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All for One

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Children of Jacob also known as Bani Israel are direct descendant of prophet Abraham who used to firmly believe in One God. (Sajid Imtiaz)

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All for One

  1. 1. Abraham Jacob David Moses Jesus Ahmad Abraham had holy Scripture. Two of his sons were prophets; Ismael and Isaac. Jacob was son of prophet Isaac whereas one of his 12 sons was prophet Joseph. David with Psalms was sent for spiritual revival of children of Jacob. Solomon was his son. God exclusively spoke to Moses from the fire. He had great signs of Staff and White- hand besides Sultan, Criterion and Torah. God will speak to Jesus on the Day of Judgment. Having Gospel and Spirit, he had special powers to Cure patients and Enliven dead. Aramaic speaking Jesus gave good news to Jacob’s children for prophet Ahmad, however, prophet via Arabic Quran addressed to all.