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Training methodology

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Train the trainers -Dr. Daxaben N. Mehta

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Training methodology

  1. 1. Training MethodologyDr. Daxaben N. Mehta
  2. 2. Higher Education• Universities• Colleges• Private Institutions
  3. 3. Personnel• Principals• Teachers• Administrative Staff• Students
  4. 4. Principals• Role Leadership Skills for Staff Motivation Innovation Utilization of Resources Overall Ambience of Colleges
  5. 5. TeachersRoleTraining
  6. 6. Administration Role
  7. 7. Initiatives of State
  8. 8. Principles of Training• Active Participation• Individualization• Variety• Periodization• Planning a Training Programme• Types of Trainees
  9. 9. Training Material
  10. 10. Training TechniquesCognitive Behaviour
  11. 11. Psychomotor ive ec t A ffCognitive
  12. 12. We Learn Everything Except to THINK Why?
  13. 13. Thinking is Purposeful Organised CognitiveProcess that We Use to Make Sense of Our World
  14. 14. Dive ive rg ent ntuit istic I HeurVer tica eral l L at Create Generalize Construct Critically Evaluate Analyze Thinking Tree Apply Understand Remember
  15. 15. AdultLearning
  16. 16. What did you LEARN inYesterday?
  17. 17. Humans Are NOT Single Method Learners
  18. 18. Humans Learn• Auditory• Visual• Kinesthetic
  19. 19. Pedagogy AndragogyGeragogy
  20. 20. Adults Self Concept ExperienceReadiness to Learn Motivation to Learn
  21. 21. Self Concept & MotivationOrientation Adult Experience to Learning Learning Readiness to Learn
  22. 22. HOTS ICT Concept Map Wiki Case Studies Games Blogs BLD Projects MTechnology Structured Video Presentations Etc.Constructivism Human Connectivism Cognition