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Gardening sheet quercus berberidifolia

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Gardening information for Quercus berberidifolia.

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Gardening sheet quercus berberidifolia

  1. 1. Coastal Sage Scrub Oak – Quercus berberidifolia (KWER-kus ber-ber-id-i-FO-lee-a) Family: Fagaceae (Beech Family) Native to: Much debate on this taxon, but may include most of coastal CA into Baja; locally on sandy soils near coast, chaparral, sandstone, coastal sage scrub below 600', South Coast to Baja. Growth characteristics: woody shrub/tree mature height:3-10+ ft. (to 20) mature width:4-8 ft. Woody shrub or small tree with shrub-like habit. Semi-erect with many branches and relatively small, dark, waxy evergreen leaves. Looks somewhat like a dwarf Coast Liveoak (Quercus agrifolia) & hybridizes with other native oaks. Leaves are ‘holly-like’ in some plants. Deep roots. Blooms/fruits: Blooms in early spring. Male flowers on drooping catkins, but only mildly showy. Female flowers insignificant. Acorns are oblong, rather like Coast Liveoak. Uses in the garden: Most often used on slopes and in other areas that need a tough, drought- tolerant shrub/tree. Small size makes it appropriate for smaller yards, parking strips, along roadsides, etc. Excellent habitat value and easy to grow in well-drained soils. Acorns can be prepared for food. May also be sold as ‘Quercus dumosa’. Sensible substitute for: Non-native shrubs of similar size. Attracts: Excellent habitat plant: provides cover for many birds & insects; and acorns for jays, small mammals. Requirements: Element Requirement Sun Full sun to part shade Soil Well-drained soils; tolerates slightly alkali soils (to pH 8.5) Water Very drought tolerant once established (Zone 1 or 1-2) Fertilizer Do not fertilize Other Management: Pretty easy to grow. Do not disturb roots or over-water. Let leaf litter accumulate, but rake it away from the trunk. Propagation: from seed: easy, plant in fall in pots or ground by cuttings: difficult Plant/seed sources (see list for source numbers): 1, 7, 12, 13, 14, 19 11/3/09 © Project SOUND