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A Parent's Guide to Keeping Kids Safe Online

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Cybersafety workshop for parents on how to keep their children safe on the Internet and when using mobile devices. Developed for the Online Safety Education for Families (OSEF) Program - a program of Oak Hill United Methodist Church Community Ministries.

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A Parent's Guide to Keeping Kids Safe Online

  1. 1. How to keep KIDS AND YOUTH Safe online
  2. 2. Family rules Technology tools types of parental controlS 22
  3. 3. 1. Make a list of trusted peers/adults that your child can talkto in an uncomfortablesituation. 2. Set rules for your home anduse a Family Media Agreement 4. Discuss practice scenarios Develop a safety plan 3. Ask questions & probe theirunderstanding
  4. 4. Family Media Rules - Mutual responsibilities - Age appropriate - Download from: CommonSenseMedia.org
  5. 5. -What are your friends doing online? -What are the coolest or newest websites? -Can you show me your favorite sites? Do you know: -where reporting functions are? -how to block someone? -how to keep information private? QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR CHILD
  6. 6. Don’t assume they know! Facebook Example: A Bewildering Tangle of Options
  7. 7. • If the request makes you uncomfortable, don’t respond to the message. • If the person continues to try to make contact, tell a friend or trusted adult. • If you feel that the person is truly trustworthy and want to meet them, ask a trusted adult to go with you. • Never disclose personal information, such as your phone number or where you live. • If you’d like, you can also talk to someone anonymously by calling the CyberTipline at 1-800-843-5678. Agreeing on specific action steps ahead of time can save youth the difficulty of trying to figure out what to do in the moment You met a really nice girl/guy online, but they live a few hours away. One day they message you and say that they’re coming to your town for the day. They want to meet you at the mall.
  8. 8. devices = diaryA Question of Trust
  9. 9. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY collect passwords & store them in a sealed envelope
  10. 10. Have the computer centrally located but:
  11. 11. OS parental controls software controls prevent unwanted content from entering your computer mobile device filters restrict what your kids have access to on mobile devices Browser-specific solutions filter out websites you don't want your kids to visit. ROUTER SOLUTIONS prevent unwanted content from entering your home TechnologyTools Open DNS
  12. 12. OS parental controls • Apps: Specify which apps the child can access. • Web: Limit access to websites, or allow unrestricted access. • People: Restrict a child’s contact with other people through Game Center, Mail, and Messages. • Time Limits: Set time limits for weekdays, weekends, and bedtime. • Other: Hide profanity in the dictionary and other sources. Block using the built-in camera, Dictation, burning CDs and DVDs, or changing the password or printer settings.
  13. 13. Choose General, then Restrictions. Enable Restrictions & enter a password your kids won’t guess. Under the Allow section, switch anything to “off” you want to disable completely. Under the Allowed Content tab, change the settings for Music & Podcasts, Movies, TV Shows and Apps to your preferred level. Set Apps to 12+ or less, to prevent children from installing unfiltered browsers, which are rated 17+. Mobile device filters For Android devices: Menu > Content Filtering > Choose your filters
  14. 14. Disable Location Services - Talk about safety risks - Ask if your kid knows how to disable this - Ask if your kid knows whether it is enabled - Check their posts location icon
  15. 15. Helps kids resist sexts and peer pressure with funny comebacks. Also provides advice on dealing with sexting crises. Useful apps: Zipit
  16. 16. “Send this instead” app Gives kids a voice when they are under pressure to send intimate images of themselves online.
  17. 17. - credits: love146.org Websites to keep an eye on:
  18. 18. • Become a ‘friend/follower’ of your kid’s social media accounts. But remember that they can block you. • Have your youth use your app store account or an account linked to your email, so you’ll be notified when an app is downloaded. • Set hard boundaries on pieces of info that should never be shared publicly, such as a personal phone number or home address. Additional Ideas: