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5) meeting italy project comenius food and work first period

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5) meeting italy project comenius food and work first period

  1. 1. COMENIUS FOOD THE TEENAGERS BETWEEN CULINARY TRADITION AND FAST FOOD 2012-2014 COMENIUS FOOD – First Period (italian meeting) By Paola Amadio Coordinator Comenius Project
  2. 2. THE PROJECT • The project aims to involve teenagers in a debate about intercultural food style among young generation and its consequences in their cultural identity. • They will explore areas related to nutrition, food technologies, traditional and ecological agriculture • They will also compare cultures and traditions by extending the dining experience among partner countries.
  3. 3. •They will oppose two concepts, (food type) fast food and culinary tradition, understand the break that happens in the individual mind by assimilating artificial culture that tends to become universal food code. •They can assist to the preparation of a traditional menu •They will taste the products and find recipes •They will study ingredients, conservation of food. These experiences will be shared within the project visits, on the web site (Blog) and materialized in the final products. (European guide of healthy menus, book of traditional recipes, brochures, etc )
  4. 4. EUROPEANS COUNTRIES INVOLVED INTO THE PROJECT Romania (COORDINATOR), Greece (Creta), Italia, Poland, Spain, Turkey • • • • • • • Colegiul Tehnic Nr.2 -TARGU-JIU – RO www.ct2tg-jiu.ro EPAGGELMATIKO LYKEIO ELEFTHERIOU VENIZELOU – CHANIA – EL (CRETE) http://www.epal-elvenizelou.gr Ist. Istr. Sup. D. Sartor - Sez. S. Gaetano di Montebelluna – CASTELFRANCO VENETO- TV - IT www.istitutoagrariosartor.it IES Joan Miro - BARCELONA - ES www.iesjoanmiro.com Zespół Szkół Zawodowych – Lubliniec –SLAKIE – PL www.zszlubliniec.pl YUSUF ZİYA ÖNER FEN LİSESİ – ANTALYA – TR http://www.antalyafenlisesi.k12.tr Escola Básica dos 2º e 3º ciclos Manuel de Figueiredo de Torres Novas - Torres Novas- P http://agilpaes.pt
  5. 5. THE MEETINGS Comenius Project The meetings are occasions for developing attention to the European integration through problem list, study and life into the host country 1st MEETING ROMANIA Nov 2012 2nd MEETING ITALY Feb 2013 The next meetings 3th MEETING TURKEY Apr 2013 SPAIN (Oct 2013) PORTUGAL (Jen 2013) POLAND (Apr 2013)
  6. 6. LESSON about food (1) In each school students have had lessons about psycological aspects related to food In Italy students have attended the lesson FOOD AND PSYCO Un percorso di sensibilizzazione per gli adolescenti Comenius FOOD 2012-2014 A cura di Paola Amadio Psicologa ad indirizzo clinico educatrice
  8. 8. The food: what does it mean? The food is a source of nourishment but it also means: Tradition. It is in typical traditional dishes that we often keep an important part of the culture of a people and ancient knowledge and values. Friendship. The offering of food shows friendship, in any part of the world. Meeting Place. For a family the time of lunch, dinner is often an opportunity to meet, talk… Holiday. You cannot think of occasions of celebration, in all times and places, without a rich buffet But everyone can find a lot of other means
  9. 9. At the beginning The students have understood how much it is important for the child to taste solid food It is a natural step of growing
  10. 10. Students have understood that in the family and at school begins NUTRITION EDUCATION EATING is very important IT IS A PSYCHOLOGICAL VALUE for students but also for the whole society
  11. 11. Students have explored problems of our society overweight Nowadays obesity and overweight are widespread In Italy, in the last 10 years, obesity has increased 50%. A Healthy Lifestyle is important
  12. 12. Other problems of our society Eating disorders Anorexia Nervosa Bulimia Nervosa BED (Binge Eating Disorder)
  13. 13. What image?
  14. 14. WHY? Because our body image is the result - of psycological , cultural aspects and - of our experiences and of our society
  15. 15. It’s important an integrated approach for these problems Psychologists Nutrizionists Psychiatrists Teachers, instructors Family School Society and
  16. 16. Healthy Lifestyle
  17. 17. LESSON about food (2) What do our students eat? 3AS and 3BS Total 29 students Survey: what they eat at home: -breakfast - lunch - dinner
  18. 18. ONE first result
  19. 19. OUR proposal Let’s start the survey inside the other Comenius countries …. and finally we will see how the students eat and in particular the differences on what they eat
  20. 20. The first Meeting ROMANIA (November 2012) •We have known each others (the different educational system of schools, the habits of each country) •We have known the Romanian reality (traditional food and fast food) •We planned some future activities •We decided to create a general blog called “Mum's food or fast food” a place where we are going to upload all the photos, comments, activities mentioned in our application form, such as the album of the project, Grandma's recipes, the healthy eating guide and the new ones we decide to do. • We decided to create a LOGO of the project
  21. 21. In each Country the students have developed the logo for the project
  22. 22. LOGO Students have had a competition about the logo for the project The winner was…. SPAIN
  23. 23. QUESTIONNAIRE In each Country the students … The students have answered a common questionnaire about fast and traditional food What does fast food mean for you? They will compare the results during the 2nd meeting in Italy (this afternoon)
  24. 24. •How often do you go to fast food restaurants in a month, in a week? •What kind of fast food do you prefer? •What do you drink? •In which occasion do you go to fast food restaurants (with your family, friends, alone…? •How many fast food restaurants are there in your school area or in your neighbourhood? •Why do you eat fast food? ( time, money, etc) •Do you like having lunch/dinner with your grandmother? •Name 3 mum’s dishes you like most •How many times per week do you eat with your whole family at home? •Where do you have lunch / dinner for special occasions
  25. 25. INTERVIEWS The students have worked in each country and they have made interviews to local community to the responsible of the fast food Ingredients and quantity in the different kind of food you can find in a fast food restaurant: •What is the fast food made of? •What kind of meat?
  26. 26. PRESENTATIONS Students have prepared PPT about Comenius group of That will be a good way to know each other
  27. 27. Works of all Countries will be in the blog http://foodorfastfood.blogspot.it/ Thank you SPAIN
  28. 28. And now.. ITALIAN MEETING 18th-22nd of Febr 2013 • PPT presentation - from Italian School: (Comenius and ISISS Sartor Italian team) - from each school: students present their school to other Comenius teams and the work they have done during this period • - Activities at School Students will make poster “FOOD” Students will make typical “ITALIAN FOOD” (on Tuesday) SPORT activities at school
  29. 29. • - Educational Visit: Forno Asolo (Sweets) PASTA ZARA (products transformation) Museum of Montebelluna - “ Exhibition Alimenta”guided activities • Life in the families for students • Cultural Visit in our Country - Villa Sandi, Treviso, … • Meeting with local Authorities (Major) AND MORE…….
  30. 30. Good meals and friendly activities Enjoy your time in Italy!!! Paola Amadio – Comenius Coordinator