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“Twitter Will Win — And With the Right Plan of Attack, So Will You”

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It’s getting easier to find marketers and brands who have at least one solid case study on how Facebook has resulted in some type of uptick against their marketing KPI’s. Yet, in 2012, it seems that Twitter has been all but kicked to the back of the room as a tool we use to talk with our friends and share pictures of kittens. Yet, in a recent study, Edison Research projects that while only 10% of Americans
regularly interact with Twitter, some 89% of Americans ages 12 and up are at least familiar with the service. Another study conducted by Trendrr in March of this year found that Twitter dominates about 85% of all social media activity surrounding broadcast TV. In this session, Nate Riggs will show you why as a social network and marketing tool — Twitter will win. He’ll demonstrate why this micro-blogging market place is worthy of the investment of your time and dollars, and share strategic tips, insights and tactical tools that will help you take advantage of the serendipity of Twitter.

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“Twitter Will Win — And With the Right Plan of Attack, So Will You”

  1. 1. Twitter Will WinHow To Build Your Brand Channel So You Win Too @ nateriggs #cmworld nateriggs.com/speaking tkg.com
  2. 2. Twitter will win...
  3. 3. among 18 to 29 year olds, 58% have adopted smartphones @nateriggs #cmworld Source: Think With Google, ourmobileplanet.com
  4. 4. u.s. smartphone penetration reached 51% in Feb 2012, up from 38% in Feb 2011 @nateriggs #cmworld Source: Nielsen Mobile Insights, Feb 2012
  5. 5. In just the last 12 months,tablet adoption is up 400% @nateriggs #cmworld Source: Nielsen’s 2012 Cross Platform Report
  6. 6. Twitter made up roughly 85% of social activity occurring around broadcast television in February 2012@nateriggs #cmworld Source: Trendrr TV February 2012 White Paper
  7. 7. #olympics
  8. 8. 88% of Americans are aware of Twitter as a social networking site @nateriggs #cmworld Source: The Social Habit by Edison Research & Arbitron
  9. 9. The number of people who use Twitter on atypical day has quadrupled since 2010 @nateriggs #cmworld Source: Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project Winter 2012
  10. 10. The average Twitter user’s frequency of use has increased by 11% since last year @nateriggs #cmworld Source: The Social Habit by Edison Research & Arbitron
  11. 11. Twitter adoption among 12 to 24 year olds nearly doubles that of older demographics @nateriggs #cmworld Source: The Social Habit by Edison Research & Arbitron
  12. 12. As a business, Twitter is viable @nateriggs #cmworld Source: CrunchBase Profile - Twitter
  13. 13. “Because all of the brands are jumping in and spewing content, there’s a deafening noise. So, the oneway to cut across that is to advertise and make your content shine higher.” - Jeremiah Owyang, Altimeter Group
  14. 14. Researchers at EMarketer Inc. have said that in2014, Twitter will reach $540 million in ad sales, which make up virtually all of its revenue, up from $139.5 million last year. - Bloomberg News
  15. 15. Twitter has positioned its service as complimentaryto mainstream media networks @nateriggs #cmworld
  16. 16. Twitter Will WinA Framework for Growing and Optimizing Your Content Distribution Channel @ nateriggs #cmworld nateriggs.com/speaking tkg.com
  17. 17. grow and optimize your brand’s channel on Twitter, so thatyou can increase performance of your content distribution
  18. 18. collect data anddevelop insights on your brand’s twitter audience and competitors
  19. 19. Twitter applications are being forced to mature in their focus on performance optimization @nateriggs #cmworld Source: https://dev.twitter.com/blog/changes-coming-to-twitter-api
  20. 20. @socialbro provides real time channel insights into your brand’s Twitter audience @nateriggs #cmworld @socialbro Source: socialbro.com
  21. 21. @klout is moving to provide deeper network- specific influence insights @nateriggs #cmworld @klout Source: klout.com
  22. 22. @simplymeasured focuses on competitive analysis and insights that can be used as benchmarks @nateriggs #cmworld @simplymeasured Source: simplymeasured.com
  23. 23. develop a strategy that allows yourorganization to operationalizeTwitter across multiple departments
  24. 24. most organizations today operate a centralized social business strategy @nateriggs #cmworld
  25. 25. in the future, savvy organizations will work towards a more decentralized social business strategy @nateriggs #cmworld
  26. 26. monitor contentperformance and evolve your editorial roadmap to focus on what resonates with your audience
