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We live in a VUCA world

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A description of our VUCA world and how leaders can navigate it.

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We live in a VUCA world

  1. 1. We live in a VUCA world and how Leaders can navigate it by Colin Ramsay
  2. 2. Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous "the new normal"
  3. 3. Where did VUCA come from? US army war college, leadership primer 3rd edition Colonel Stephen J Gerras, PhD, Professor of behavioural sciences
  4. 4. to deal with a changing battlescape...
  5. 5. business leaders face a similar, challenging, dynamic landscape
  6. 6. Volatile exponentially accelerating change with record levels of market volatility (VIX)
  7. 7. Volatile 0010101101010000010010110010111010101001010110001010110011001011110101010100000110011100 rapid advances in computing power, are catalysing bio, nano, robotics and infotech growth to record levels
  8. 8. Volatile unprecedented access to knowledge, 24hr news, viral stories and ever expanding social networks & media
  9. 9. Uncertain ? ? ? the inability to know everything, the lack of predictability and likelihood of “surprise” events
  10. 10. Complex The multiplex of forces, the chaos and confusion that surround an organization or environment
  11. 11. Ambiguous differences in interpretation when contextual clues are insufficient to clarify meaning
  12. 12. Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous "the new normal"
  13. 13. As a leader, how can you navigate the VUCA world? VUCA ACUV
  14. 14. Vision Understanding Clarity Agility
  15. 15. Vision COMMUNICATE - relentlessly communicate a sense of purpose and lead people towards it BELIEF - in yourself and others, supported by facts and evidence FOCUS - ensure your team’s efforts are aligned and focused on the right areas HY W
  16. 16. Understanding CURIOSITY - ask questions (coach) that challenge the status quo in your organization every day EMPATHY - get where people are coming from - their hopes, fears and desires OPEN MIND - explore new ideas, reflect and seek constructive criticism
  17. 17. Clarity SIMPLIFY - chop the fat, cut through the complexity and distill the core down to its essence INTUITION - use the gift of knowing without reasoning, trust your gut and your experience SYSTEMS THINKING - approach problems from a holistic perspective (a system of dynamic, interacting, interdependent parts)
  18. 18. Agility DECISIVENESS - adapt quickly to changing circumstances and make decisions with confidence INNOVATE OR DIE - learn from your mistakes and continuously seek new ways to get better at what you do EMPOWER - value networks over hierarchy, collaboration over control and set people free to do great work
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