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7 Proven Strategies to Maximize Twitter for Your Business

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7 Proven Strategies to Maximize Twitter for Your Business

  1. 7 Proven Strategies to Maximize Twitter for Your Business Dave Kerpen CEO, Likeable Local #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  2. Today We’ll Cover: 1.Why Twitter? 2.Seven strategies for Twitter success 3.Twitter for Customer Service 4.How Likeable Local can help #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  3. But first, a tale of Twitter... In Las Vegas About the Aria And the Rio And how a little empathy goes a long way! #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  4. These are a few of my favorite stats… Promoted tweets boost offline sales by 29% About 92% of international brands tweet more than once daily, 36% of which are link- containing tweets 85% of followers feel more connected with a small business after following them 70% of marketers will increase spend on social in 2015 Over $8.5 billion was spent on social media in 2014 And projected spend for 2018 is $14 billion About 63% of Twitter users regard their smartphones as their primary tweeting device Sources: HubSpot, Simply Measured, Twitter, eMarketer #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  5. 7 Proven Twitter Success Strategies 1.LISTEN strategically. 2.RESPOND to everyone. 3.REPEAT great content. 4.HASHTAG wisely. 5.ADVERTISE smarter. 6.JOIN conversations 7.USE tools. #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  6. Start Listening! Type in keywords Establish keywords related to your company/customers 1. Listen Strategically #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  7. Why Listen? Why Listen? o Make people feel heard o Gain a better understanding of your customers o Uncover new opportunities o Contribute to future product planning & discover customers’ likes, dislikes, wants & needs #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  8. Identify WHAT & WHO To Listen To FIRST, ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS: • “What’s important to your business?” • “What’s important to your customers?” • “Who is important to your customers?” • “Who is important in your industry?” #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  9. Choose The Right Keywords o Identify the right keywords and phrases that’ll give you the most relevant Twitter conversations! o Listen to industry influencers! They’re the people who your customers are also listening to! #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  10. 2. Respond to Everyone 80% of Customer Service inquiries go unanswered on social media By being in the top 20%, you can establish your company as a leader #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen Source: Adweek
  11. Telephone Customer Service is OUT o Customer service is no longer just phone lines. o Twitter is now where people express their opinions. o Twitter is PUBLIC! #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  12. Twitter = The New Customer Service Tool #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen Source: Social Media Examiner
  13. The Power of Responding 71% of customer complaints on Twitter go unanswered YET, 83% of people appreciate being answered by a company when they receive a response HOWEVER, 63% would not like it or hate it if the company contacted them about something other than their complaint tweet So on Twitter, respond to EVERYONE with a timely & pertinent response Source: Maritz Research #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  14. How To Respond 1) Respond quickly and publicly • Always apologize • Mention you’ll send a private message • This lets the commenter, and anyone else listening know that you’re also listening 2) Resolve privately • Avoid further public back and forth, and fix the problem! #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  15. Notice: Respond quickly AND with an apology! Let’s Take a Look at Some Examples! #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen Source: Fluid Digital, Courtyleer
  16. Respond publically AND Resolve Privately #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen Source: Business 2 Community
  17. Responding to Negative Comments The Two Rules Of Thumb: 1) Do Not Ignore – Ignoring tells your customer you don’t care – Exceptions = obscene comments, private information 2) Don’t be defensive #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen Like this 
  18. Say Thank You! Don’t forget to respond to positive comments too! A “thank you” is just as important as an “I’m sorry”! #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  19. Maximize Exposure: Know Your Twitter Timing The average shelf life of a tweet is only 20 minutes! So, how do you maximize your Twitter exposure? Cater to your fans who are on Twitter at different times! #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  20. 3. Repeat Great Content #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  21. Repeat Tweets Use Twitter Reverb by Likeable Hub to help! “Repeating a tweet gets you 86% as much performance as the initial tweet!” #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  22. 4. #Hashtag Wisely #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen Source: Bufferapp
  23. Why Hashtag? o Hashtags = trackable Twitter keywords! o Hashtags let your tweets become part of larger conversations to gain more visibility #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen Source: Go Brand Go
  24. Hashtag Tips 1)Create a hashtag before promoting an initiative 2)Make it simple 3)Make it easy to use 4)Make it FUN (and informative)! #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen Source: Front Man Marketing
  25. 5. Advertise Smarter #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen Source: Twitter
  26. Advertise Smarter Ad Copy Rules of Thumb: 1. Be Clear and Concise 2. Keep Your Objective in Mind 3. Always Be Helping Don’t forget to optimize your visuals for mobile, too! Be creative. Be unique. Be Visual.  Visual content is consumed most directly on social media #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  27. Set Smart Objectives • What do you want to achieve in your ad campaign? – More followers? – More click-throughs? – More engagement? – More app installs? – More leads? • Setting goals will set you up to succeed! #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  28. Find Your Perfect Audience Twitter has dozens of targeting options to find YOUR perfect audience Upload a list of contacts & create a custom or lookalike audience based on people you know are receptive to your ads #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  29. 6. Join The Conversation #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  30. Why Join Conversations? o Listening and engaging doesn’t have to be limited to only your customer base! o Find new potential fans conversing about similar topics! o Engaging can convert fans leads customers o Engage with folks talking about your competitors so they know your brand too! #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  31. How To Join The Conversation #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  32. 7. Use Tools Succeeding on Twitter requires care and regular attention, which takes time and resources! #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  33. Tools We Love #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  34. Why Use Social Tools? Tools can help with: 1. Content 2. Listening 3. Analytics 4. Repeating #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  35. Click To Tweet 1. Write a tweet 2. Create a shareable custom link with that tweet 3. Make it easy for your audience to send out your curated message 4. Track the activity of that link #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  36. Social Quant • Increase your followers • Expand real connections • Identify relevant potential connections • Expand your market visibility • Analyze your growth #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  37. Likeable Hub Likeable Hub is an accessible app that can help you: • Share content across channels • Listen • Create content ideas • Repeat tweets • Generate leads & referrals • Measure your progress #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  38. HOW CAN LIKEABLE HUB HELP? #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  39. Likeable Hub VIP #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen Choose from thousands of content ideas and trending news posts to share in seconds.
  40. TURBOPOST ™ Technology #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen Strategically Repeated Tweets: Reverb for Twitter automatically repeats your posts 5 times to maximize reach and engagement Clicking “TurboPost” turns your Facebook post into a “boosted post on your business’ page to increase audience reach!
  41. Likeable Hub Site #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen
  42. THANK YOU / GRAND PRIZE! CONTACT Dave Kerpen EMAIL dave@likeable.com TWITTER @DaveKerpen PHONE 212-359-4347 QUESTIONS? Download Likeable Hub for free at LikeableHub.com! #SMTLive | @DaveKerpen