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Newsletter January - February 2011

Daktari January - February 2011 Newsletter.

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Newsletter January - February 2011

  1. 1. DAKTARI NEWSLETTER<br />JANUARY/FEBRUARY EDITION<br />Written by Kirsten Shaw<br />
  2. 2. THE GREAT FLOOD<br />On the night of the 14th January, the heavens opened up, and Daktari received over 40 % of its annual rainfall in one night. The effects were brutal – the dam overflowed, barring all exits from the farm. <br />Our dismay turned to excitement as Ian organized an expedition to check the damage. Every dry river bed was now a roaring water way, and earth became sticky mud. During the adventure the Land Rover got stuck, and the volunteers took an unexpected bush walk back to camp in the torrential rain. Yet spirits remained high, as we all settled for warm, dry clothes and a cup of steaming tea. <br />
  3. 3. PONCHO’S BOUNCE<br />My little baby is growing up fast! He was born by surprise just before Christmas, and now is bouncing about mischievously. I feed him well, which shows on his chubby face. Poncho and Nina love to play, and bounce around Michele & Ian’s room most nights. When I go out to frolic, I park* Poncho in a tree so he can practice his jumping. He will soon be independent! <br />* Scientific bush baby term.<br />
  4. 4. Jan – Feb Volunteers<br />In a circle starting from the far left: Gillie, Kim, Andy, Dave, Sue, Ollie – all from the UK and Laura from Scotland. <br />
  5. 5. And …. Anne, Roland and Rodolphe from France;<br />The Allais Family from New Zealand, Nick, Tom and Jessica from Australia; Sonia and Georges from the US. <br />
  6. 6. Last month, in the Christmas rush, Daktari was entered into a competition by Global Giving through Ford Focus.<br />We could potentially win 10 000 $<br /> if a video made by a volunteer was chosen by Ford.<br />We sat with our fingers and toes crossed throughout the holiday, hoping for a winner…<br /> WE WON!!!<br />Congratulations Natalie, Denise and Tiffany! <br /> …We got THREE!<br />We had 8 entries and 3 winners, therefore receiving 30 000 $ !!! Michele still can’t sleep! <br />Thank you – Marine, Katie, Kirsten, Gina and Ingy who made videos<br />
  8. 8. NEWS ON THABO<br />Daktari’s iconic picture – Thabo with Lily the Duiker<br />Many have been asking after Thabo, so lets start with fantastic news –<br /> Thabo passed his matric in December 2010, adding to a job at the local restaurant he found through Michele and Ian.<br />It was a hard road through the adolescent period of Thabo’s life, yet he has come out the other side, independent and ready to fly the nest.<br />He is no longer a regular presence at Daktari, but Michele and Ian see him Saturdays in town, and wish him all the best, as his new adult life commences.<br />Thabo reading to Candy<br />Thabo – grown up and Independent<br />
  9. 9. This month, my sisters and I have found a generous mother to sponsor us : A January volunteer, Gillie Kenneally. <br />She fell in love with our mischievous yet delicate ways, and is happy to step up and feed us every day. Thank you Gillie for your love and support!!!<br />THREE LITTLE PIGS<br />Oh! You caught me!<br />
  10. 10. Please sponsor Caline and her baby, Halloween for R300 a month. <br />Thank you to Lara for being the latest sponsor for Shiloweni – we still need a few more at R200 a month.<br />PLEASE SPONSOR US<br />Our new baby Poncho and our cheeky little Nina are also waiting for a generous sponsor to donate R 200 a month<br />
  11. 11. Special Thanks to The Trust Organization<br />We are pleased to inform you that the construction of We, at Daktari, send a special thanks to The Trust organization who sponsored us for this wonderful project.<br />The Trust has done a tremendous fundraising event which brought R 25000 to Daktari. This fund has been used to build a leopard-viewing platform, Solar lights and there was some left over to cover a bit of our running costs. <br />The Leopard-viewing platform has been finished last week for the enjoyment of our children and volunteers. <br />We thank The Trust and their donors for their very appreciated support. <br />
  12. 12. GLOBALGIVING UK AND USA CHALLENGES<br />Daktari is excited to tell you about two fantastic opportunities to support conservation education of underprivileged children! We are looking forward to the first Global Giving’s campaign of the year, and invite you donate to Daktari with opportunity of gaining extra bonuses. <br />If you live in the UK:<br />From the 1st to the 14th of March 2011, we need to raise at least £500 from 25 donors to get an additional £500.Furthermore, Global Giving will give us an additional £250 if Daktari is one of the Top 10 recipients. All donations are also tax deductible for United Kingdom citizens. <br />Do not wait, donate now through www.globalgiving.co.uk<br />If you live in the USA or anywhere else in the world:<br />On March the 16th 2011, GlobalGiving will match at 30% all online donations. Help us to reach our goal of $ 2000 for our first campaign of the year. All donations are also tax deductible for American citizens. <br />Set your alarm clock for the 16th of March and donate through www.globalgiving.org<br />
  13. 13. WAYS TO DONATE<br />All donations made through Global Giving are tax deductible in the UK and the US<br />- DIRECTLY TO OUR BANK ACCOUNT -<br />Bank: First National Bank, Hoedspruit, South Africa<br />Swift number: FIRN ZA JJ <br />Branch Number: 270652<br />Account Number: Cheque Account (Non-Profit) 62044965129<br />Name: Daktari Wildlife Orphanage, South Africa<br />Global Giving UK to sponsor the whole Daktari project<br />Global Giving USA to sponsor the whole Daktari project<br />- AND THROUGH OUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT -<br />You can sponsor us through Greater Good SA and it is Tax Deductible<br />Donate through The Trust- our South African partner<br />
  14. 14. We would like to Thank You all for your ongoing support in 2011<br />