83,152.00 Week 1 Prayers Stephanie Theoret Vera Bonner Nancy Clements Jean Dickerson Graydena Dillbeck Ron Fields Marion George Kim Green Roy Hayes Jim Holcomb Randy Johnson Christi Key Lucille Large Frances Love Glenn May Melba Mills June Moore Bobbie Naish Ruby Norris Lori Parker Anne Powell Pat Robertson Donna Shoemaker George Shoemaker Buddy Summers Gloria Summers Melvin Thomas Nell Thomas Barbara Whisenhunt Billy White Maxine Wilson Friends & Family Phyllis Blazer (Friend of the Fields) Vada Lilja (Mother of Janice VanHorn) George Coffel (works with prison minis- try) Laura Jenkins (Wife of Jeff Jenkins) Sandy Jenkins (cousin of Linda Carter & Patsy O’ Rourke) Yvonne O’Brien (mother of Connie Scruggs) Charlie Wagner (uncle of Connie Scruggs) Jalen Burns (son of Sheita Bitten) Sonya O’Rourke (sis-in-law of Pat O’Rourke) Martha Bowen (mother of Karen Clayton & Katie Skelton) Natasha Champion (daughter of Don Champion) Jim Malone (brother of Terry Malone) Rachael Hand (daughter of Melanie Tolleson) Margie Knight (Adkinson’s Cousin) Shirley Family (friends of Montgomerys) Jennifer Cather (daughter of Dangars) Melody Belle (Friend of Robin Spitzley) Greg Price (Cousin of Rhonda Hodges) Ryan Montgomery (son of Donna Dickerson) Bonner Family (For strength) Brianna Bulger (Sue Adam’s niece) Dennis Zak (Charlie Chaney’s Bro-in- Law) Jerry Shea (Charlie Chaney’s nephew) Tommy Shea (Charlie Chaney’s Bro-in- law) Peggy Chaney (Sis-in-law of Charlie Chaney) Betty Trull (sister of Sandra Singer & Sue Rawls) Rachelle Taylor (Grand daughter -in-law of Mona Jenkins) Lucas Adkinson (Grandson of Billie & Mark Adkinson) Leroy & Jean Owens (Parents of Jill Wil- liams) Jean Smith (Lisa Powell’s Mother) Our prayer list is updated monthly. 833-1400. Our Honored Guests 1-13-2018 In Town: Cynthia Brown, Antwon Fitts, Ally, Kyle & Aubree Hurston, Cammie Powell Out of Town: Cindy Martin PANTRY ITEMS: Canned Soups & Stews Hospital / Rehab List Mike Godwin– UAB– 8th floor-8212 Frances Love– Went Home Janet Snow– Recovering at home Billy White –VA Tim Shoemaker ATTENDANCE FOR JANUARY 13, 2018 AM 444 PM 258 Events for the Youth Area Wide January 20 at Ashville Road Church of Christ Spiritual Security “…and to patience godliness.” This is the sixth of the eight virtues that Peter lists. “Godliness” is from the Greek word eusebeia, a compound word eu, “well” and sebomai “to be devout.” According to Vine it “denotes that piety which, characterized by a Godward attitude, does that which is well-pleasing to Him.” William Barclay translates it as “piety” but adds that “it is quite untranslatable.” He does say that it is a word that is char- acterized by the fact that it looks in two directions. Among the Greeks and the Romans it was a word that describes the man who was “careful and correct in per- forming his duties both to gods and men.” This may have been used by Peter in contrast to those false teachers who failed in the proper behavior toward God and their fellow man. Brother Guy N. Woods pointed out that in adding godli- ness to patience, that “patience can be approved only when it results in submission to the burdens of life for the sake of pleasing the Father. The desire to be godlike is the motive from which all our actions should originate and without which there can be no acceptable service rendered to God.” Godliness is a virtue that we need in our lives but the problem is that sometimes we find individuals who manifest a “godliness” that is not real. Paul told Timothy that in the last perilous times would come where there would be those who have a “form of godliness” but who deny its power (II Tim. 3:5). It is possible that one may give the appearance of godliness but absolutely refuses the idea that it should change their lives. William Barclay quotes Lord Melbourne as saying, “Things have come to a pretty pass when religion is allowed to invade the sphere of private life.” Yet that is exactly what Christianity ought to do. The truly godly person is one who has changed for the better. True godliness is profitable both for the life and the life to come. Paul also told Timothy “For bodily exer- cise profits a little, but godliness is profitable for all things, having promise of the life that now is and of that which is to come” (I Tim. 4:8). Physical exercise aids one in having better physical health in this life but godliness will profit one not only here in this life but in the life to come. Later is this same letter Paul reminded Timothy, “Now godliness with contentment is great gain” (I Tim. 6:6). In his commentary on I Timothy Don- ald Guthrie said that “godliness will only be true gain when independent of circumstances,” and brother David Lipscomb echoed this thought saying, “It is great gain to learn to be content without riches or earthly treasures.” When we have this godliness so that we behave properly toward God and our fellow man we can truly be content and that is great gain indeed. -to be continued CIA– 2019 January 15, 22, 29 –Class 9:30 am –11 am Area Wide Singing February 1, 2019 7 PM Deerfoot Church of Christ Please invite your friends and neighbors. Share on face book and all your social media. Please bring enough finger foods and drinks for your friends and family. Area Wide Singing Belize Mission Trip January 16-March 20 There will be a class for everyone going to Belize starting on Wednes- day night, January 16. We will meet in the Fellowship Hall. The Youth group class will meet in the fellowship hall. Anyone wishing to learn how to teach God Speaks To- day is welcome. The adults will have a class taught by Paul Windham in the auditorium. Wee Folks January 13, 20, 27 1-18-2019 Munford Church of Christ 1-25-2019 Riverchase Church of Christ 2-1-2019 Deerfoot Church of Christ 2-8-2019 Christian Chapel Church of Christ 2-15-2019 Madison Church of Christ Registration for Lads is due TODAY . Forms are in the foyer. Senior Bible Bowl will meet to- day at 4:00 pm in the 3rd-5th classroom. Junior puppets (K-3rd ) will meet today at 4:00 pm in the fellow- ship hall SYMPATHY To the family of Donna Evans at the passing of her Uncle, Bill Johnson, His funeral was last Monday in Trussville. To the family of Betty Aldridge, at the passing of her son John. His funeral was last week in Winfield DEACON MEETING TODAY @ 4PM Deaf Classroom Dynamic Deacons Seminar January 26th from 8am-2pm Speaker: Aubrey Johnson All deacons, elders and ministers are encouraged to attend Lunch will be provided TAX STATEMENT If you would like your 2018 contri- bution statement, please sign the list in the foyer. 2019 Connection Teams Please sign up in the foyer if you would like to be a part of a connection team for 2019.