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Cycles remote 1.0 testimonials

Student testimonials after the first course

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Cycles remote 1.0 testimonials

  1. 1. Cycles Remote 1.0 Testimonials (20th to 24th July, 2020) SUHAS KAUSHIK It was my pleasure to be a part of CYCLES remote innovation certification program. The program exceeded my expectations. I really did learn more in 5 days than I thought was possible from Bryan Cassady and the whole team. It was a great experience working with people from all around the globe. I will definitely recommend this program to everyone as it is fun and challenging. Master's in Industrial Engineering Management, actively seeking for job opportunities in Quality& Operations Management August 28, 2020, Suhas reported directly to Bryan MAX KAROUS The cycles course was a massively beneficial opportunity. The is a testament to the quality of teaching that is done by Bryan and the mentors, and the approach that is taken by the program. Not only do we learn the principles of innovation, but also have the opportunity to apply them to a real worth situation and benefit a company is an invalua- ble experience. This program pushed what I thought capable in such a short time frame, fostering skills in communication with people from all over the world. Along with them, we accomplished a great deal and learnt important skills that will definitely be utilized in the future. Many thanks to those who created the scheme, namely Bryan (fantastic and inspiring teacher). It was a great and invaluable experience. University of Cambridge, Engineering Graduate 2020. MEng BA August 27, 2020, Max reported directly to Bryan AARUSHI GOYAL The 5-day Remote Innovation Certification Program was a great learning experience for me. I got a chance to work with people from all around the world and learn from each and every one simultaneously. The program is very well structured as well as knowl- edgeable. Highly recommended for people looking to do something out of the box! HKU | ShAre consulting | UNICEF | Hult Founda- tion August 27, 2020, Aarushi reported directly to Bryan
  2. 2. NAGAJYOTHI PRAKASH I am glad that I participated in the CYCLES remote innovation certification program. After completing this certification, I am inspired, and I have a positive attitude that I can do a lot more Actively seeking full-time opportunities August 28, 2020, Nagajyothi reported directly to Bryan DIEUDONNEE COBBEN I was honored to be able to follow the CYCLES Remote Innovation Certification Program given by Bryan Cassady and his team. The course provided both interesting insights and useful tools to manage design sprints. It was an intensive course, but the effort was definitely worth it! PhD Student Open Innovation Ecosystems Open Universiteit August 27, 2020, Dieudonnee reported directly to Bryan SIBABALWE NGXOLA I had the privilege of participating in the CYCLES Remote Management Certification program and to say I got more than I bargained for is an understatement. Bryan and his team have put together a comprehensive and highly informative program that gives you tools for success in business growth, development and innovation. Teaching is a skill and an art; Bryan has clearly mastered it. The lessons are concise, clear, easy to follow and the activities ensure that you as the learner have a firm grasp and understanding for the concepts involved. His style of teaching is calm, entertaining, engaging and he keeps your attention throughout. If I had to attend a training session, I would choose Bryan no doubt! This is especially impressive because the course was done virtually. While in the program, I was pushed and challenged in every way possible and as result, I not only feel equipped and capable, I know practically I can apply the concepts in a meaningful way which is great for your confidence as a student and a professional. The transition from learning a concept to practical real-life business application is seamless and even when you as student feel you haven’t grasped it, the team is there to offer support and guidance. There is no hand holding; the support offered allows you to workout it yourself and with your team. The feedback and “speed dating” sessions were some of my most enjoyable moments because we got to meet people from all over the world while making sure that we really bring about solutions that speak to the challenges at hand and are consumer-centric Bryan and his team’s contribution to education in 2020 is invaluable. We walked into the program from all walks of life and walked out as innovators. I cannot thank him, his team and the mentors on board enough. I highly recommend this program to everyone. #ONO Project Management| Events Manager| Marketing Coordinator| Production Coordinator| Business Development| August 27, 2020, Sibabalwe reported directly to Bryan
