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TPACK Reflection

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TPACK Reflection

  1. 1. Where Did We Begin? To the right is my original Venn Diagram (from back in October) displaying my knowledge in the areas of technology, pedago gy, and content. The areas on content and pedagogy are biggest, as is the connection between the two. Let’s see how it has changed!
  2. 2. Technology As of October, my knowledge in terms of technology was quite limited, and the connections between it and content/pedagogy were small. In the past few months, however, I have been able to increase my technological knowledge very much; I have now learned concepts, programs, and tools which I previously did not know existed! Examples of these include PLNs, Screencasts, and mLearning, just to name a few. I now feel a lot more confident in this area, but will need to continue my growth in connecting it to the areas of pedagogy, and especially content.
  3. 3. Pedagogy Over the past semester, I have managed to increase my pedagogical knowledge with particular focus on my minor subject, drama, thanks to the curriculum course I took. In addition to this, one of the areas this course focused on particularly was integrating technology authentically within the drama classroom. As a result, I now feel more comfortable as an educator overall, but especially as one who can utilize technology in creative and meaningful ways in the classroom.
  4. 4. Content This past semester I increased my content knowledge in a variety of ways, from learning about different dramatic forms and disciplines, to studying the history of Europe and its effects on the world. These areas comingled with my advancement in technological knowledge, creating stronger connections than those which existed before. With that said, though, I am still somewhat unsure about the connections between technology and content, as this is an area which is still fairly new to me.
  5. 5. So what does all of this mean? With this brief discussion of my personal growth outlined, I invite you to view my new (and certainly improved) Venn Diagram for my reflection on the TPACK model…
  6. 6. TPACK 2.0 In my new diagram, pedagogical knowledge is largest, followed by content then technology. The difference in these sizes is much less drastic than previously, though. Additionally, the connection between pedagogy and technology has become much stronger, with content and pedagogy being the smallest overlap. The section with all three is much larger than last time, displaying my overall growth in connecting these concepts.
  7. 7. Now What? Furthering my knowledge in TPACK means that I am more fluently able to integrate concepts and ideas from different realms of education. In particular, my newfound technological knowledge will be a huge asset as a move forward, as I am extremely interested in the idea of a flipped classroom being utilized at the high school level. Screencasts and class sites like Edmodo will be integral to my attempts at making this concept a reality. In addition, using tablets and smart phones is an exciting way to boost engagement, but also encourage students to take ownership of their own learning and explore areas which they themselves are interested in. Overall, the connections between ideas which TPACK emphasizes is the biggest asset which this framework (and possibly this course) has provided me.

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