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4 a's semi detailed lesson plan in english for grade 7

Lesson Plan for Teachers

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4 a's semi detailed lesson plan in english for grade 7

  1. 1. A Semi – detailed Lesson Plan in English for Grade 7 I – Objectives: Within the discussion,the students are expected to: a. decide if the given jumbled words are elements and features of print, radio and TV ads and campaign through participating on the game activity; b. show cooperationand teamwork through participating in the group activities; c. create differentoutputs pertaining to print, radio, and TV ads and campaign. II – Subject Matter: Topic:Identifyelements and features of print, radio and TV ads and campaign. Reference:Module in English for Grade 7, quarter 4 Materials: Laptop, speaker,overhead projector,pictures and visual aids. III – Procedure: A. Preliminary activities A1. Greetings A2. Arranging of chairs A3. Checking of the attendance A4. Review of the past lesson (The teacher will call student/s to recap the past lesson.) B. Motivation (The teacher will present differentpictures and allow the students to give their own interpretation on the pictures based on the questions that the teacher will be asking.) 1. What is your observationon the first picture? 2. What does the second picture represent? 3. What comes into your mind when you see the third picture? C. Presentation/Discussion (The teacher will discuss the elements and features of print, radio and TV ads and campaign with the students and provide examples.) D. Activity (The students will be grouped into three and they will be given jumbled written words; they will arrange it and decide if the given words are
  2. 2. elements and features of print, radio and TV ads and campaign.) E. Analysis (The teacher will present pictures and ask if the picture is an example of print, radio presentation or TV ads and campaign.) 1. This picture is an example of? 2. Is this an example of a radio presentation? 3. Is this an example of a TV ads and campaign? F. Abstraction (The teacher will give or ask students to give the summary of the discussion.) 1. When we say print, it has the elements namely: 2. Talking about radio, it has differentelements namely: 3. Considering TV ads and campaign, it has a lot of elementnamely: G. Application (The students will be grouped into four and let them think product and create print, radio presentation, TV ads and campaign to be presented in the class.) • The first group will create a print about their chosenproduct. • The second group will create a short radio presentation about their chosenproduct. • The third group will create their own ad about their chosen product. • The fourth group will create a campaign material about their chosen candidate for the 2016 elections. IV – Evaluation: Directions:Write the following elements and features if it belongs to print, radio and TV ads and campaign. 1. Action motivator 2. Music 3. Sound effects 4. Contact 5. The desire hook 6. Copy element 7. Layout element 8. Colour Vs black and white 9. Graphic element
  3. 3. 10. Human voice 11. Attention grabbing 12. Trust development PRINT RADIO TV ADS AND CAMPAIGN V – Assignment: Directions:In a 1 whole sheet of paper, describe the most appealing TV ad campaign that you have watched in your television. Point out the elements used in the campaign ads.