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Delightfullydivorced.com robert kiyosakis top 3 points on an online businesses

After Robert Kiyosaki's 2016 predictions you may need to start an online business and here are 3 main points to consider.

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Delightfullydivorced.com robert kiyosakis top 3 points on an online businesses

  1. 1. Robert Kiyosaki’s top 3 points on an online businesses delightfullydivorced.com /robert-kiyosakis-top-3-points-on-an-online-businesses/ catpayen Starting an online business Kiyosaki’s points to note: This is easier than most other business models Automation & Systemisation Most of the business can be systemised and thus automated in some form or other so that leaves the entrepreneur more time to spend on his business rather than doing menial repetitive tasks. Nevertheless it is essential that these common mistakes are not made, or at least by knowing about them you can ‘limite la casse’ as we say: When you launch your online business you should choose carefully that it is something you care passionately about. Know that you will be with your business for a long time and that for 24 hours a day, each day everyday so none of this flash in the pan ideas that you think are great one minute and gone when you awaken the next day… No matter what your commitment to yourself and your business if you do not feel passionate about it, it will transpire in all your communications – be it articles, email follow ups, ads, videos what ever your reader will know. Your emotions come through your words which is all you have to communicate about your business! Choose wisely and be passionate Get your mindset straight Get your product out their as soon as possible. Waiting for the launch to be ready, to have every i dotted, t barred then you shall never get off the ground so as soon as you are ready, and believe me you’ll know it, all stations go and LAUNCH it! Otherwise you’ll never make any money… Plus the people you already have on your list – you may think it’s not that many but do recall that these people have already shown an interest for your product already so you really should not keep them waiting too long. Action mode is the best way forward – less thinking and more doing. You have to just get it off the ground sooner than later, the fear never goes away and if anything it get’s worse… As Robert Kiyosaki says “There’s a little bit of magic hidden n every mistake” So take risks, make mistakes and gain some wisdom, making you a ‘Rich Dad’!! failing that making you join the new rich! Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn 1/1