  27. 27. @crowdbooster analyzes granular contentperformance data to determine engagement @nateriggs #cmworld @crowdbooster Source: crowdbooster.com
  28. 28. @bufferapp supports content distribution with automated scheduling tools @nateriggs #cmworld @bufferapp Source: bufferapp.com
  29. 29. grow your twitter channel by integratingonsite following andfrictionless sharing applicationsacross your brand’s web properties
  30. 30. @clicktotweet helps visitors to your web properties tweet suggested content @nateriggs #cmworld Example: http://socialtriggers.com/psychology-more-sales/
  31. 31. use api integration with your web properties to take advantage of frictionless sharing @nateriggs #cmworld Source: http://bit.ly/TweetMyTime
  32. 32. social optimization tools can help increase your channel growthand reduce manual labor
  33. 33. @socialbro uses naturallanguage search algorithms optimize content distribution @nateriggs #cmworld @socialflow Source: socialflow.com
  34. 34. content optimization metrics can help identify opportunities for promoted posts @nateriggs #cmworld @socialflow Source: socialflow.com
  35. 35. TweetAdder uses social automation tools to help brands grow their Twitter channel @nateriggs #cmworld Source: tweetadder.com
  36. 36. it’s your channel
  37. 37. @nateriggs it’s your channelnateriggs.complus.ly/nateriggsnateriggs@tkg.comtkg.com
  38. 38. appendix researchcitations and resources
  39. 39. citations for articles + research studiesSource Description LinkThe Social Habit, Edison Research & January/February 2012 national landline/mobile phone survey of 2,020 people, 12 and overArbitron, June 2012 Data weighted to national population figures. http://bit.ly/socialhabit Data analysis of social media interaction per channel as related to broadcast televisionTrendrr TV February 2012 White Paper programming http://bit.ly/TrendrrFeb12Pew Research Center’s Internet &American Life Project -- Twitter Use Data from telephone interviews conducted in January and February 2012, sample of 2,2532012 adults 18 and older and from March to April 2012, sample of 2,254 adults, 18 and older. http://bit.ly/pewinternet12 CrunchBase is a free database of technology companies, people, and investors that anyoneCrunchBase Company Profile -- Twitter can edit. http://bit.ly/crunchbase-twitterTwitter Said To Expect $1 Billion In AdRevenue In 2014 - Bloomberg News Article by Jonathan Erlichman and Brian Womack - Jun 2, 2012 12:01 AM ET http://bit.ly/bloomberg-twitterThink with Google -OurMobilePlanet.com Site for real time data and insights on smartphone adoption and usage across 40 countries http://bit.ly/googlemobileplanetNielsen Media Research Annual research study conducted by Nielsen on U.S. smartphone adoption http://bit.ly/nielsen-smartphone-2012Nielsen Media Research Annual research study conducted by Nielsen on U.S. cross platform media usage http://bit.ly/nielsen-cross-platform-studyTwitter Developers Blog Post -- Changes coming in Version 1.1 of the Twitter API | Twitter Developers http://bit.ly/twitter-api-changes http://bit.ly/tweet-from-post-example-SocialTriggers Post - 5 Psychological Master Keys That Will Open The Doors to More Sales, Derek Halpern social-triggersTweetMyTime Frictionless Sharing Case Case study from the launch of TweetMyTime, in partnership with Nate Riggs and huber &Study co. http://bit.ly/TweetMyTime
  40. 40. links for applications and toolsSource Description LinkSocialBro SocialBro allows you to explore and segment your Twitter community http://bit.ly/socialbro-tool Klout is the standard of online influence measurement. New updates to their dashboard areKlout now in preview http://bit.ly/klout-preview Simply Measured is 3rd party Twitter application that provides easy social mediaSimplyMeasured measurement & analytics, as well as competitive analysis http://bit.ly/simplymeasured-tool Crowdbooster is a 3rd party social media marketing analytics and optimization tool thatCrowdbooster assists with per-post performance analysis http://bit.ly/crowdbooster-tool Buffer is a 3rd party social media marketing application that allows for easy automatedBuffer scheduling to a customizable buffer distribution pattern http://bit.ly/buffer-app-tool SocialFlow is a social performance optimization tool that uses natural language searchSocialFlow analysis to determine peak distribution times for content updates http://bit.ly/socialflow-tool TweetAdder is niche-specific Twitter marketing software that allows users to search for anTweetAdder automatically add targeted Twitter followers. http://bit.ly/tweetadder-tool Twitter app that allows you to embed code on any blog or site so that visitors can tweet pre-Click To Tweet programed content updates http://bit.ly/Pnx9x2