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CCVS AGM Conference Findings

Write up from the table discussions and questions from the 2018 CCVS conference and AGM

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CCVS AGM Conference Findings

  1. 1. CCVS Conference Findings Introduction We have looked at the feedback from the conference table discussions and some of the questions and themes from the presentations. This has highlighted five interlinked areas where the sector, CCVS and others could do things differently. We will look at working with the sector, with funders and with other partners to find ways of making improvements and developing new projects and products. Thank you to those that attended and contributed, and if you have any further thoughts please do let us have them. Communication Funding NeedsTechnology Collaboration www.cambridgecvs.org.uk @CambridgeCVS @CambsCVS
  2. 2. CCVS Conference Findings Communication Arguably this should be communication and marketing. There was a consensus that the sector needs to get better at promoting itself, especially small local organisations. By doing this there were benefits to be gained in both attracting more funds and more volunteers. It was recognised that communications channels had changed and groups needed to recognise and adapt to this. It was also recognised that there was a collaborative role in how this should happen with maybe a collective campaign being a way forward. Communication Funding NeedsTechnology Collaboration www.cambridgecvs.org.uk @CambridgeCVS @CambsCVS
  3. 3. CCVS Conference Findings Funding Always an issue for small groups, there were some particular points raised. • Advancing technology is changing how fundraising is undertaken and small groups need to have the resources and expertise to take advantage of this, and understand how to reach different audiences. • There is a need to find out how local groups can better work with business tapping into expertise as well as funding. The dialogue between funders and groups needs to improve, this will help to raise issues and highlight priorities. Communication Funding NeedsTechnology Collaboration www.cambridgecvs.org.uk @CambridgeCVS @CambsCVS
  4. 4. CCVS Conference Findings Needs Identifying and understanding needs are critical to the success of groups and make an important contribution to their access to funding. Groups wanted needs evidence in an easily digestible format, this would make it easier for them to demonstrate their impact when making funding applications or developing projects. At the same time groups often have detailed information on need that could, if shared, enable other groups to improve their evidence of need and case for funding. It is also essential that the public and others understand the local sector, the difference it makes and how their support contributes to the impact it makes. Communication Funding NeedsTechnology Collaboration www.cambridgecvs.org.uk @CambridgeCVS @CambsCVS
  5. 5. CCVS Conference Findings Technology Technology, digital tools and social media are changing at a rapid pace. Often small organisations do not have the time and expertise to make the most of these new ways of working that can make things easier or increase their impact. CCVS and its partners need to develop resources that enable groups to be better informed about and skilled in the use of these tools. Most importantly the benefits of adopting new technologies need to be demonstrated so that they are embraced rather than feared . Communication Funding NeedsTechnology Collaboration www.cambridgecvs.org.uk @CambridgeCVS @CambsCVS
  6. 6. CCVS Conference Findings Collaboration A key theme was about how the sector could collaborate better with other local organisations including the universities, business and local government. It is important that groups which are engaged in similar issues collaborate to provide complementary services, gain funding, and ensure they are providing the highest quality and value. There are significant benefits to be gained by helping organisations to collaborate on communications, advertising and referrals. Communication Funding NeedsTechnology Collaboration www.cambridgecvs.org.uk @CambridgeCVS @CambsCVS
  7. 7. CCVS Conference Findings Conclusions As CCVS develops our new strategy we will look at how we can build on some of these ideas. Already we have plans that we hope will start to address some of these comments. We will continue to collaborate and innovate in order to ensure that the local sector has the knowledge, confidence and support it needs to be the best it can. If you have any thoughts, comments, ideas, criticisms then let us know. Keep an eye out for news of what we are up to and sign up to our newsletter. More info at www.cambridgecvs.org.uk Communication Funding NeedsTechnology Collaboration www.cambridgecvs.org.uk @CambridgeCVS @CambsCVS