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Davai Pitchdeck

  1. Real-time local newsfeeds.
  2. The Vision A social network for places The go-to place for discovery
  3. The Opportunity No mobile hub for directly connecting with one’s surroundings
  4. The Market Youth explore differently Want organic connection Easier & faster & simpler
  5. Our Approach Graphic, Rolling Content •Engaging •Organic •Simple •Original
  6. Right now Vine / YouTube / Instagram Snapchat Twitter Photo sharing Blogging
  7. So Far Developing beta Gathering testers Growing followers Tracking sign ups & conversion
  8. The Plan Beta late July App store by September Metrics and overall reaction
  9. Barriers Chicken and egg •Getting users Competitors •Moving content •Changing sharing platform
  10. Strategy Next Step: Beta • Geographic focus • Simplicity • All target users Grow interest leading to release • Online media • Social media • Individuals and target markets • Building Davai image
  11. What We Need FounderFuel Incubator environment Mentorship •People invested in us