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Portfolio Pact Publications

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A simple description of a site I designed and built for a client.

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Portfolio Pact Publications

  1. 1. Project Title: PACT Publications Period: March through August 2001 Client: PACT Publications Complexity: 1 databases, 6 tables, 50 Meg of live data. 30 ASP pages, 500 lines of code. Technology: IIS 5.0 ASP Microsoft Access Summary: PACT Publications is a non-profit company that sells publications to assist non-governmental organizations (NGO) in third-world development and education. The project is a straightforward shopping cart system with some custom modifications. A front page highlights new and best selling books and publications as conditions change. Many publications are available in a variety of languages and many are not available until ordered, so in-stock status is crucial. Additional functions include administrative pages for stock and invoice management, a mailing list management program and tools for editing the front page content. Code Gurus was the sole developer for the application and database. Graphical design was performed by Dragonfly Communications. URLs: http://www.pactpublications.org/ Reference: Chris Norwood 202-369-4411 chris@dragonflydc.com
  2. 2. Figure 1 - Main Page with Dynamic Content Figure 2 - List of New Titles and Browse Topics
  3. 3. Figure 3 - Product Page Figure 4 - Shopping Cart