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The Data Lake Engine Data Microservices in Spark using Apache Arrow Flight

Machine learning pipelines are a hot topic at the moment. Moving data through the pipeline in an efficient and predictable way is one of the most important aspects of running machine learning models in production.

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The Data Lake Engine Data Microservices in Spark using Apache Arrow Flight

  1. 1. The Data Lake Engine Data Microservices in Spark using Apache Arrow Flight
  2. 2. Apache Arrow: Primer
  3. 3. >12M monthly downloads & growing exponentially Arrow powers dozens of open source & commercial technologies Java, C, C++, Python, R, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, Rust, Go, … 10+ programming languages supported Arrow’s adoption provides numerous benefits: • 300+ developers contributing • Broad architecture (CPU/GPU/FPGA), OS and language support • Awareness & OSS thought leadership Arrow has become the industry standard for in-memory data
  4. 4. What is Arrow? What is it? ●A specification that outlines in-memory binary layout of data ●A set of libraries and tools ●A set of standards to make analytical data transportable ●Representation for efficient analytical processing on CPUs and GPUs What isn’t it? ●It’s not an installable system ●It’s not a memory grid or in-memory cache ●It’s not designed for streaming or other single record operations (e.g. transactions)
  5. 5. Arrow In Memory Columnar Format ●Shredded Nested Data Structures ●Randomly Accessible ●Maximize CPU throughput ○ Pipelining ○ SIMD ○ cache locality ●Scatter/gather I/O Traditional Memory Arrow Memory
  6. 6. Example Arrow Building Blocks Gandiva ● LLVM-based JIT compilation for execution of arbitrary expressions against Arrow data structures Feather ● Fast ephemeral format for movement of data between R/Python Arrow Flight ● RPC/IPC interchange library for efficient interchange of data between processes Parquet ● Read and write Arrow quickly to/from Parquet. C++ library builds directly on Arrow.
  7. 7. Apache Arrow Flight
  8. 8. Arrow Flight ●High performance wire protocol ●Focused on bulk transfer for analytics ●Full delivery of Arrow interoperability promise ●Cross-platform ●Built for parallel ●Designed for Security FLIGHT
  9. 9. Arrow Data Paradigm: Streams of Batches ● Primary Communication: ○ A stream of Arrow record batches ○ Bulk transfer targeting efficient movement ○ Effectively peer-to-peer ● Specific Methods: ○ Put Stream: Client sends a stream to server ○ Get Stream: Server sends a stream to client ○ Both initiated by Client Client Server Put HeaderDataDataDataend Thanks endDataDataDataHeader Get Descriptor
  10. 10. Endpoint: Retrieved with Ticket Flight Host 1 Host 2 Big Datasets Require Parallel Streams ● Parallel consumption and locality awareness ○ A flight is composed of streams ○ Each stream has a FlightEndpoint: A opaque stream ticket along with a consumption location ○ Systems can take advantage of location information to improve data locality ● Flights have two reference systems: ○ Dotted path namespace for simple services (e.g. marketing.yesterday.sales) ○ Arbitrary binary command descriptor: (e.g. “select a,b from foo where c > 10”) ● Support for Stream Listing ○ ListFlights (Criteria) ○ GetFlightInfo (FlightDescriptor) Stream Stream Stream Stream
  11. 11. Flight Spark Source
  12. 12. Spark DataSource V2 ● Columnar support ● Transactions ● Partitions ● Better support for pushdowns
  13. 13. Flight Spark Source ● Uses Columnar Batch to leverage Spark’s Arrow support ● Supports pushdown of filters and projects ● Partitioned by Arrow flight ticket
  14. 14. Benchmarks ● 4x node EMR querying 4x node Dremio AWS Edition (m5d.8xlarge) ● Return n rows to spark executors then perform a non-trivial calculation ● Table shows t1 (t2) where t1 is total time and t2 is only transport time ● All units are seconds Data Size JDBC Serial Flight Parallel Flight Parallel Flight - 8 nodes 100,000 3.84 (1) 1 (1) 2.9 (2.21) 3.78 (3.02) 1,000,000 6.5 (2.8) 1.41 (1) 3.07 (2.76) 4.38 (2.98) 10,000,000 25.88 (22.9) 8.05 (4.3) 6.25 (3.43) 8.19 (4) 100,000,000 223 (220) 109 (105) 18.72 (11) 8.53 (10) 1,000,000,000 n/a n/a 36.6 (16) 18.9 (15)
  15. 15. Demo Time!
  16. 16. Thanks! Let me know your thoughts ○ rymurr@dremio.com ○ https://github.com/rymurr Join the Arrow Community ○ @apachearrow ○ subscribe-dev@apache.arrow.org ○ arrow.apache.org Try out Dremio ○ bit.ly/dremiodeploy ○ community.dremio.com Benchmarks ● Flight: https://bit.ly/32IWvCB ● Spark Connector: https://bit.ly/3bpR0Ni Code Examples ● Arrow Flight Example Code: https://bit.ly/2XgjmUE