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Hobbies 爱好

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Learn to say four popular hobbies in Chinese, and ask what are your hobbies in Chinese. It is compatible with Jinbu 1, Chapter 3.

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Hobbies 爱好

  1. 1. 爱好 (ài hào) Hobbies
  2. 2. 看书 (kàn shū) 听音乐 (tīng yīn yuè)
  3. 3. 买东西 (mǎidōng xī) 上网 (shàng wǎng)
  4. 4. What’s your hobby? A:你的爱好是什 么?your hobby is what B:我的爱好是…… my hobby is
  5. 5. Grammar: The use of negatives • The negative for most verbs is made by adding the character 不(bù) before the verb. • E.g. 我不上网。他不上网。 你不上 网。 • The verb is the same for all the subjects. • Simple! The verb never changes in Chinese.Note: Do you remember what the negative for the verb 有 is?
  6. 6. Practice in pairs • Now, use the following guided structure to make sentences with the person next to you. • Subject + 不 + hobbies in Chinese • E.g. 妹妹不买东西。
  7. 7. Grammar: position of time words • In Chinese the time when an action happens comes at the beginning of the sentence and always before the verb. It is at the very beginning of the sentence or straight after the subject. • E.g. 我今天(不)上网。or 今天我(不)上网。 我今天看书,不上网。