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It's the People Stupid

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It's the People Stupid

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From webdirections south 09 in Sydney Australia - An approach to designing more social and collaborative environments - a cross between business strategy and design

From webdirections south 09 in Sydney Australia - An approach to designing more social and collaborative environments - a cross between business strategy and design


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It's the People Stupid

  1. 1. It’s the People, Stupid Designing Social Experiences Web Directions South, Sydney 2009 Deborah Schultz Altimeter Group www.deborahschultz.com http://www.flickr.com/photos/98469445@N00/299313394/
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Deb ‣Consultant/Analyst ‣Former Web/graphic designer ‣Reformed Marketer [or marketing reformer] ‣Partial geek [alas, don’t code] ‣Slash queen [Digital ethnographer/ Customer Advocate/Connector/ Tummler] ‣Passionate Experimenter ‣Formal gigs ‣ Innovation Partner, Altimeter Group ‣ P&G Advisor, Social & Emerging Media ‣ Director, Six Apart ‣ Executive Director NYC Info Center Deborah Schultz www.deborahschultz.com
  3. 3. Who are you?
  4. 4. http://flickr.com/photos/dharmasphere/83294738/ We are inherently social animals
  5. 5. Way way past Life was simple
  6. 6. http://www.flickr.com/photos/maisonbisson/89704297/ Recent past – Tribe moves away
  7. 7. http://www.flickr.com/photos/brentdanley/195801836/ Today The world is your oyster
  8. 8. We are connecting everywhere, anytime
  9. 9. The medium is the relationship complex, light and diverse
  10. 10. But are these relationships “real”?
  11. 11. God, I hope so!
  12. 12. Relationships are hard and messy and subtle
  13. 13. They come to your aid when you least expect em in weird and wonderful ways
  14. 14. Think of it as relationship bricolage “Bricolage is what tinkers do- collecting odd bits of stuff they think may be potentially useful, then using whatever bits seem to work in the context of some later repair job. Simple. And yet profound. Because the bits the bricoleur ends up using were not designed for the use they end up being put to”. Chris Locke
  15. 15. You never know which of your online contacts can impact you when and how
  16. 16. http://www.flickr.com/photos/wyoming_1/169390155/ Sadly most organizations are Hyperlinks subvert hierarchy silo and transaction driven
  17. 17. We are organic and social We bring these behaviors with us online
  18. 18. The Flickrverse http://www.flickr.com/photos/gustavog/9708628/in/set-222111/ The Internet is enabling conversations among human beings that were simply not possible in the era of mass media [thesis 6 -cluetrain manifesto]
  19. 19. anyone know a a nice Where can I find a quiet restaurant in NYC? quiet restaurant in Sydney? deb, get an LG HD best place to get a drink around here? deb, it’s john thanks for email on new features The Social Web sent to dev team An explosion of the personal woot - we launched! John - when you guys launching your new API?
  20. 20. http://www.visualcomplexity.com
  21. 21. A reminder, what exactly is the social web?
  22. 22. http://www.flickr.com/photos/saxcubano/440777294/ It is not about this don’t be swayed by the bling
  23. 23. or any of this note some of the nostalgia logos
  24. 24. Connecting creating posting Sharing writing expressing customizing hacking mashing-up Customizing linking reading browsing copying pasting reconnecting re-using rating recreating empowering socializing organizing reviewing editing joining collaborating tagging watching publishing Community participating buying entertaining commenting researching Self Expressing volunteering organizing listening collecting helping co-creating
  25. 25. "It's not about telling and selling, "It's about relationships”
  26. 26. We live again in a relationship economy Transactions are the by-products of healthy relationships. The global economy is shifting from a mass media, consumer mass-marketing model to one that is far more emergent and decentralized. The involuntary loyalty of "sticky" services is falling victim to the far preferable voluntary loyalty won through responsiveness, quality, excellent service, reliability and trustworthiness. -Jerry Michalski
  27. 27. Death of the Grand Gesture The social web is social http://flickr.com/photos/dharmasphere/83294738/
  28. 28. OK, so where’s the manual? Umm – there isn’t one … http://www.flickr.com/photos/98469445@N00/299313394/
  29. 29. The participatory web requires both new design thinking and a new set of human skills and behavior
  30. 30. New framework for a new social web ‣ Organic vs Static ‣ Emotion vs Data ‣ Relationship vs Transaction ‣ Continuum vs Grand Gesture Jump in!
  31. 31. The Human Skills ‣ Listener ‣ Connector ‣ Critic ‣ Partial geek ‣ Detective ‣ Catalyst ‣ Diplomat ‣ Juggler ‣ Approachable ‣ Intuitive ‣ Inquisitive ‣ driven by relationships http://www.flickr.com/photos/98469445@N00/299313394/
  32. 32. Migrating the social to the web Think of yourself as hosting a party
  33. 33. Tummler/Tummling an entertainer or master of ceremonies, especially one who encourages audience interaction (from Yiddish tumler, from tumlen 'make a racket'; cf. German (sich) tummeln 'go among people, cavort') NOUN: 1. One, such as a social director or entertainer, who encourages guest or audience participation. 2. One who incites others to action. ETYMOLOGY: Yiddish tumler, from tumlen, to make a racket. Learn more at tummler.wordpress.com
  34. 34. Mimic the Real World - Be Human
  35. 35. Pause for demonstration
  36. 36. Let’s Break it Down ‣ Handshake ‣ Greeting ‣ Response ‣ Handoff ‣ Feedback ‣ Make me smarter about me ‣ Respect me and my time
  37. 37. Enter is a handshake
  38. 38. Date Stamp is a Social Contract I will stay in touch
  39. 39. Sign-in is a greeting Acknowledges me
  40. 40. Give to get make me smarter about me & you
  41. 41. Remind me of the fun times we had Awareness/Persistence together
  42. 42. Handoff Did you know.....
  43. 43. Entertain me in unusual ways
  44. 44. Meet others like you Wee this is fun!
  45. 45. Respect me and my time remember, opt-n
  46. 46. Moo Cards - making printing fun!
  47. 47. Moo Cards - making printing fun!
  48. 48. Moo Cards - making printing fun!
  49. 49. Some Practical Steps ‣ Think like a socialogist or ethnographer ‣ Be an observer first ‣ Join the lives of people vs. interrupting them ‣ Find a 'place' in the 'community' you are designing - be a part of it ‣ Help users participate ‣ Stand for something & offer value ‣ The love you give is equal to the love you get ‣ Think constancy not episodic ‣ Experiment: Listen. Rinse. Repeat http://www.flickr.com/photos/gordonr/42555739/
  50. 50. Thanks Find me on the web Innovation/Labs/Consulting www.altimetergroup,com deb@altimetergroup.com Etcetera @debs deborahschultz@gmail.com www.deborahschultz.com slideshare.net/debs

Notas do Editor

  • post OZ ideas - add play, ethics, intention
  • Good morning - Normally my rule of thumb is to never start a preso with a slide about me BUT considering that this talk is all about bringing the social online - it is only fair that it is proper social etiquette to formally introducing myself.

    I’ve played in a lot of corners of the web.

  • How many of you are developers?
    How many of you are designers?
    Who did I leave out?
  • This talk is about designing for social - in order to do this we need to take a look at who we are and and how technology and the web has impacted our connectedness. I often give this talk to business folks and I realize many of you live this world of connectedness like i do - but i think it is important to take a step back - like matt did yesterday - and get some perspective

    we are inherently social animals - if not we would probably not all be here today...we could sit at home and sign up for a webinar
  • we socialized and did business with those who existed in the same physical space as we did - we knew them - we had small tribes - of family and neighbors
  • Matt spoke yesterday of Levittown - and the sense of anomie and break down of social fabric thanks to the development of suburbia and the loss of the physical commons - or town square.
  • We are living through a fork in the web - where there is now a separation of the information web from the relationship web, one data driven, one social - in this social web - with a nod to the great Marshall McLuhan the medium in the relationship
  • Ambient intimacy – love this meme - lisa reichelts
  • It is borrowed from the French word bricolage, from the verb bricoler... the core meaning in French being, ..."fiddle, tinker" and, by extension, "make creative and resourceful use of whatever materials are to hand (regardless of their original purpose)".
    Bricolage as a design approach – in the sense of building by trial and error – is often contrasted to engineering: theory-based construction.
    A person who engages in bricolage is a bricoleur: someone who invents his or her own strategies for using existing materials in a creative, resourceful, and original way.
    “Bricolage is what tinkers do-collecting odd bits of stuff they think may be potentially useful, then using whatever bits seem to work in the context of some later repair job. Simple. And yet profound. Because the bits the bricoleur ends up using were not designed for the use they end up being put to.

