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Comsode pilot - Slovak Environmental Agency



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Comsode pilot - implementation of Open Data Node - Slovak Environmental Agency (May 2015)

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Comsode pilot - Slovak Environmental Agency

  1. 1. Slovak Environmental Agency pilot Linked geo data for an environment Martin Tuchyňa, Peter Hanečák, Jindrich Mynarz, Jirka Helmich, Ján Marček COMSODE Final User Board meeting, 28.05.2015, Vienna, AT
  2. 2. Mission of the Slovak Environment Agency ● Policy support o Design and Implementation ● Infrastructure provider o Data Services (DB servers) o Webapps design and hosting o GIS (desktop/web) ● Data provider/integrator o LandCover,Environmental burden,waste dumps ● Support for INSPIRE o Maintenance of National Geoportal o Support for the stakeholders ● Consultancy provider o Analysis and design of environmental information systems
  3. 3. Pilot Motivation & Goals ● Motivations o Explore potential to increase re-usability of environmental and spatial (including INSPIRE) resources via Linked data and semantic web o Test the outcomes of COMSODE (Methodologies, ODN) o Knowledge & Experience exchange between COMSODE and SmartOpenData projects ● Goals o To create the biodiversity and environmental risk related spatial linked data resources o Contribute to the development of vocabularies o To link these resources with relevant linked data o To visualise and query resources via machine and human readable interfaces
  4. 4. Achievements so far ● Creating the 5 biodiversity and environmental risk related spatial linked data resources
  5. 5. Achievements so far ● Where possible contribute to the development of INSPIRE related and domain specific vocabularies o INSPIRE related o Domain specific “Environmental burdens”
  6. 6. Achievements so far ● Linking transformed RDF resources with relevant linked data o Geonames > SK Protected sites o EEA Natura 2000 Standard Data Flow reporting > SK Protected sites o Geonames > SK Contaminated sites
  7. 7. Achievements so far ● Visualisation and query of transformed RDF resources via machine and human readable interfaces o Geo(Sparql) end point provided via Parliament triplestore o ODN deployment o Payola Biodiversity Mash-up Visualisation
  8. 8. Next steps, obstacles, sustainability ● To be done: o Migration into the SAZP infrastructure ● Issues to keep in mind o Lack of relevant expertice in public sector bodies ● Sustainability o Exploring potential for another data resources and links for enrichment o Increase effectiveness of the eGov processes o Contribute to the OpenGovernmentPartnership activities o Awareness raising
  9. 9. Contacts ● SAZP: martin.tuchyna@sazp.sk ● EEA: peter.hanecak@eea.sk