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The Importance of Collaboration and Skills Development: The Central Asia Experience

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Larry Tweed, Market Systems Advisor,
USAID Competitiveness, Trade, and Jobs in Central Asia, Kazakhstan is guest speaker for a CILT International webinar on 'The importance of human capital in Covid-19 Recovery’

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The Importance of Collaboration and Skills Development: The Central Asia Experience

  2. 2. ROAD MAP • My First Encounter with CILT • T&L Challenges in CA Region • Overview of CTJ Project & Market Systems Approach • Our Response to Pandemic • Why Invest in Human Capital?
  3. 3. KHORGOS FIRST ENCOUNTER WITH CILT Eurasia Pole of Inaccessibility is right about HERE
  4. 4. NORMAL T&L CHALLENGES • Entirely landlocked • Involves vast distances • Difficult Terrain • Differences in Work Cultures • Geopolitical Chess • Inherently complex • Competitive • Constantly in flux So, any skills gap immediately puts a company at a competitive dis- advantage. AMPLIFIED IN CENTRAL ASIA
  5. 5. USAID CTJ PROJECT • Competitiveness, Trade & Jobs • 5 Years (2016-2021) • Regional – Offices in 5 Countries • 3 Sectors: Horticulture, Tourism and T&L • Market Systems Approach
  6. 6. • Focus: on Visible Issues and Core Supply/Demand Gaps • Role: More Direct - “Solutions” tend to be delivered by the project • Less adaptive • Shorter Game Traditional Development Approach OUR MARKET SYSTEMS APPROACH • Focus: on Underlying Causes of Systemic constraints • Role: More Facilitative & “Solutions” tend to be delivered by local service providers • More adaptive • Longer Game • Sustainability in Forefront Unintended Consequences • Market Distortions • Crowding Out • Perpetuates Dependency • Sustainability - After Thought
  7. 7. HOW DID CTJ & CILT RESPOND TO THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC? • Collaboration - “Stronger Together” • Assessed Situation / Anticipated Needs • Re-prioritized & Re-focused on Small, Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) • Analog  Digital • Expanded Access to Relevant Content • Encourage Experimentation – its OK to Test & Try New Ideas
  8. 8. WHY INVEST IN HUMAN CAPITAL DURING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC? • Coordination / Safety • Generates Value – Individual and Business • Differentiates Your Business • Increases Agility & Resilience • Distribute Decision-Making • Allows Strategic Thinking
  9. 9. THE END. Thank You Questions / Comments? Email: Larry_Tweed@dai.com