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How auto dealers can sell TONS more cars and save more money!



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A description of what customer sourcing is and how dealers can source better, including examples. Auto dealers can extremely reduce "wasted" money and better target their advertising. It's all about getting accurate data from customers, and Dealer Sourcing Solutions can show you how!

How auto dealers can sell TONS more cars and save more money!

  1. 1. Save Thousands. Sell More Vehicles. Dealer Sourcing Solutions, LLC Learn how by clicking next….
  2. 2. First, what is Customer Sourcing? It is the act of determining what motivated a customer to come to the dealership to research a potential purchase, or to actually bring a purchase to fruition. It is purely a financial planning tool that will yield information that is critical in determining where and how the dealership should allocate its advertising dollars.
  3. 3. Target Your Audience Advertising is serious business! In most dealerships, it is one of the largest line items in the budget. Sourcing determines where, when, and how your customers shop so you can target your audience. Knowing this reduces advertising expense, increases results, and sells more cars. Not properly targeting turns your advertising campaigns into a crap shoot! Targeting through Sourcing is critical in determining where and how your dealership should allocate its precious advertising dollars.
  4. 4. Don’t guess! Don’t spend money in the wrong places. Find out where your customers are, and target them. Sales Personnel get it wrong! Most dealerships source their sales during the sales process, done either by the Sales Personnel, F&I, or by Sales Managers. So as to not interrupt the sales process, which is a valid concern, the customer is asked a quick question or two such as, “What brought you into the dealership today,” or “Did you see any of our advertising?” Most personnel will write down the first thing the customer says. In many cases this is not accurate, nor is it a complete picture of how your customer shopped. How many vendors want your money to get you more of something, but have no idea if that “something” is where your customers are shopping?
  5. 5. Dealers Report High Error Rates! CRM/DMS systems today require a “source” to be entered in the customer profile information. If the sourcing question was not asked, which is many times forgotten, the sales personnel will simply choose an option listed in the customer profile data. Many of these customers are recorded as drive-by sales, or the first advertising source that comes to mind by the sales person, producing high error rates. This is unacceptable. With high consumer use of interactive Internet advertising, along with traditional media mix, the need to properly source is magnified. By targeting your audience you: • Reduce Expense • Increase Revenue • Sell More Cars
  6. 6. What are your options? • Keep doing what you have been doing which we know produces high error rates and costs your dealership thousands per month. • Contract for a single use, one-time, Customer Sourcing Study These Sourcing Studies generally are as follows: • Covers a 3-5 month previous sales period • Takes approximately 2 months to complete • Information is 3 to 5 months old upon receipt • Does not reflect current or changing market conditions • Usually costs $10,000 to $15,000 depending on rooftops, scope, length of report, and sales volume • If provided by a third party advertiser, report may be subject to manipulation, bias and lack of transparency.
  7. 7. There is a Better Way! At DEALER SOURCING SOLUTIONS we have a better answer. An inexpensive, game changing, on-line, web based program that your customers fill out at your store; buyers at the time of sale, and non- buyers during their visit. Access to the information is immediate whether you want it daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. You will know immediately if an advertising source or program worked, and if you should change it, increase it, or cut it, saving you thousands in unnecessary monthly advertising expenses. Cars.com: This program is an Industry Game Changer AutoTrader.com: The Sourcing Program gives every dealer that uses it a distinct advantage over their competition
  8. 8. Reporting Examples
  9. 9. Dealer Name This area will display any negative customer comments Map Balloons represent Dealer Sales locations by Zip Code
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  11. 11. There is always a time in the sales process when the customer has to be left alone. This is when your deal can go south. You just gave your customer the opportunity to think about: changing the deal, asking more for a trade, lowering the price, requesting something additional, going home to think about it, or simply leaving. When do you ask the buyer to fill out the survey? After your customer signs the purchase order and when: • You have to leave your desk for a few minutes for any reason • Papers are being prepared by F & I • Checking to see when promised work can be done • The customer is waiting for delivery When to have your customer fill out the survey What does the customer use to fill out the survey iPad – Tablet – Desktop - Smart Phone Droid - PC - Any computer
  12. 12. Get a free 14 day trial! Or contact us for a live walk-through of our software! For more information: Web: http://dealersourcingsolutions.com Email: info@dealersourcingsolutions.com Phone: 419-236-9754 Dealer Sourcing Solutions, LLC P. O. Box 1996 Wapakoneta, OH 45895 Fax: 419-738-1776