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MIT CityHome

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CityHome presents a vision for a transformable 15'x15' apartment, that transforms into an awesome space for sleeping, lounging, hosting dinner parties, exercise studio, home office, or movie theater. Furniture for each activity is stowed in thickened walls, floor and ceiling with a gantry system. Finally, we consider the role that common spaces can play in a building of city-homes.

MIT CityHome

  1. CityHome
  2. CityHomeThe cost of space in cities demand that we think differently about the home
  3. Living small typically comes with compromise
  4. Design challenge:Invent a 15‘x15’ city home without compromise
  5. We started by interviewing people, decomposing activities they do at homewhen? how often? duration? what proceeds or follows what? variability?
  6. What fantasy do you haveabout the most sublime version of each activity?
  7. I wish my home were a theatre
  8. I wish my home encouraged healthy eating
  9. I wish my home made exercise thrilling
  10. I wish my home was like a disco
  11. I wish my home offered a rich way to collaborate
  12. I wish my home were a gathering spot
  13. I wish my home helped me sleep soundly
  14. I wish my home transitioned beautifully
  15. Finally, what tech can we transfer from the Decepticons?
  16. CityHomeHere’s what we designed...
  17. 15 ft15 ft
  18. Ceiling StorageWinchesDrop CeilingBedWorktable
  19. Sleep Work DineYoga Movie Lounge
  20. Drop Ceiling (Storage) Drop bed Drop table Drop Ceiling and surfacesElevated Bed dropped Table dropped
  21. How do you control the transformation?
  22. 1: CLOCK You interact with the CityHome controller in four ways
  23. MIT | Mobility on Demand | TransformableCityhomes2: MANUAL Tap any activity to toggle to this mode Controller Wheel
  24. MIT | Mobility on Demand | Transformable Cityhomes 3: SCHEDULE Schedule activities by rotating each ring Controller Wheel
  25. MIT | Mobility on Demand | TransformableCityhomes 3: SCHEDULE Pinching/pulling to contract/expand the duration Controller Wheel
  26. MIT | Mobility on Demand | TransformableCityhomes 4: CASCADE Tap movie at midnight Controller Wheel
  27. MIT | Mobility on Demand | Transformable Cityhomes 4: CASCADE Sleep slips over and yoga disappears CityHome helps you care for your future-selfadd energy consumption & shared vehicle availability to this... Controller Wheel
  28. CityHomeHow CityHome helps Carlos move out of the suburbs...
  29. MIT | Mobility on Demand | Transformable Cityhomes The financials of your home $1250 $5000Average rental in NYC, HK or London of USD5 psf /month;cityhome = 225 sq ft/USD1250; per month city apartment = 1000 sq ft/USD5000 per monthSource: Property rental websites
  30. MIT | Mobility on Demand | Transformable Cityhomes Commercial realitySource: Regus
  31. MIT | Mobility on Demand | Transformable Cityhomes What modular spacing offers Demarcated home office with the sense of For short term commercial office rental or for hotels collaboration without the additional space looking to increase utilization more effectively` requirement` • Conversion from a singular function to multiple function space • Allow clients to convert spaces from accommodation to office to meeting spaces at the same price – saving clients accommodation costs • Increase utilization and reduce redundancy (e.g. Regus)Source: Regus, team analysis
  32. CityHome