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About Abraham Harrison LLC 2011

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Here's the current About Us deck circa 2011, including all of our new products and services, our new product and service names, and some information about us as a digital PR, social media marketing, reputation management, online crisis response, online customer support, and inbound marketing company. Cool stuff.

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About Abraham Harrison LLC 2011

  1. 1. An Overview of Our Company andServicesSeptember 2011
  2. 2. Abraham Harrison LLCWho we are:We are a US/EU-based social media marketing and new media communications company with a tightly-integrated crewof 45 professionals spread among our communications, technology, research, business development, and managementteams. We are distributed across a dozen countries in North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, with 10languages spoken natively among us. We currently operate with our global clientele in seven languages.Our Management Team: Sara Wilson, COO Nina Martin, Business Dan Krueger, DirectorMark Harrison, CEO Chris Abraham,& Founding Partner. President & Founding Development of Client Services Partner
  3. 3. Abraham Harrison LLCWhat we do:•  BloggerSurge™ - Activate online influencers in the blogosphere, social networking sites and on Twitter to voluntarily carry your message in their voice and with their credibility to their audiences.•  CommunityBoom™ - Develop your impact and influence in the Social Networks. Increase the number of your fans, friends, and followers and intensify their relationship with you and your messaging.•  ReputationRescue™ - Manage and protect your online image and gain control of your brand space online.•  Monitor-Response™ - Know what is going on online around your brands and around your interests. Never be blindsided, and be able to respond immediately and effectively when chatter arises.•  OppStream™ - Identify and connect directly with the partners, clients, or collaborators you need to be working with to make your projects move forward. We have worldwide reach, tight targeting, and on average, 7%‐14% of the people we reach out to agree to take a call with our clients.•  StrategySculpt™ - Conduct a comprehensive online audit of your social media efforts. This will serve as a road map for you moving forward with your social media efforts, outlining a plan of action and illustrating ways social media can deliver a tangible ROI.
  4. 4. Social Media is Powerful•  There are over 200,000,000 blogs – 60,000 new blogs are started every day•  34% of bloggers post opinions about products and brands•  78% of consumers trust peer recommendations•  Only 14% trust advertisements•  Only 18% of TV campaigns generate a positive ROI•  Facebook has over 500 million users•  If Facebook were a country it would be the 3rd largest in the world, ahead of the US, and behind China and India
  5. 5. Real clients, real resultsReal results from our current brand‐building campaigns •  Over 20,000% growth of Twitter followership from 498 followers to over 100,000 followers •  From 3rd most followed company in its sector nationally to 1st and top 5 in its sector worldwide •  Clients customers grew from 500,000 to over 2 million •  Average reach of 122,053 people per week and 270,821 impressions per week •  Client s UMV went from 50 million per month to 129 million per month
  6. 6. Our Clients Define Their Objectives –We Achieve ThemStartup client wanted to increase their Unique Monthly Visitors: - We tripled them from 50MM to 150MM Retail client wanted to grow their registered membership base: -  We quadrupled it from 500,000 to over 2 million – and their revenues grew immensely Medical client wanted to raise their visibility as an industry leader amongst healthcare professionals: -  Over 300 articles written, reaching thousands of decision-makers with over 100MM impressions Special interest client wanted to get a provision into a federal bill: -  We overcame a White House veto threat and the provision became law Consumer goods client wanted to increase manufacturer’s coupon redemption: -  We increased it to over twice the maximum number they had originally aimed for Client wanted to remove racist articles attaching their CEO from search results: -  We swept the attacks away and replaced them with positive coverage International NGO client wanted to increase online coverage of their annual global event: -  We increased their coverage by 635% over the previous year New author and business adviser wanted to establish himself as an expert in his field: - We got him 320 reviews making 35 million impressions (and counting…)
