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2018 Trends - We Are Social

The 5 trends that will shape digital marketing in 2018

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2018 Trends - We Are Social

  1. 1. We Are Social 2018 #Trending1 2018 #TRENDING December 2017
  2. 2. We Are Social 2018 #Trending2 INTRO DUCTION People are often looking for the next new killer trend they can jump on. Be forewarned: this will not be the case with this trend report. Simply because trends, as they relate to human behaviour, take longer than 12 months to evolve… and focusing on people, not just platforms, is always a better way to go. Therefore, what we will be doing in this report is looking at some of the established and recognisable trends to date and analysing how they are shifting and evolving, through the help of social, leading into 2018. Enjoy.
  3. 3. We Are Social 2018 #Trending3 (RE)CURATION TREND Delivering information in smarter, more personalised ways
  4. 4. We Are Social 2018 #Trending4 WE’RE IN THE AGE OF INFORMATION OVERLOAD 90% of the data on the internet was created since 2016. 400 hours of new video is uploaded to YouTube every day. Every minute on Facebook sees the creation of 510k comments, 293k status updates and 136k photos. Instagram is no different, with users posting 46,740 pictures every minute. This is where algorithms come in to play. We’re constantly finding new ways to navigate the problem of information overload. In 2018 we’ll be doing it better and with greater accuracy for personalisation than ever before. (RE)CURATION
  5. 5. We Are Social 2018 #Trending5 DUAL-FEEDING There are different ways of solving information overload, and an easy and straightforward way is optimising structure and organisation, take for example how Facebook is tackling this with their new Facebook Explore feature. Facebook Explore is an alternative ‘discovery focused' newsfeed designed to help users discover content that’ll spark their interests - beyond the posts from friends and brands they already follow. The way it works is to surface recommended content it thinks you’ll find interesting (based on your Facebook psychographic profile) and will come from sources you haven’t followed yet – like Pages and other posts from publishers or news organisations. And yes, this essentially creates a second feed and twice as much inventory for Facebook! FACEBOOKEXPLORE
  6. 6. We Are Social 2018 #Trending6 HASHTAG FOLLOWS Hashtag follows are another way we will be (re)curating content in 2018. Instead of only following brands, individuals or organisations on Instagram, we will soon be able to follow specific hashtags, reframing not only how we filter the content we receive around passion areas or niches, but also how users, brands and even influencers can develop their social footprint going forward. RESURGENCE OF ‘OPT-IN’ MARKETING We’re starting to see a big step back to 'opt-in’ marketing, largely fuelled by new messenger platforms, evolution of ‘group’ functionalities on existing apps as well as AI and automation. This creates more intimate and meaningful connections with audiences and brands. Adidas’ ‘Tango Squad’ is a prime example of how Facebook Messenger was used to create an opt-in community of football influencers delivering exclusive, premium content to the audience and in turn more valuable brand interactions. ADIDAS TANGO SQUAD HASHTAG FOLLOWS
  7. 7. We Are Social 2018 #Trending7 NEVER-ENDING FRICTIONLESS TREND Solutions looking at new ways of removing more friction from the experience
  8. 8. We Are Social 2018 #Trending8 More than ever before people are looking for ways to do things more efficiently and effectively, often relying on digital technologies and brands to facilitate a more seamless user experience. Solutions to remove friction in the customer experience are ever-evolving and in 2018, we’re going to see more consolidation of experiences into the feed as well as distribution of platform with functionality users know and understand. NEVER-ENDING FRICTIONLESS
  9. 9. We Are Social 2018 #Trending9 THE EVOLUTION OF SOCIAL COMMERCE There have been murmurs around Silicon Valley and Old Street for a while but only now, looking into 2018, is social commerce coming into meaningful fruition. Instagram is currently trialling shoppable tags within posts, Spotify has developed a commercial proof of concept selling beauty products with Pat McGrath & Maggie Lindemann, and even the likes of KLM, have started baking-in purchases within their messenger app experiences. SHOPPABLE TAGS KLMBOT-COMMERCE With Facebook currently trialling their in- platform payment and transactional fulfilment service, if brands aren’t strategically looking at social commerce in 2018, they may have a channel blind-spot.
  10. 10. We Are Social 2018 #Trending10 AR In the pursuit of frictionless, platforms are making fundamental shifts in their experience architecture. For example, Facebook’s pioneering efforts in augmented reality will not only enable users to natively add information, but also enhance those experiences (e.g.: reviews, novelty filters, edits, etc). VISUAL SEARCH Facebook is taking it even further with visual search (utilising AI to infer and leverage elements within an image more so than just analysing what it is). It was initially developed to improve the experience of visually impaired users, and it will now be extended across the platform, affording all users benefits like searching for images on Facebook with keywords that describe the contents of a photo, rather than being limited by tags and captions. Pinterest’s new ‘Lens’ is another great example of how a platform is leveraging visual search to serve up inspiration. PINTERESTLENS OFF-PLATFORM INTEGRATION Facebook is, once again, looking at ways of leveraging their tools and features to support off- platform experiences, allowing brands to embed Messenger onto their website to enable them to seamlessly integrate live chat via Messenger.
