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Spruce Up Your Home with Slate House Signs

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Spruce Up Your Home with Slate House Signs

  1. 1. Spruce Up Your Home with Slate House SignsNow, what is the best way you can tell visitors to your wonderful home that they are welcome? Well, you can try putting upsome slate house signs.To begin with, you will need to purchase the following from a home improvement store near you:1-Air-drying polymer clay2-Super glue3-Oil paints4-Paint brushes5-Slate6-Gloves7-1/8 inch thick cotton rope8-Drill with a inch bitWhen you have got all your materials for making slate house signs you might want to work in a place where you will notbe interrupted like in the garden, so simply carry everything there. You will now take the paint and brush and then paintthe background of the slate house signs that you will be making. Test a small area before painting the whole slate thenleave the slate to dry when you are through.Now, it is time to do some rolling as you simply take some polymer clay and roll it till it looks like a long snake then cutthe sections and form the letters that you will want to make up the words on your slate house signs. You will then leavethe polymer clay letters to dry then paint them with the color of your choice later. These letters are very important to theappearance of your slate house signs.To make your slate house signs more decorative it is good that you paint a design on the rest of the slates. You canactually put the family name or address on your slate house signs. This actually makes the plaques more personalized.Now take the bit and put it on the drill then use it to make two holes at the top of your slate sign.These two holes must be at least four inches apart. The next step in the completion of your slate house signs is takingthe cotton rope and cutting a section of it that is six inches long. String this rope in the two holes you have just drilled thenknot the ends. Now you can take your slate house signs and hang them at your door or at the various entrances to yourhome and make everyone feel welcome to your humble abode through your slate house signs.For more information on Custom House Numbers, including other interesting and informative articles andphotos, please click on this link: Spruce Up Your Home with Slate House Signs