  3. 3. BHAKTI KHOPADE It was a pleasure to be part of the CYCLES Remote Innovation Program. I will always remember the ABCs and now, I see the innovation is a process, not a unique gift. Even I tried to apply ABCs in my recent idol-making of Ganesha which resulted in amazing output. The program was intensive for 5 days with a lot of work which gave the real experience of sprint in the company. Moreover, it was a great experience to work in a diversified team, knowing each other’s perspective and style of working. Student at RWTH Business School August 26, 2020, Bhakti reported directly to Bryan WERNER SMIT Bryan, his team, and his Remote Innovation program content and learnings exceeded my expectations. The Pre-Course work, the daily content, and the lectures allowed me to learn things in 5 days that I didn't think was possible. Apart from the course content, I learned new tools that I still use daily outside of the program. Working with people from different nationalities was a gamechanger for me. It allowed me to get different insights and thinking from a global perspective. We are often stuck in our immediate business environment, working with students from different countries, gave me their perspective and insight into how things are done in other countries. The amount of knowledge that was shared in the teams was just exciting, finding different solutions for the same problems. The big thing that was really outstanding was the energy in the "room" the course was done remotely but it was as if we were one happy family all working towards a mutual goal. Highly recommend for students looking to get an Industry Accepted Certification as well as companies that need an outside perspective on how they can innovate from a certified Remote Innovation professional. IT August 26, 2020, Werner reported directly to Bryan KASHMEEL BISSERU If you are looking to demystify just what innovation actually means and what are the margins between success and failure, then Bryan's your man. Under his guidance, the first iteration of the CYCLES Remote Innovation program, which I attended, was a definite success - from the collaboration with international students to the interactions with mentors, the entire package was masterfully assembled and delivered. In particular, Bryan's delivery of content centered around simplifying the complex, dispelling many of the myths in circulation and not shying away from the reality which I found to be very sobering - it is so easy to take for granted just how difficult it can be to innovate whether it be in an established company or a startup. In addition, his knowledge on this subject matter is unparalleled, stemming from his many years of experience which inevitably comes through in his adept responses to any relevant questions. I highly recommend attending any of his courses or seminars - you definitely will walk out with greater clarity in your thoughts. Junior Analytics Consultant at SAS August 26, 2020, Kashmeel reported directly to Bryan
  4. 4. PANKAJ POTPHODE I had the privilege to work with Bryan during the CYCLES Innovation program. I must say that It was a great learning session for each of us who participated. I really did learn and do more in 5 days than I thought was possible, I loved working with other interna- tional students from 20 Nationalities The mentors were great and the guidance they gave helped us add value to our projects. I highly recommend this course. Helping startups to achieve customer excellence. August 26, 2020, Pankaj reported directly to Bryan SHIVAM BHAN Working with Bryan was a great experience for me. The way in which he connects with his audience is remarkable. I didn't feel even a bit bored while attending his program which is an unusual thing if you are sitting on a virtual screen for a long time. I got to learn a lot about business and innovation from him. I couldn't imagine that I could learn this much in a span of 5 days. It was all because of him and his team. He's a great mentor and a person with a lot of humor (that's hard to find these days). MUSICIAN | BIOTECHNOLOGIST August 26, 2020, Shivam reported directly to Bryan MICHAEL ROOS Thanks for the inspiring CYCLES Remote Innovation Certification Program! The combination of classes, exercises, and motivating innovation team projects allowed me to learn more in a week than I thought possible. I now see that innovation is a process not a unique gift.family all working towards a mutual goal. Highly recommend for students looking to get an Industry Accepted Certification as well as companies that need an outside perspective on how they can innovate from a certified Remote Innova- tion professional. Looking for a new challenge August 26, 2020, Michael reported directly to Bryan AADYA SAHAI I attended the 5-day CYCLES Remote Innovation Certification Program this summer led by Mr. Bryan Cassady. It was a great learning experience while I worked with people from different time zones. The mentors were awesome, and I'll never forget to apply the ABCs of innovation before starting a task. It was a truly innovative remote initiative which speaks for itself. Work never stopped in this fun and challenging course. Coder | Open for Internships August 26, 2020, Aadya reported directly to Bryan