  11. 11. We Are Social 2018 #Trending11 REFERENCE NOT DEFERENCE 3 TREND Platforms giving more power to users and influencers through social feedback mechanics.
  12. 12. We Are Social 2018 #Trending12 More Australians use an ad-blocker than watch cable TV and Australians are twice as likely to discover a brand or product through social recommendations than an ad seen online. We’ve shifted away from traditional, perceived cultural authorities (government, traditional media, pundits, etc), to now referencing multiple peer-related sources and perspectives to shape our identity and support the decision making process. REFERENCE NOT DEFERENCE
  13. 13. We Are Social 2018 #Trending13 INFLUENCERS SHAPING BRANDS It’s this cultural shift that has fuelled the rise of influencer marketing, which is not only hitting maturity, but evolving in innovative and meaningful ways. Take uber-influencer Casey Neistat. He’s a great example of influencers not only rising above the tactical and forging longer term, equity building relationships with brands (as a Samsung influencer, he reportedly has the Samsung CEO on proverbial speed-dial), but also showing how influencers can fundamentally impact legacy businesses considering how CNN - whom we’d previously deferred to - not only bought his Beme app, but ultimately collaborated with him to develop Daily Show in order to draw a younger audience. Our recent study found that 63% of Australians who follow influencers do so because they see them as a trusted source of information; a powerful source of reference. (Download full report bit.ly/WASInfluencerReport) CASEY NEISTAT
  14. 14. We Are Social 2018 #Trending14 YOUR SOCIAL FEEDBACK IS IMPORTANT Moving into 2018, influencer marketing is not the only evolution in this space; the platforms are also building better mechanisms to facilitate reference over deference through native development. Take the launch of Instagram voting and Facebook live polling, or even the fact that Facebook has acquired TBH (the anonymous teen compliment app): they show how they are investing in social feedback mechanics, giving more power to users and influencers. INFLUENCER AFFIlLIATE MODELS Influencer marketing has developed to the point that affiliate marketing wunderkinds, Amazon, have evolved influencer relationships into an affiliate revenue model, whereby influencers monetise the power of their influence and receive revenue based on sales.
  15. 15. We Are Social 2018 #Trending15 UTILITY TO EMPATHY 4 TREND Smarter technologies focussed on enabling empathy and enhancing user interactions
  16. 16. We Are Social 2018 #Trending16 Tech advancements have started to evolve from just utilitarian technologies to being smarter and more focussed on enabling empathy. UTILITY TO EMPATHY
  17. 17. We Are Social 2018 #Trending17 TELEPRESENCE TECH Telepresence (a set of technologies which allow a person to feel, or give the appearance, of being present with other people) is starting to take form. Take tech startup Elli-Q, for example, who managed to merge social media, connected tech and AI into a product that not only connects elderly people with the outside world, it also gives them humanistic interactions. VIRTUAL REALITY A lot has been said about VR - and we still are, for the most part, in the realm of innovation-without-application for the moment - but what Facebook is doing with Facebook Spaces is showing how this technology can be leveraged to build empathy with people who are not able to see or experience environments in a useful or meaningful way. Going even more blue sky, bidirectional empathy (the tech being sentient enough to understand your wants, needs and moods) and being able to serve up content / service / utility before one even know that they want or need it, is a very powerful proposition if we can find ways to unlock it. ELLI-Q FACEBOOK SPACES
  18. 18. We Are Social 2018 #Trending18 EPHEMERAL-ISED 5 TREND The creation, sharing and consumption of content in quicker more meaningful ways
  19. 19. We Are Social 2018 #Trending19 We’re living in a culture of ‘micro moments’. Those are the moments when people turn to their phones to act on a need to learn something, share something, discover something, watch something, buy something. These moments happen on the go - augmenting downtime - and are impacting how people create and experience content in more ephemeralised ways. The emperalisation of content - the creation, sharing and consumption of content in quicker more meaningful ways - will be a trend dominating 2018. EPHEMERAL-ISED
  20. 20. We Are Social 2018 #Trending20 EVOLUTION OF TRADITIONAL CONTENT IN NEW FORMATS Not only will we see the evolution of traditional content and entertainment formats into an ephemeral context (for example HQ, the trivia game show from Vine founders, tapping into live social feeds culture), we will also see brands and publishers creating more and more bespoke fit-for-format content, not too dissimilar to Snapchat’s ‘Literally Can’t Even’ vertical show. It’s becoming so popular and successful that made-for-social content is starting to get green-lit for traditional distribution mediums (with Snap once again heavily investing in this direction). HQ TRIVIA SHOW
  21. 21. We Are Social 2018 #Trending21 ‘Hooked’ and ‘Tap’ This isn’t limited to moving image content - we are even seeing innovations in literature and message bots, with chat-fiction apps like ‘Hooked’ and ‘Tap’ creating new content experiences more attuned to the audience and their environments. These types of apps are also exploring interesting ways of layering multimedia content within the literary experience and it wouldn’t be hard to see how these experiences could evolve into temporal or ‘live’ engagements with audiences. HOOKED-CHATFICTION
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