    - Chris Locke
  • Thesis 9 These networked conversations are enabling powerful new forms of social organization and knowledge exchange to emerge.

    Thesis 10 As a result, markets are getting smarter, more informed, more organized. Participation in a networked market changes people fundamentally.
  • And I would even argue many sites pretend to be about social but are often very static - heck we still call them web “pages”
  • We have this! Flickr is not about photos it is about relationships and events and memory
  • Now along comes the social web to really make things interesting. Social Media is a 24/7 stream of subtle personal small online gestures. It is an explosion of a constant continuum of the personal. You know the power and value of this connectedness. I can get online and reach out across this ‘flat universe” and connect and find and relate and listen and play and share with a click – when and how I choose. We weave between and around the networks in our lives. The bits and bytes are now very personal.
  • Not about a viral video...or a blog....or a facebook app...or social media....or community
    It is about your business your product and your customers How, when and where they are receptive to you
    [and it better work, be easy to understand and add value to my life]
  • This is an old slide- but I kinda like it for the nostaliga
  • Q: OK - anyone know who said this? A: David Weinberger

    “somewhere along the way, markets, what we do together, became marketing, what we do to other people.”

    Exactly. Just because markets are conversations doesn’t mean that marketing is.

    Marketing has to change. It has to recognize that market conversations are now the best source of information about companies and their products and services. It has to recognize that those conversations are not themselves marketing — you and me talking about whether we like our new digital cameras is not you and me marketing to each another. Neither is our conversation a “marketing opportunity.” But the temptation to see it as such is well nigh impossible for most marketers to resist.

    Fortunately, the people leading the thinking about this generally do honor the conversation as the thing that must be preserved. How the meme gets taken up, however, should worry us. We need to help marketers resist their deeply bred urges. We need to make preserving the integrity of the conversation as central a marketing tenet as is not lying about product specs or prices.
  • where the social - of the way past - now infuses itself into the web.
  • If we are now hyper-connected on the LiveWeb and operate in this renewed relationship economy - this means an end to the importance of Grand Gestures. Grand Genstures represent an old model, the metaphor would be “ignore me ignore me ignore me - flowers on Valentine’s Day, ignore me, ignore me, ignore me - Superbowl Ad. We have to design our online experiences to reflect the social relationship driven nature of this new economy.
    The world we live in today is a blend of the grand and the personal; The episodic and the continuum; The atom and the bits; The binary and the blurry; How these two “modes” work together.
  • As with our “offline” relationships - every situation is a bit different. The assumptions we have all worked under are not going to really work - heck we are still calling domains web pages - are they pages? We are using old metaphors for new stuff

    The good news is that with the right learning and experimenting mindset we have some basic frameworks to keep in mind.
  • This is early days - the social web is an adolescent. As we move more and more from the data driven web to the social & participatory driven web - the softer social skills of the connector are in demand & needed.

    If we now have access to content and contacts - what kind of filters, frameworks and skills do we need to connect these dots and be truly useful?
  • ORGANICwe still refer to them as pages - but isnt the web more an ecosystem of immersive experiences (MMORPGS, Virtual Worlds), communication technologies (wireless, presence), content (audio, video, text, images), social networks, sharing and syndication. Its a weave of technologies and platforms that go far beyond just having a website. Its a patchwork quilt that combines the stories and channels to create experiences for the user.

    EMOTION - we all know that irony is really lost on the web - how can we infuse emotion into our experiences

    RELATIONSHIP - relationships take time - they have legs - i think of google as the long tale of reputation

  • Markets consist of human beings, not demographic sectors.
  • So - here is a little sample demonstration - hopefully it will
  • I will stay in touch
  • Also notice that flickr tells me I have learned something new
  • You have all this great data - USE IT

    this entire page is filled with data that is interesting and about me
  • make the ephemeral relevant again
  • Faces Matter!!!
  • Opt-in applies for more than just email -