  7. 7. Our Operations Work Powerfully in Every SectorAbraham Harrison has run Social MediaCampaigns in: •  Biotech •  Medical Devices •  Business Research •  NGO’s: housing, children, equality, health, peace, relief •  Children’s Online Communities efforts & emergency response •  Commercial Film •  Olympics •  Consumer Electronics •  Online Classifieds •  Consumer Goods •  Online Games •  Corporate Social Responsibility •  Online Video and Photo management •  Entertainment •  Politics •  Fashion •  Publishing •  Finance •  Remittances •  Foodstuffs •  Retail •  Government •  Social Networking •  Green Technology •  Soft Drinks •  Telecommunications •  Health and Fitness •  Television •  Healthcare •  International Consulting •  Tourism •  Lobbying •  Travel •  Magazines •  Utilities •  VOIP/Video Conferencing
  8. 8. Some of Our Clients:
  9. 9. Our Specialty: BloggerSurge™Long Tail Blogger Outreach Blogger outreach to relevant communitiesConnecting with online influencers:•  We will reach out to the millions of bloggers in your target demographic that are not the A & B list bloggers. We engage the “long tail” as well as the A-listers.•  Hundreds of posts are regularly secured in each outreach cycle, reaching millions of readers. Generally, the readership reached is vastly larger than what securing a couple A-list postings gets you.•  The coverage is vastly broader & SEO is stronger. It doesn’t immediately become “yesterday’s news” as it does on busy A-list sites – these hundreds (and over time, thousands) of posts put your message all over the search results and give you the most powerful, white-hat SEO in existence.•  A-Listers are motivated to post when they see they are being “scooped” by C-Z listers. In a recent campaign for NewsCorp, of the 208 posts, 42 of the articles were on A-List blogs (with 1MM-14MM pageviews per month.)•  People’s online realities are defined by Search Engine results. Our blogger outreach boosts your results and helps ensure you become a key listing when people are searching topics relevant to your product. Sample blogs for outreach
  10. 10. Our Services: CommunityBoom™Creating, Monitoring and Growing your SocialNetworking Presence:If your company is looking to expand its presence online via socialnetworking sites we can assist you in development, communityengagement, promotions, and monitoring. Our team specializes in:•  Creating profiles on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. that are consistent with your brand image•  Seeding content•  Operating in multiple languages•  Amplifying your efforts by cross-marketing your other profiles i.e., Twitter, Youtube, etc.•  Monitoring the tone of all online conversations•  Interacting with your fan base•  Giving you 24/7 coverage on your various profiles•  Promoting across the various platforms further drives SEO since part of the Google algorithm is what your friends are “sharing” online. Sample of AH Profile Creation and Management
  11. 11. Our Services: ReputationRescue™ & Monitor-Response™Reputation Management and Monitoring:We live in a world where the Internet recordseverything and forgets nothing – every photo,comment, post, status update, and tweet about yourbrand can be stored forever. Our reputationmanagement and monitoring includes:•  Assessing your current online reputation•  Cleaning up negative coverage online and defending against future taints to your image•  Ongoing monitoring with red-flagging/attention- escalation/crisis reaction
  12. 12. Our Services: StrategySculpt™Your Comprehensive Road Map to Social Media:Knowing where to start is key to laying a solid social mediafoundation. An Abraham Harrison online audit will help yourteam decide how to move forward. Our strategy documentsinclude:•  Strengths and weaknesses of your current brand efforts•  Quantity and tone of conversations taking place about your brand online•  A glimpse into what your competitors are doing, what is working for them and what isn’t•  Best practices by brands similar to yours for you to take into consideration•  Strategic next steps on how you should move forward on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and in the blogosphere•  Suggestions on what your team can do in house to save money, and what would be best outsourced to yield the greatest ROI.
  13. 13. Further Questions?We look forward to speaking with you!Mark HarrisonCEO Abraham Harrisonwww.abrahamharrison.commharrison@abrahamharrison.com+1.202.657.4769