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One Reason for an e-Publisher

The most important reasons for an author to look for an e-Publisher, even though he or she thinks unnecessary having nowadays the option of self-publishing.

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One Reason for an e-Publisher

  1. 1. cranberry.com/5minutes #5minutes This 5 Minute Webinar™ Sponsored By One Reason for an e-Publisher The paramount reason to have an e-publisher. Presented by Marco A Diaz from The Little French eBooks
  2. 2. cranberry.com/5minutes #5minutes WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA? MARKET Craft & Market your Manuscript Build a digital platform Create content that engages an audience Add visual content to your marketing CRAFT Edit Interact with the author Design your cover
  3. 3. Create an image of the author, this will be his introductory card Market his eBook according to the image created NUTS & BOLTS CREATE AN IMAGE BUILD A DIGITAL PLATFORM The publisher will design and build the digital platform Creates video content (video promos, interviews) Deals with all posts through social media channels Handles press releases
  4. 4. WHY IT MATTERS? Present the author to the world with an image that mirrors the writer’s ideas. Create a Name Spread the author’s ideas and works through social media channels. Built a Digital Platform Lean on Professionals 1 2 3 Professionals will give important and accurate strategies to market the manuscript.
  5. 5. Thank You! Thank You!Write a good book Look for an e-publisher Work along with the e-publisher Next Steps 1 2 3