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Wendys pp

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Wendys pp

  1. 1. Digital Strategy Emma Buchholz NMDL
  2. 2. Objective Increase interaction and engagement with our current customers through digital platformsIt is less expensive to retain consumers through brand loyalty than to obtain a new audience.
  3. 3. Branding Classic, Timeless, and Fresh Wendy’s has branded their company as a old-fashioned fast food establishment with a commitment to providing fresh and quality. With the emergence of social media, it is now necessary to reinvent the meaning of “classic.” The goal is to keep the brand’s image as fresh as the food they serve. We want Wendy’s to be timeless in an continuously evolving environment and will achieve this by using digital media to demonstrate Wendy’s ability to remain a staple in a consumer’s past, present, and future. 
  4. 4. Target Market Middle class men and women nationwideThis age demographic contains the most avid users of social media who aremore inclined to own a smart phone with internet capabilities. It is essentialthat our market has access to the internet on their mobile devices in order view and post content on social media sites, as well as take pictures.
  5. 5. Mobile StrategyWendy’s already has a running mobile site that is user friendly, so the focusof this strategy is more about harnessing other mobile utilities. It is essentialthat our market has access to the internet on their mobile devices in orderview, post, and share content on social media sites, as well as take pictures.The bulk of our digital strategy hinges on the capabilities of smart phones.
  6. 6. Social Media Facebook and TwitterWendy’s currently has presence on these two social media platforms, but has room to grow. Wendy’s canbegin to publicize their social media sites by putting their information in their restaurant on the doors and tables, as well as on the paper bags, cups, and wrappers that the food is received in. QR codes could beutilized to direct consumers straight to their Facebook page. Incentives, such as free meals, gift cards, and vacations, can be provided to costumers who engage with Wendy’s online. Twitter, for example, can be utilized to advertise these promotions and to help encourage consumers to interact with the brand.
  7. 7. Social Media InstagramInstagram, a photo sharing application, will be a key player in this campaign. Wendy’s official website and social media networks will encourage customers to post any Instagram pictures in which a Wendy’s meal was included, in exchange for the chance to win a prize. The website will have a gallery archiving all of the images received. This album will promote feelings of nostalgia and transcend Wendy’s from a meal to a significant contributor of lifelong memories.
  8. 8. Internet Marketing Google AdWords Two campaigns, one directing users to the Wendy’s website homepage and the other to the Instagram gallery, will each run for a sixth month stretch, and will be able to be modified as time passes once the effectiveness or ineffectiveness can be determined. While most of our social media promotions arerelatively cheap, the Google Adwords will run a cost based on the amount of clicks received by each ad.  
  9. 9. Budgeting It is virtually free to advertise on social media websites. Our incentives will becost us roughly $50,000 annually. Google AdWords, which charges based on theamount of clicks received, will cost about $200,000 each six month stretch. The budget also needs to include the cost the labor of workers, as well as theprinting of social media labels on Wendy’s merchandise. If this campaign lasts for a duration of one year, the entire campaign will be budgeted for around 7 million dollars.
  10. 10. ConclusionDigital marketing will allow Wendy’s to survive any change in the surroundingenvironment and adapt to the needs of the consumers. This campaign will give the company a more personal and sentimental feel to the company through social media engagement.