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Webinar: Camunda und Liferay

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Camunda BPM ist eine leichtgewichtige Open Source - Plattform für die Prozessautomatisierung. In diesem Webinar lernen Sie, wie Sie Camunda mit Liferay, dem führenden Open Source - System für Enterprise Portale, integrieren können.

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Webinar: Camunda und Liferay

  1. 1. Camunda & Liferay Wie Sie BPMN 2.0 mit Portaltechnologie kombinieren
  2. 2. Jan Roth  Senior Developer and Architect at Ancud IT jan.roth@ancud.de Bernd Rücker  Co-Founder of Camunda  10+ years experience with workflow and Java  Evangelist & Head of Consulting @berndruecker | bernd.ruecker@camunda.com Your speakers today
  3. 3. camunda: BPMN + Embeddability BPMN-based Business-IT-Alignment Developer-Friendlyness
  4. 4. camunda BPM components Engine Tasklist Custom Application Cockpit Cycle Eclipse Modeler Business Modeler Business User Operations (technical /business) Business Analyst Developer Database File Repository REST / Java API REST RESTREST / Java Design Time Runtime
  5. 5. About Ancud IT Aprox. 60 employees Net-centric, agile IT OpenSource Integration Collaborative Process-Portals Founded 2002, Nuremberg / Germany Enterprise 2.0
  6. 6.  The Leading Open Source Portal for the Enterprise −Proven real world performance −4 million downloads, 350-500k installations  All-in-one Package −Content & Document Management −Web Publishing −Enterprise Collaboration  Market Leader Liferay Portal
  7. 7.  Liferay Platinum Service Partner  Liferay Customer Excellence Award 2014  Selected Customers: −Olympus −OBI −Ehrmann −Deutsche Bahn −AUDI AG Ancud IT is Liferay Partner
  8. 8. Ancud IT – Solutions and Partners Service-Oriented Architecture Enterprise Portal DMS Collaboration Bi&ESBE-Commerce BPM
  9. 9. Live Demo
  10. 10.  Portlet Modes −View (default mode) −Edit (Reserved for changing the Portlet‘s settings) −Help (providing information about the portlet) −etc.  Request Modes −Rendering (default mode for viewing the Portlet‘s contents) −Action (normally used for state changing actions) −Resource (used for serving resources) Portlet Rendering
  11. 11.  Portlet MVC Architecture −Configuration is usually done using singleton Beans −Model is defined as Entities (not used here) −Controllers are configured using annotations, using beans via CDI −View is configured by the viewResover, selected by the controller Spring Model
  12. 12. Code Walkthrough
  13. 13.  Build Java services, and deploy within the Portlet −Pro: still hot deployable Processes using WebForm −Con: still only deployed services are usable  Improved error handling −Think of timeout escalation, tasks already done, but page not refreshed, etc.  Use Liferay Users for Camunda  Assign Processes to Users/Groups  Substitute Kaleo (the default Liferay Workflow Engine) with Camunda Possible improvements
  14. 14. Process Applications vs. „Kaleo“ Use Liferay as UI for Process Application Internal Workflows in Liferay (e.g. release content) vs.
  15. 15. Hot Deployment of processes? Process Application (Deployment Artifact) Java Classes BPMN 2.0 Processes … Camunda DB BPMN 2.0 Processes Manual deploy via API Forms Auto- Deploy
  16. 16. Process application My process application process engine (jar) Java Classes BPMN 2.0 Processes …
  17. 17. Process applications Process Engine Container My process application2 Java classes BPMN 2.0 processes JPA, EJB, JTA … My process application1 Java classes BPMN 2.0 processes … My process application2 Process Engine Java classes BPMN 2.0 processes … Supported on: Tomcat, JBoss AS, Glassfish, WebSphere and WebLogic My process application Process Engine Java classes BPMN 2.0 processes …
  18. 18. Process Engine Modes Embedded Process Engine Shared Process Engine Remote Process Engine
  19. 19. tasklist.war generic form portlet Portlet Design generic form portlet Decision 1: Generic Portlet or specific Task Form Portlets pa1.war tasklist.war generic form portlet Decision 2: Deployment Artifacts … pa2.war tasklist.war pa1.war generic form portlet load HTML
  20. 20. Camunda Task Form Types Embedded Task Form Generated Task Form Generic Task Form External Task Form HTML-Form provided by Process Application (HTML File) Rendered in Tasklist Form Data Metadata provided by Process Application (BPMN 2.0 XML) Rendered in Tasklist Completely generic, shows all process variables Rendered in Tasklist Forwards to external URL handing over parameters (e.g. taskId) E.g. HTML5, JSF, PHP, … HTML to be embedded in tasklist
  21. 21. Liferay Deployment Scenarios Container Liferay (multiple WAR‘s) Camunda Portlet / Process Application Camunda Engine Container Liferay (multiple WAR‘s) Camunda Shared Engine Liferay Distribution or Naked Container + Liferay Liferay Distribution + camunda or Camunda Distribution + Liferay or Naked Container + camunda & Liferay Camunda Portlet / Process Application Camunda Portlet / Process Application Camunda Portlet / Process Application
  22. 22. …and real-life?
  23. 23.  Migration from big vendors BPMS  Technology Stack −JBoss EAP 6 −Camunda BPM 7 EE (shared engine) −Liferay 6 EE −Java EE 6: EJB, JPA, CDI, JSF  Already went live - awesome feedback!  Why Portal? −User Management −Customizing of UI by user −Existed with old solution Real-life project example
  24. 24. Tasklist
  25. 25. Task-Form
  26. 26. Monitoring
  27. 27. Process Instance View
  28. 28. Roadmap?
  29. 29. Start now and give us feedback! Open Source Edition • Download: www.camunda.org • Docs, Tutorials etc. • Forum • Meetings Enterprise Edition • Trial: www.camunda.com • Additional Features • Support, Patches etc. • Consulting, Training http://camunda.com/bpm/consultation/ info@camunda.com | US +1.415.800.3908 | DE +49 30 664040 900
  30. 30. Thank you! Questions?