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Notas do Editor

  1. How is it that certain people are living happy lives with seemingly no effort while you are struggling just to be happy? Are you scratching your head as to how you can live a better life in which stress is less? How do you set and reach goals? How do you stay motivated while reaching goals? What on earth is a goal and how do you come up with one? This presentation will give you a better understanding of goals, goal setting and getting the support you need in order to achieve those goals and stay on track.
  2. Goals are something one has in mind to achieve. The path to achieving this goal is often difficult and littered with hurdles that may cause us to pause or steer us off course.Anyone can learn how to write a goal (and I will show you how later in this presentation). It is just achieving the goal that is oftentimes difficult.
  3. Part of the process of writing a goal should include ‘what if” circumstances just in case something gets in the between you and your goal. Things do happen and it is better to be prepared for these times.