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Internet Time Alliance Quotes. In Memory of Jay Cross 1944-2015

Jay Cross created the Internet Time Alliance, bringing together leaders in the field of social and informal learning to develop thinking, and to help organizations, around exploiting informal and social learning. This slide deck contains some quotes from the members of the Internet Time Alliance posted on the 3rd anniversary of Jay's death.

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Internet Time Alliance Quotes. In Memory of Jay Cross 1944-2015

  1. 1. insights internettimealliance.co in memory of Jay Cross 1944-2015 2018
  2. 2. internettimealliance.co harold jarche jane hart jay cross charles jennings clark quinn 2010
  3. 3. Conversations are the stem cells of learning. —Jay InternetTimeAlliance.co
  4. 4. In the new world of work, learning is not something that happens just in education or training, but happens in many different ways every day both at work and on the Web. —Jane InternetTimeAlliance.co
  5. 5. In the maelstrom of our digital communications age the need to think ‘socially’ is more important than ever. —Charles InternetTimeAlliance.co
  6. 6. The real mobile opportunity is about performance support and contextualized learning. —Clark InternetTimeAlliance.co
  7. 7. Increased complexity needs simplified design. —Harold InternetTimeAlliance.co
  8. 8. When an enterprise commits to becoming a diverse, organic, value-creating network,
 the training department has to join the fray. —Jay InternetTimeAlliance.co
  9. 9. You cannot force social learning.   Social learning and collaborative working are organic processes. —Jane InternetTimeAlliance.co
  10. 10. InternetTimeAlliance.co Corporate learning and capability-building needs to grow up. For any organization trying to stay competitive, conventional training is no longer enough, or even the answer in many cases. —Charles
  11. 11. Going forward, optimal execution will just be the cost of entry; the only sustainable differentiator will be continual innovation. —Clark InternetTimeAlliance.co
  12. 12. In today’s digital economy, you are only as good as your network. —Harold InternetTimeAlliance.co
  13. 13. The only metrics that matter are business metrics. —Jay InternetTimeAlliance.co
  14. 14. Many employees are meeting their own needs by going AROUND the training department. —Jane InternetTimeAlliance.co
  15. 15. Reflective practice itself doesn’t ‘just happen’. It is a learned process. It requires some degree of self-awareness and the ability to critically evaluate experiences, actions, and results. —Charles InternetTimeAlliance.co
  16. 16. The limitation is no longer the technology, the limit now is our imagination. —Clark InternetTimeAlliance.co
  17. 17. As we attempt to transition into a networked creative economy, we need leaders who promote learning and who master fast, relevant, and autonomous learning themselves. —Harold InternetTimeAlliance.co
  18. 18. 80% of corporate learning is informal; 80% of the money goes to formal. —Jay InternetTimeAlliance.co
  19. 19. It is ultimately your responsibility to take charge of your own lifelong learning. —Jane InternetTimeAlliance.co
  20. 20. In the course mindset, the output is seen as ‘learning’. In the campaign mindset, the output is improved performance — organisational performance, team performance, and individual performance. —Charles InternetTimeAlliance.co
  21. 21. Working smarter is a new interpretation of eLearning that’s bigger than just courses on the web or a phone. And it’s key to a strategic focus for learning executives. —Clark InternetTimeAlliance.co
  22. 22. Training is often a solution looking for a problem and is frequently used to cover up poor systems, unclear procedures, or poor management practices. —Harold InternetTimeAlliance.co
  23. 23. Work and learning are becoming one and the same. —Jay When working is learning, then your organisation’s learning is working. —Charles Work is learning, and learning is the work. —Harold InternetTimeAlliance.co
  24. 24. internettimealliance.co @hjarche @charlesjennings @quinnovator @C4LPT in memory of Jay Cross 1944-2015