  5. 5. SOFIA AOUDJIT The Remote Innovation Certification Program brought by Bryan Cassady helped me see project building from another perspective. Successful businesses do not necessarily start with great ideas, they start with a great understanding of the goal and a constant nurtur- ing of ideas. I recommend this program for all those who want to learn about innovation, deliver valuable work with expert feedbacks and last but not least, get out of your comfort zone by working with people from all around the globe. 4th year student at Higher School of Computer Science (ESI ex INI) (Information Systems & Technology option) (looking for a graduation internship in Business Analytics/Data Science) August 26, 2020, Sofia reported directly to Bryan TANMAY SINGH Thanks to Bryan Sir and his Cycles Innovation Program which provided me with tools and a way of thinking I will never forget. I am sure that I will use the things from this course somehow or the other in future. This program was unique because it taught me how to innovate. The course was fun and challenging. It was a lot of work but was definitely worth it! Engineering Physics at IIT Delhi Astrophysics & Data Science Enthusiast August 26, 2020, Tanmay reported directly to Bryan DOUGLAS HENRIQUE GOUVEIA This is a course where we align and develop a business idea, test it, and change it until it reaches a version of value for our target client. I loved working with other internation- al students from the entire world. I won't forget the statement "the biggest difference between winners and losers is that smart winners make good, even mediocre, ideas great over 5 days". The mentors were great and the guidance they gave helped us add value to our projects. So, I highly recommend that you participate on CYCLES Remote Innovation Certification Program. It's such a nice experience. A Founder na VirtueBud August 26, 2020, Douglas Henrique reported directly to Bryan VINAYAK SHARMA Enjoyed learning about innovation and building ideas with Bryan during the CYCLES remote learning program. Bryan and his team ensured that each aspect of the training was well coordinated and articulated to the learners and although a challenging course, the journey was memorable and something I will hold on to for a very long time. Analyst August 26, 2020, Vinayak reported directly to Bryan
  6. 6. ANNE WALLUSCH The remote innovation program with Bryan Cassady and many other talented people from all over the world taught me new ways of innovation. As a leisure student I was already familiar with different ways to break the box, but this program broadened my horizon even further. I know that I'll be able to use the theories in my studies as well as workspace in the future. Starting an internship at the Sdružení Acker- mann-Gemeinde in the Event Management field soon. August 26, 2020, Anne reported directly to Bryan KRISTIAN MARINOV For the 5-day CYCLES remote Innovation program, Bryan put his knowledge to work in designing a brilliant, insightful and learning-intensive product design experience. I feel that my ability to think critically, innovate, and work with others has genuinely improved over the course of those 5 days. It was the first time that program had been rolled out in its 5-day format, yet nothing felt out of place, or broken, or redundant, speaking to Bryan's exceeding program design and management capabilities. Organizational Developer, Social Scientist and Change maker August 24, 2020, Kristian was a client of Bryan’s ROOS WIJKER During the 5-day Cycles Innovation program I was positively surprised by the enthusi- asm of the team. I already had some experience with online lectures, and it is usually difficult to maintain attention and enthusiasm compared to physical lectures. However, Bryan made it possible thanks to the interactive and enthusiastic way of teaching. The lessons felt personal as you could tell he enjoyed teaching us. Having clear experience in his field, he was able to provide some good examples, which together with our case study resulted in an interesting program. Master student Sustainability at Utrecht University August 8, 2020, Roos was a client of Bryan’s LARS RÖDEL I am lucky to have had the chance to enjoy a course by Bryan. As a teacher, Bryan created a fun and challenging five-day remote innovation course. I really did learn more than I thought was possible. In only five days we not only received the necessary knowledge about the ABCs of innovation but were also asked to apply them. For me personally, I learned the most during phase C - Communicate/Check. In an international- ly diverse group, we were able to exchange our thoughts and were then asked to bring them together to create an innovation. I really loved the international collaboration and the engaging and challenging discussions to create a unique and also viable innovation. Working Student at FIR an der RWTH Aachen August 5, 2020, Lars worked with Bryan in different groups

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Student testimonials after the first course


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